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As Kevin Macdonald would point out Middle Eastern peoples are extreme in their ethnocentricism, explaining the chronic instability in the region, but Jews are at the extreme end of that extremism. The media does a good job of covering up the hypoethnocentricism evident in Jewish life in Israel and the West. That crazed looking group of young fanatical Zionists taunting a Palestinian mother and child is a classic. ZOG has got to be defeated! As phony as phony gets. The verse in question was specifically regarding the church in Jerusalem.

In other words, financial help by gentile believers for Jewish followers of Jesus who were impoverished at that time. It is not to be interpreted as a general charity for Jews, most of whom are hostile to Christianity both then and today. Bible verses have to be read within the context of the surrounding text.

Why is that so? Not so great a place as you purport? The total number of people who hold or are eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return is estimated at around 23 million, of which 6. The pseudo-nakba drama that will never end has ended. Gone like a light spring rain. Trump is also on the verge of finessing the fake Mueller Russian collusion investigations out of business. The Trumpian trifecta is getting his second man onto the Supreme Court, this has the Dems in a woeful tailspin.

When Dems lose many seats this November they will broom out the useless Chuckie-Nancy combo. It has nowhere like Provence in France. Or the outstanding beauty and human organisation of Bavaria. It is instead a strong pointer that being Jewish means a lot less to them than their relational loyalties.

I suspect the only reason why any non-ultra-orthodox Jews move at all is because Western countries have become centrifugal societies that only make administrative claims on their citizens and so fail to offer a romantic alternative. In Germany there was recently a bad case of antisemitism which was reported widely in the media. The pupil had been harassed because he favoured the Palestinians!

The colleagues who bullyed him were probably American Jews. Also the intentional starving of children in Yemen. And the huge pile of dead babies in Iraq, Libya and Syria. All of them murdered by Imperial Washington. I much prefer President Trump to any of the candidates he defeated in the primaries and general election. But I regret that he is a Jew. Newly popular Democratic politician hero and nominee for a seat in the U. Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to have these words on her website:. According to the Constitution, the right to declare war belongs to the Legislative body, not the President.

Yet, most of these acts of aggression have never once been voted on by Congress. Alex believes that we must end the forever war by bringing our troops home and ending the air strikes and bombings that perpetuate the cycle of terrorism and occupation throughout the world. Looking into this. Nothing malicious! Public figures have a long history of backpedaling after getting the riot act read to them from the hebrew masters.

Discussion on another thread of motives Israel might have had for killing JFK included suggestions that the Kennedy brothers attempts to get Zioniist lobbyists to register as foreign agents might have been very serious for Israel. Without doing the research which a lawyer being paid for his opinion would put into it I nonetheless formed a confident view that the argument had no legs. It is perhaps peripheral to your comment but I suggest that the reality is that the same rich Americans who have long supported Israel have set up perfectly legal American organizations that happen to reflect Israeli policy in their lobbying without being legally controlled or controllable by Israel.

They find themselves white people to be responsible for absolutely every bad thing ever. The article also reported that legislation was passed increasing fines and jail penalties in California for anyone who illegally gave or sold arrest information to the media. I brought it to the attention of my Jewish chief editor who read the article, thanked me for the heads up, then completely ignored it.

Shortly after the piece just evaporated from the BBC site, and to this day I can find no trace of it in their archives. The common denominator is Israel. With Trump all but opening every filing cabinet and safe in the CIA to Israeli agents-of-influence, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his White House adviser and partner-in-crime, Jason Greenblatt, the murders of Ahmed and Mnangagwa would have been welcomed news in Jerusalem. That fear is shared by the Trump White House, which cannot distinguish between American and Israeli national security interests. Kushner and Greenblatt, who have no military or foreign policy experience, except for their lavish service to Israel, have proven that inexperience is not a barrier to their meddling in foreign affairs.

So long as neo-conservative war monger John Bolton is the national security adviser, the Kushner-Greenblatt duo will have a carte blanche to engage in as much subterfuge on behalf of Israel as they desire. In your article posted here two 2 weeks ago at U. A question, my U. Does anyone here recall any Congressional or Executive branch outrage? Zionists have controlled the U. Israel is sucking America dry via the welfare foreign aid and the blood of Americans forced to fight for Israel in the wars that the Zionists have created in the Mideast and congress would more accurately be called the lower house of the Knesset and the American armed forces the proxy arm of the IDF.

Actually Europeans, NW Europeans in particular, score lowest on the ethnocentric tests. Hence the campaign to end slavery, and no one else in the world would allow hostile groups to come to their territory and lecture them on how their country should be governed. Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble. Israel also threatens to detonate nuclear devices in several US cities.

Guess what?? Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited. Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with loss of American citizenship. Present and former holders of dual citizenship should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.

When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel…just who the hell do they work for? Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States…they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to Israel…. Without risk to the sniper?

For the sniper, perhaps, but for the victim? American media is disproportionately silent in criticism of Likud compared with Israeli media. In other words, Trump should use snipers and live fire on illegal immigrants crossing borders? How many Americans do you think recall how the US Navy opened fire upon an easily identifiable Iranian passenger airplane?

Refer below? Maybe not. Can you give an example of something that CIA wants that Emmerson Mnangagwa or any African president would refuse to give them in exchange of a fistful of dollars? Why must you lie like a Jew? Well not genetically, of course, but I know what you mean and agree. Truman was right that you can never please those GD people. Africans and white S. African farmers in particular. Likely it is the downfall of the Palestinian people and possibly the rest of us. That suits the US down to the ground, where the oil is. Zionism is hardly a religious movement?

In , the churches were full and the British ruled the world. Reality is such that if you have something really good and you are not willing to defend it with lethal force, after a moderate and sensible course of escalation — naturally, then you will not have that good thing very long. What are we to expect from a criminal state, founded by international terrorists like Ben Gurion, Begin, Yitzakh Shamir, etc.? If it had been Palestinian terrorists who had blown up the King David Hotel, murdered Lord Moyne and Count Folke Bernadotte, and Jewish women and children in Deir Yassin, you would see monuments to these victims all over the western world, Hollywood films by the score, and the kvetching from the usual suspects would only have been amplified over time.

If it had been Palestinian terrorists who concocted the Lavon Affair false flag plan, or Palestinian naval and air forces which attacked an American naval vessel in broad daylight, flying a large American flag and attempted to murder the entire crew, likewise. There would be memorials in Arlington, and all over the U. Instead all we get are crickets chirping. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim.

How prescient and prophetic these words were, written decades before the founding of the criminal entity in Palestine! Israel does not serve as a Jewish homeland, it serves as a base of criminal operations, a weapons depot, and a sanctuary for international fugitives from justice. Hence they go after those gullible enough to believe all of the OT nonsense.

You doubt me? Now that the Israeli-backed head choppers and liver eaters have been defeated, Syria has returned to the the multi-confessional, pluralistic paradise it always was when compared with the abomination West of the Jordan River. Before the establishment of the Zionist state, Jews as well as Christians were welcome in Arab states. Even after , Sephardim did not immediately flock to Israel.

When Ashkenazi Zionists discovered they had created a labor shortage by ethnically cleansing Palestinians, they embarked on a propaganda and false flag campaign to get Sephardim to migrate to Israel, where many of those well-educated and formerly wealthy Jews were discriminated against and forced to take menial jobs.

Jews were among the wealthiest of Iraqis, and had little organic reason to emigrate. The propaganda of Arab governments expelling the Sephardim is largely false. Luke , Matthew The obesity rate among Israeli women is a fraction of the US rate. That should be a fair starting point for an assessment. Imagine if they just started shooting the leaders of Occupy Wall Street, from a safe distance, of course. Limey-come-lately, Johnny Derb and the pen-jockey, Paddy McDermott are riling up their bands to do something about the those damned mud people who are making the Wonder bread stale and then there is the good doctor who likes the she-dragon for her stand vis a vis the embattled Palestinians….

I have no love lost for the Muslims and Arabs in particular but to want to kill the people who are still harboring tens of thousands of Jews while giving a pass to the real enemy is a sickness only an overfed shyster could suffer. The only thing Iran needs is to give up the Arab centric, medieval mediocrity called Islam and go back to the sublime Zoroastrian faith! Syria has returned to the the multi-confessional, pluralistic paradise it always was when compared with the abomination West of the Jordan River. The number of deaths in a single year of the Syrian conflict exceed the last 70 years of the Palestinian-Israeli one.

Try again. I remember — in the very early days of the mass internet i. People are legitimately shot all of the time while engaging in property crimes in the US. That same attitude has not been applied to the Southern border, which is why tens of millions have crossed it illegally. Thanks to US taxpayers, that is. I hate to burst your bubble — but those drone assassinations in Yemen and so on were done on the watch of that idiot-in-chief, b h o … and he did so with impunity. Since , israel has insinuated itself into the control and operation of the United States government to the greatest extent possible — via their dozens of PACs and so on.

Almost every top Cabinet position is — and has been — filled by jews. Whoever controls the money supply controls the nation. These sorts of lunatics, without Israeli, West interference, are rare in Iraq, Syria, Iran and so on. The professor and the case law showed that there was no dual citizenship for US Citizens until — when the jews pretty much forced it upon us so that their israeli citizens could also be US Citizens and vice-versa — without having to surrender US Citizenship in the process.

Why do you want to waste your time commenting with these criminal zionist liars? Jews mock killing of pregnant Palestinians and children. A couple decades ago about fifteen family members and acquaintances spent quite a few weeks in Israel building a restaurant for a European investor. They were all Americans and non-Jewish. Generally, they ended up really hating the place. On the day they were leaving their flight to Paris was cancelled and they were told there would be no more direct flights until the following day. That happened in I do not recall seeing any U. The early Zionists were mostly atheist.

A person could conclude that if they believe lib dem Marxist leftys have what many refer to as a Mental Sickness, of which I too agree on, then how else can one think of such Pavlov dog type automatic speed control support for, and total defense of all issues and all things done jewish. Than to consider that those so duped are even worse than mentally ill lib dems? Worse then lib dem mental illness, as in, Mentally Deranged dupes so eager to jump up and defend jewry in general, via unconditional defense of jews, based upon a total rejection of more solid documented and historical proofs galore of massive jewish guilt, in so many affairs and agendas and policies, that act in concert to wreck and ruin and bankrupt EVERY Nation jews have ever infiltrated.

Than a person could research and study even if they lived to an age of years old. Until of course those host nations themselves React and Boot jews Out, as has been done in at least Prior host nations within the past aprox. The mental block which acts to reject all such massive proofs, and allows a person to remain so duped and so willing to always Jump to unquestionable jew defense, and make endless excuses for what can rightfully be called.

The Most Indefensible group of people ever to inhabit planet earth, is a phenom like No other. Plus most such dupes are not able to claim ignorance as their own personal defense, for most are in fact very intelligent folks based upon all else they comment on. If any new Mental Derangement syndrome, or mental illness should be added to that, Shrinks medical listing book of illness of the mind, a good start would be to add and include this mindless unquestioned, always, always defense of jews, No..

Delavan, WI — Republican U. House candidate Paul Nehlen is the first candidate or elected official willing to stand up and propose a legislative solution to the problem of dual-citizens in elected or appointed offices. Conversely, every single day Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Han Chinese, etc are criticized and critiqued in every sort of circumstance and for all sorts of reasons.

So, every race is subject to criticism, except for one: Jews. The following two quotes from highly respected U. David Petraeus stated:. The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the AOR [Area of Operations]. Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations. The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support. For elected office holders, special elections must be held for all current office holders within 3 months of this legislation being signed into law. For unelected positions, the incumbents would have 3 months to resign their position. Dual-citizens who fail to vacate these positions, or going-forward, campaign for, accept appointment to, or are hired for any period of time into federal, state, or local bureaucratic positions, or within the military would be guilty of treason per 18 U.

I used to be one myself. This is based on the passage in the OT that tells about God promising to bless those who blessed Abraham, and cursing those who cursed him. It did apply to ancient Israel but now it applies to the church. You are so right, I mean our media are so anti Jewish that they refuse to report on jewish children being burned alive in Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. Damn our media really are a bunch of liars. I mean why keep promoting a false story about Iran developing nuclear weapons when you have dynamite material like baby jews being burned alive?

But some of the same people saying how much they disliked the Israelis also remarked on the good looking women. NOt possible so inhuman,evil people could NOT be chosen by a loving god!!! I find it irrational Christian evangelical support for zionism, while in Israel Christians are physically attack, harras, and stone for wearing a Jesus TShirt…attending church, mosques, …Why do jews have this fanatical,profiund almost psychopatholigal belief that they the JEWS have ALL the absolute truths, their religions, their race, their books, their humanity, their god, a even god must check his facts with the jews…!!!

Google Giladi for the story. Of course not all Jewish women are stunning but many are indeed quite lovely. I had a Jewish girlfriend, late sixties, in Frankfurt and she was a raving beauty, a breath-taking trainstopper, brunette of course, and actually I prefer blonde ladies, my current, gorgeous German wife is blond in fact. When Obama burst on the scene he was cast as an affable black man without the racial baggage and grievances of most blacks but his mascara started to fade months before the election and his mask completely fell within a year after it.

As to atheistic zionists, they existed. Echoes has obviously discovered that a person can browse through the bible, likely more so than any other book, and pretty much reinterpret verses as if they were their very own Pope, and make the bible say or approve of most anything they desire it to. They can take most any issue one can conjure or think up, and add personal Spin to out of full context bible verses, and cause it to mean or say or agree with whatever they wish it meant.

Then there are those folks who understand that this has been an ongoing ordeal for as long as the bible has existed. What is even more baffling is how it seems that these anti-bible and anti Christian folks, actually try much harder and more often to convince others of their false interpretations and meanings etc. Than even the worst pro bible thumpers do when attempting to convince others to become a believer. The main difference is…The Thumper is trying to convince others of what they believe to be truth. And hold an real actual belief of. While the anti Christian and anti bible persons are so hard at work bashing something they claim does not even exist, or they do not believe in.

If it does not even exist? There may yet be a worse type, one who so misunderstands what they have read of the bible, that it confuses them into a non belief mode and lifestyle. You nail it again. At least DT is bringing these crazies to the surface, and this is the only actual way to get on top of the situation : Exposure. His mother was a Christian Scotswoman, so he is not halachically Jewish. But hiis father probably was. Like other well known cases of crypto-Jews, he was the head of the local KKK.

Editorial Reviews

That was mentioned during the Repiblican campaign, but was quickly dropped from the news and never mentioned again. Trump senior was a prominent supporter of Israel, donating to specifically religious outfits. Definitely not goyische behavior. I had known all this but till recently I had allowed for the possibility that his Judaic behavior was a complex act, and he was supporting the Judaic position on Israel and finance past the point of rationality to explode the empire from the inside. But seeing his relentless pursuit of Judaic goals I am now more inclined to think of him as a clumsy Judaic doing his damndest, and, hopefully, failing.

Or we could just enforce strict immigration law, give nothing to illegals, and make sure to detain and deport. Prosecute those who hire them. Do no allow them to work or live here and they will stop coming. I have lived and worked in 7 different MENA countries over 30 years and absolutely the worst place in the entire Middle East to live as a minority is in Israel, without doubt; it is also one of the least enjoyable places to visit as a tourist for the same reason.

Israel is for Israelis only and even within that there is a caste system with the thoroughly charmless Ashkenazis at the top. Perhaps many jews, same as American African negroes, hate seeing all the massive accomplishments, that were created and built by Other than negroes and jews. Such as beautiful sky scrappers in Dubai, and one of worlds best ever F-1 Race Tracks. Causes many jews to self reflect at how they lack much that others have and created. Picture an American African negro as he or she moves about in any of the many major cities in usa.

And is constantly aware of how wonderful and great of a civilization, and its infrastructure created by European White Americans really is. How every auto the negro drives was invented by a euro White Mind. Stores, almost every possible thing they can see or use or think of. And of course it just must literally Blow their small negro minds at such a comparison no? Well in many ways the original whigger aka white nigger, is the jew who appears as a euro white person, but is not.

Therefore a typical jew likely hates their Arab and Dubai and Iranian neighbors as bad as usa negroes hate usa white folk. Total Envy, turned into vast Hatred. Like dem liberals, another mind sickness one can say. Irish for me. They are the best of the best. Celtic, Viking,Norman and Roman. On Independence Day Eve, you will ever more so appreciate P. Thanks again! Do you not admire the super-intelligent trolls on this site? I thought we are all flabbergasted by their intelligence and knowledge.

Much to my profound frustration and chagrin, the U. I was a young man at the time and full of patriotic fervor. If I only knew then what I know now. Mothers and fathers, please think long and hard before sending your sons and daughters to fight and die for the criminal, rogue nation of Israel. Great article but I knew after I looked at the picture that I should never have read it. I hate to believe that people like this exist. They were probably heavily European in their blood lines.

I met the most beautiful, what appeared to me, Italian girl once, she turned out to be a Jewess. Why do you post such an obvious lie? Who are you trying to influence here? We all know this is crap. As you well know, not only is there still a Jewish community in Iran, but until the Israeli-US wars in the middle East, there were such communities in Iraq, Syria, and Libya as well. It will be interesting to see if Ocasio-Cortez-if elected—sticks to her principles or succumbs to the shekel storm headed her way.

Radical Jews of the Hasidic type are also acting thuggish on American streets, like in Brooklyn where they committed assault, battery and kidnapping on a bicyclist. These kind of fanatics are growing in numbers all over the USA. Sounds like your dislike of her is reflexive and utterly thoughtless. As I recall Trump had even launched missiles at the airport in Syria. Just what you want to hear the pilot telling you as you are coming in for a landing. But this is all beside the point. A tourist is not a citizen of that country they are visiting. This is a non-sequitur. Perhaps the one American architect worthy of being considered a match for classical European history being one Albert Kahn, native Detroiter, Jew, and artist supreme in his field, the area of so-called art-deco : his Detroit creations being the most supreme examples of this art concept world-wide.

I have no idea what you are trying to express with this inane quip, however one thing is more than clear : you are an uncultured, crude BSer. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments of all nations will gradually fall, through victory of the proletariat, into the hands of Judah.

All private property will become the possession of the Princes of Israel they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East.

The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red in the literal sense of that word, for we shall shed such streams of blood that all the losses of human lives in Capitalist wars will shrink and pale before them. The biggest bankers on the other side of the Atlantic will work in very close collaboration with us.

If we win the Revolution, crush Russia, we shall consolidate the power of Zionism on her funereal remains and become such a force that the whole world will go down on its knees before it. We will show what real power is. Trotsky was both an ardent Zionist Israel proponent and Bolshevik. He was also one of the biggest human butchers of the 20th century during the Red Revolution After a major internal power struggle with Joseph Stalin who may or may not have been Jewish , he worked for the subversion, degradation and eventual overthrow of White Western society from his villa in Mexico City, until Ramon Mercader probable NKVD agent of Stalin put an ice pick through his skull in Trotsky died soon after.

What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. See also bible, Rev. Though here you could do a little more research in black and even jewish contributions.

Which I have submitted numerous times —. Thank you. I was astounded when I learned he worked for the CIA. After lunch, apparently they set up a projector and began showing live footage of the Highway of Death, the road from Kuwait to Iraq, filled with fleeing, terrified Iraqi soldiers on their way home, with no taste for combat. My colleague told me of the laughter that filled the luncheon room at the sight of the Americans bombing and littering the Highway with the mangled remains of the Iraqis.

It was nauseating to hear of this reaction. How can so many folks who are self-described as being so superior to all of the rest of the Creation in intellect and otherwise be so clueless? I do not like nor consider Jazz music, and modern art deco as anything to be so praised as you do. Is your idea of great art works? You can keep it. And while you claim to be a fantastic jazz musician, and maybe are, I prefer Rock music and sometimes symphony type concert music.

I also used to play Bass Guitar, and was very good at it. And could be again with a couple months practice if I desired to do so. No, unlike you I never studied at worlds biggest, best high IQ music schools…. Some songs take a bit longer if the Bass is complex. But I usually master those songs quickly also. Most of what todays Israel, like China has and does is a direct due to being handed it free from America or they Stole the patents and blueprints, again from usa sources.

So think what you will, but as I said I do Not like nor enjoy Jazz music, wont listen to it as it causes me to feel similar as does negro Rapp crap. And as far as modern art goes that too makes me feel edgy and is just too ugly to enjoy. Its mainly a kommie Marxist agenda to replace beautiful art works and age old church type buildings with mostly stupid square bland looking stuff.

They seem to love goofy square block like connected parts to make a home with, and all with flat roofs…Similar to Israeli jew dwellings. Pure Ugly period. Modern maybe but still very ugly too look at. A few do have normal type homes but most do not. I worked in them all. Those ugly square flat roof homes look a lot like the art works on the walls inside those homes.

But so is paying to hear Jazz music. Too Off Beat and goofy sounding. Blues, and older black blues yeah good music. And if not? Why Not? That way you wont need to keep telling everyone your IQ rate, they can see it displayed on a wall like modern art. Gosh Wally, you are such a neutral when it comes to the Jews. Please, stop being such a fence-sitter.

Tell us your real thoughts! BTW, how is anyone supposed to take your Codoh carry-on seriously? The Holocaust might be something of a scam or at least lied about and exaggerated a lot , but you hardly strike me as the voice of neutral, academic concern. Very specific tourism, not general tourism. They did this bombing and killing of surrendering Iraqis — on Purim day in It was part of the plan.

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Even Dresden bombing started on Purim. Ziocrazies have been ruling the west for a very long time. Nose jobs and hair re-dos for Jewish girls have made some more attractive and made a lot of plastic surgeons and cosmetologist rich. Oddly enough the perception of their less attractiveness has persisted thru out and despite the popular cycles of what is considered attractive. A 13 year old child and 24 year old man, were both executed by Israeli Snipers on Friday [June 29th]. Along with the dead came upwards of injuries, this included medical personnel and journalists.

Instead of running stories in an attempt to whitewash the murders and injuries this Friday, Mainstream Media completely ignored the entire series of events. As for Iran, their Arabs and Baluchis do not have a fun time of it. Their religion is banned, as is atheism. Your response is equally reflexive and thoughtless and adds absolutely nothing to the subject.

Get over it. Ocasio-Cortez just wants to punish the successful and reward the chronic layabouts and malcontents. God help Jews and Backs if jazz music is all they have to recommend them, lol. Luckily many are quite talented in acting though I hate most Hollywood productions for their crass depravity. I am also pretty well sick of seeing Nazis in every damn movie. Oh, goodie, they mixed it up and just went after the Germans in the new Wonder Woman. Yes, but Christians and Jews are doing fine in Iran and no one is killing each other, but keep pushing the msm talking points. This is not a world view knowledgeable people share.

You spout this crap and a hope no one calls you on it and b take note of who does. Here is a more detailed accurate picture….. This pattern holds on other aspects of US policy toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However six in ten Evangelical Republicans say that the US should vote against it, thus vetoing the move.

Among the general public just 32 percent have a favorable view of Netanyahu, as do 47 percent of non-Evangelical Republicans. When asked, in an open-ended question, to name a national leader they most admire 22 percent of Republican Evangelicals chose Netanyahu, far more than any other leader. Among Non-Evangelical Republicans 9 percent named Netanyahu and 6 percent for the public as a whole. American views of Muslims are strikingly partisan. What a treat! Please enumerate them. Was the survival of Israel which I support ever in doubt?

Is the survival of the US in doubt? A few missteps your ancestral history…a natural dsaster, a migration, a marriage, a war and you too could have been born a hispanic black Russian …lol. I would not call the latinos lazy. They are pretty darn industrious people. I think most of them want to make an honest living and I see them working all kinds of jobs in my city in upstate New York and they are never sullen or disrespectful.

Most of them decent and fun to be around. Good people who love their families and are religious. Sure there is a criminal element which cannot be denied. It occurs to me that organized crime has been a stepping stone to more legitimate careers for many groups new to the U. Irish, Italian, Jew all figured prominently in crime at one time.

Even though most Asian are hard working there is a well documented criminal element. Latino covers a lot of territory as well. My niece lives in Costa Rica and has married a Costa Rican. Mexico was nice when I visited many years ago but I hear it has gotten much worse since. This Ocasio- Cortez woman made some good comments regarding the plight of the Palestinians but likely it was political expedience.

I doubt I or many latinos for that matter have much use for her. The political creatures that populate the dems see Soros push this fantasy which is why Trump did better with both groups than prior republican candidates. I have to admit I wince at the statistics regarding the Evangelicals views of the so-called chosen. Being, loosely, an Evangelical myself, I believe that the Jews are utterly not the chosen people.

Any reasonable reading of the New Testament should convince any neutral reader that the chosen are followers of Christ, regardless of race or culture. John McCain was a traitor and collaborator, while being held captive. There were several other jets on that particular mission and HE was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders! His flight grades were well below acceptable and he should have been run out of there too.

John McCain is a scum bag. Wow, is this accurate? Can you provide the dates? When is Purim day annually? What is Purim day? I know I have heard of it and it has something to do with revenge and the Talmud but other than that I am pretty ignorant. Is it the same day every year? I would think that someone possessing an exceptional IQ such as yourself would know that, especially if that someone purportedly served in the United States Army. Now be a good little boy and go upstairs and eat your din-din.

Your mommy is calling you. The Fulbright hearings might show someone adverting to my point but are not where I would do my research to back up what a reasonable non expert knowledge of US law tells me. The point is that rich Americans can set up an institution to intone consistent amens to diplomatic approaches to America by any tinpot country they like and to lobby politicians like any other legal American organisation.

Can they not? Europe has suffered through the fall of the Roman empire, the Hunnish and Islamic invasions, the bubonic plague, terrible wars that ravaged the continent thirty years war, WWI, WWII yet it still gave birth to and sustained the most advanced civilization in world history and is home to many of the best nations to live in around the globe. Africa blames their deplorable status on European colonialism when in fact those were the best of times for African nations. All over the world Jews are promoting hate speech laws while spitting hateful venom towards Arabs, Goyim and, even Jesus Christ.

And to all you idiots, who bend to their pressures while kissing their asses, understand this. We are getting a small taste of it now with our growing police state and vanishing freedoms. The truth is out there. There are Latinos that work hard but they also have the highest welfare dependency rates in America. Their ability to move up the ladder into more financially rewarding jobs is limited by their IQ and willingness to attain the requisite education levels, not racism and discrimination or the Jewish invented bogeyman of white privilege.

I disdain U. Charles Orloski, Sr. At present, I hate how the George H. By the time of the infamous W. Private Lyndie England? Summarized, I support the basic soldier who wants to believe in an honorable America. Fyi, nine total years service, stateside, discharged in , Specialist 4, Pennsylvania Army Reserves National Guard. Classic hasbara, i. Israel is and always has been a racist ethnocracy, i.

In short, apartheid. Gideon Shimoni Cape Town: Oxford UP. ISBN There can be little doubt that the suffering of Palestinians is not less intense than that of blacks during apartheid-era South Africa, he asserted. The fact that this minority is allowed to vote hardly redresses the rampant injustice in all other basic human rights. Hence, their similarity to the black South Africans [under apartheid]. Israel also differentiates between citizenship and nationality, i. They can be moved at will, shackled at will, tortured at will, have their families separated at will.

They can be denied the right to vote, to own property, to meet or speak to family and friends. They can be hounded or even shot dead by their masters, who claim their position by biblical right, and also use them to build and work on the plantations the toilers cannot themselves ever hope to own. The masters dehumanize them, call them by the names of beasts.

Feeding the Monster, by Philip Giraldi - The Unz Review

They have that look. I absolve the White man of all his sins. I long ago saved the image at the top of this article of the Israeli bubulas harassing the Palestinian lady. The bad manners of all Parliaments, the general tendency to condone shady business if it promises money without work, jazz and negro dances as the spiritual expression of all classes, women who paint themselves like prostitutes, the attempts of writers and dramatists to win popularity by holding up to contempt the correctness of well-bred people, and the bad taste displayed even by royalty and the high aristocracy in discarding social restraints and time-honoured custom—all this goes to prove that today it is the mob which is imposing its standards.

An aristocratic face, the dainty tread of a slim foot on the pavement are contradictions of democracy. Such are the tendencies of nihilism. Nobody attempts to raise the masses to the level of true culture—that would be too troublesome, and perhaps the conditions of such levelling up are lacking. On the contrary, the structure of society has to be levelled down to the standard of the mob. Universal equality is to reign. Everything is to be equally vulgar. Neither what is created by the descendants of Africans, or the Jews, however squeaky, shiny, or entertaining, competes with true European Christian culture.

The great divide in the legacy nations of Christendom is between those born and nurtured within it — namely the heirs of St. Benedict and Augustine and those of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, i. The Jews have never really contributed anything spiritually transcendent or truly creative to our culture- they have produced many fine instrumentalists,musicians, and a few architects and even fewer painters, but these have all been derivative at best and degenerative at worst.

Likewise, the Africans. However it is legal only by the grace of jewish influence in congress which has killed the half dozen attempts to make it register under FARA. So despite its congressionally sanctioned legality it is a foreign lobby advocating for foreign interest. Note……there are others but none so far that have the influence to literally write bills for Israel and then give them to its US politicians to pass into policy or law.

Thank you for your thank.. There is also a special Purim on the 15th of Adar for walled cities like Jerusalem. The Jewish calendar is lunar. So it changes every year on our calendar. It is usually sometime in March in our calendar. The Purim story is this. Haman is said to be an enemy of the Jews and is therefore hanged along with his 10 sons. The Jews celebrate this mass slaughter each year during their feast of Purim.

Five hundred before this, the Amaleks, a tribe of people, attacked the Israelites. Yahweh told the Israelites to massacre every Amalek -man,women,child and also the livestock. Agag, an Amalek, survived. Saul allowed him to live. Purim Feb. He kills 29 and wounds March 25 — Purim. March 17 Saddam warned. March 18 bombing began over Iraq. It was a Jewish holiday too — Hoshana Rabba. This is the day that the God seals verdicts for Rosh Hashana for the coming year. All other National Socialists were shot.

Ten to be hung is related to the Purim story. He knew the game. The only problem with the Israelis is that they have never been brutal enough. US and Israel are attempting to use internal pressure within Iran yet again with the intent of sparking enough strife for a regime change:. I am reminded of Hildegaard von Bingen, as I read your lament of the degradation of our transcendent culture. And it is also valid to point out that they do not interact with nature on the same level as their Christian European counterparts; for the latter, nature still retains its sacral and sublime aspect; for Jewry as a whole, nature is a tooth and claw theater of litigation and money making, only worthwhile insofar as it provides targeted, resource rich exploitative opportunities.

This mentality reaches the culture as well, which Jewry converts to pop culture, i. For sports, Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax come to mind. As to looks — well, I can recall some decided counter-examples. The Jews as a collective are as far from the celestial sphere and as close to the subterranean as the lowest of the aboriginals of the Australian hinterlands- perhaps quite more so, since the aboriginals retain at least a modicum of primitive religiosity, while the Talmudist only the most degenerated and corrupted elements- the absolute counter to authentic spirituality.

Jewry- as a collective hive devoid of any true spirituality- can no more appreciate a St. Hildegard any more than it can appreciate a St. Thomas, a J. Bach, a Fra Angelico or a Tintoretto. Its opposition to nature and to the Logos which authored and governs nature renders it sterile and toxic to culture and society. Why not just go to codoh website and see for your self? I hope you are not like some jews and shabozz goys here who demand proof links etc. Saw a swastika, so I refuse to read another word or article there…..

Now gimme yet more proof links I can reject because as per usual we jews and shabozz goys will never change our minds no matter what. Then most dem libs and lefty Marxists adopted that as their main slogan. My sympathies are with the Palestinians with regards to trying somehow to estabilsh sustainable territorial boundaries. I am ambivalent with regards to the plight of those in Gaza, Egypt is certainly in a position to help. The southern border is after all under their control. Both parties seem to regard the other as filth, undeserving of human compassion.

How we move forward from here is beyond my ability to guess. Arab neighbors seem to view refugees as pawns to be kept in squalor for their own political aims. Time to wake up and smell the coffee…. Now, having said all that — Rachael Corrie pancakes? She was an idiot and I have not the slightest sympathy for her. I imagine it would be superprotected by top tax lawyers using their legal cunning pro bono I.

No doubt in a parallel universe Congressmen would be lining up to put their names to a constitutionally ineffective statute that would require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent but that would be the mirror image of the absurd anti BDS legislation. As a matter of interest do you know the history — provenance of those photographs?

One of the girls looks more likely to be East or South East Asian than any of the usual strains of Israeli but, in reality, there is no reason to suppose they knew that what they were holding up said what you say it says. Can you read it yourself or do you take the translation on trust as they may have? Have you seen any data about Trump voters who are dissatisfied with his performance?

Is anyone even asking that? Always looking to be carried by gentiles. There is no name calling and dodging there. So come on, quit making excuses. They are from news articles where occasionally the truth is reported. What do you suggest the inmates of the Gaza concentration camp can do to get attention to their plight? The only way seems to be to provoke Israel into some retaliatory action.

Netanyahu is as stupid as Hitler, who let himself be provoked by Poland. And indeed, both sides see the other as dirt. They did drive the Palestinians out. The mistake was not to commit genocide. But he did not foresee that they never really would give up. What he also did not foresee that the ethnic cleansing would cause a growth of the number of Palestinians. As far as I can see Israel has no long time strategy for dealing with the Palestinian problem. The recent civil war is not the first outbreak of extreme bloodletting in Syria.

There had already been plenty. What America was no longer exists and that is mostly because it was given away at the Southern border. People are shot for property crimes all over the world all of the time. Very rarely is it considered murder. Why is this different?

Eco 7: Zionists, Green Freaks And Hasidic Hippies: Memoirs From A Middle Eastern Commune

I ignored what was irrelevant to try to keep this on subject, honest and simple. But whatever…. Superpowers give regional powers weapons they have the technical ability to sustain and when they have the military ability to be useful to the superpower. None of those three countries fit both. All shooting is best done from a safe distance. The former is likely the case here.

The first is passed off as purposefully gross military graduation humour. The whole idea was to make them as offensive as possible. My English school graduation book was somehow much worse than those t-shirts and it even caused a similar scandal. It was, however, indicative of nothing as regards the underlying culture of the school, which was great. The second is an airhead reaction to the killing of 3 Israeli boys. It is only non-typical of intercommunal violence in that the girls are pretty. Nonetheless, these behaviours are seen as comments to every single article on Unz.

They almost always target Jews whether the article is about Jews or not. Not to me, at least. Nor anyone sensible. Nope, not really. They had no problem with euthanising their own German people if they thought them surplus to requirements. Also, we all have personal bias — the way we want to see things. Anders Breivik 3. Anderson Cooper 1. Andes 1. Andre 1. Andre Benjamin 1. Andrea Joyce 1. Andreessen Horowitz 1. Andrew Bales 1. Andrew Breitbart 2. Andrew Duncan Worthington 1. Andrew F. Sullivan 1.

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