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The walls are in Paper White by Benjamin Moore. A striking Miami penthouse designed by Jean-Louis Deniot features a range of soothing gray tones. The bronze-and-alabaster chandelier is from the s and once hung in the Villa Kerylos in France, the indoor-outdoor rug is by Galerie Diurne, the artwork is by Franz Kline, and the shelf holds a Roger Desserprit sculpture center and a French s lamp. To complement the sofas, the duo chose a pair of vintage Gio Ponti armchairs from Karl Kemp Antiques, a glass cocktail table by Fredrikson Stallard filled with feathers, a round side table by Holly Hunt Studio, a table lamp by Charles Paris and a custom rug by Tai Ping.

The photographs are by Rineke Dijkstra, the striking painting is by Friedrich Kunath, and the carpet is by Beauvais. A moody Russian living room features subdued hues, including gray, for a modern vibe. Rich, silk patterned curtains add a touch of luxury to the room. A gouache by McIntosh and a custom gray banquette outfit the sitting area of a Moroccan riad. The cushions's cotton-canvas fabric and painted side table were found in a souk. A pendant and sconces by maisonLAB complete the space. A fireplace and a basket of firewood lend warmth to this living room in a northern New Jersey mansion.

Framed 19th-century English pressed plants line the walls, and the gray wallcovering is by Phillip Jeffries. In 1stdibs founder Michael Bruno's Tuxedo Park, New York manse , gray steals the spotlight as the living room's sophisticated hue of choice. The rug is by Mansour Modern. In an Upper East Side home, the living room's gray proves to be a soothing canvas for the room's pops of art. The rug is by Beauvais Carpets , the custom-made sofa is upholstered in a Larsen silk velvet and the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray.

Cool gray contrasts with a backdrop of warm wood and brick in this Los Angeles house. The Jens Risom lounge chair and Florence Knoll slate-and-steel cocktail table are both vintage. When a once-abandoned farmhouse on Sweden's Bjare Peninsula got a design-forward makeover, the living room embraced an all-gray theme—save for a few pops of playful yellow and warming brown.

The gray sofas are by Claesson Koivisto Rune , the cocktail table and console are custom made, the pouf is Egyptian and the floor is lined with Douglas pine by Dinesen. Gray and pink come together in a playful banter of patterns in this Manhattan apartment designed by Steven Gambrel. The gray rug is custom-made by Beauvais Carpets , a pair of Art Deco Swedish chairs is covered in a fabric by Mulberry Home and the cocktail table is custom-made. The paintings, from left, are by Philip Guston and Kenneth Noland. The wide-open living area of this understated Tuscany home is anchored by a gray Golran patchwork rug.

A gray abaca rug by Merida lends this New York City apartment a laid-back, playful atmosphere, and echoes the gray of the sofa covered in a linen by Christopher Farr Cloth , chevron-patterned oak floors and the steel doors and windows by Crittall. When a modern bachelor pad is transformed to accomodate family life, gray takes center stage. The ottoman is covered in a Kyle Bunting hair-on-hide leather, the photograph is by Darren Almond, the rug is alpaca and the floor lamp is vintage. A Marrakech retreat juxtaposes vibrant colors with a foundation of gray.

In the living room, the cocktail tables and pendant are by maisonLAB , the plaster fireplace surround is custom made, the vintage rug is Moroccan and the painting is by Raffone. Gray finds its place between modern and mysterious in this sultry Truckee, California home. The curved club chair by Marmol Radziner is upholstered in a cowhide by Townsend Leather. The cocktail table, dining table, and sofa and armchairs, all covered in a Zinc Textile velvet, are custom designs.

A custom-made silk rug tops a polished black concrete floor. An s carriage house in Bedford, New York exudes historic charm with rustic touches—just take this living room as proof. The gray wool rug is a custom design, the sofa from Matter has cushions from Les Indiennes and Nathan Turner , and the pendant light is by Roost.

In a glamorous West Village loft that's made for entertaining, the chic and sleek living room boasts a gray-and-brown color scheme. The s club chair is by Jean-Michel Frank and, along with the s Maison Jansen circular banquette, is upholstered in shearling and leather. The artwork is by Julian Opie. This apartment in Palm Beach celebrates gray that's reminiscent of sand and sea foam on a cool day.

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In a San Francisco home that's designed akin to a fashionable gallery, the gray living room boasts a chalky sculpture on the floor called " Odalisque I " by Manuel Neri. The floors are polished concrete and the bookcase is a custom design. Typically moody, modern gray takes on a bohemian personality in this New York apartment 's living room. The gray Iranian rug is from Double Knot and the similarly-hued midcentury furnishings include a pair of Nanna Ditzel chairs and a Hans Wegner armchair. Room and room again proves that gray and yellow is the unexpected color scheme that consistently delivers charm.

Gray is the cohesive force in a living room that celebrates Scandinavian aesthetic. Save these ideas for Pinterest. Type keyword s to search. February 11, ; National Press Club - 2 hrs.

September 27, ; National Press Club - 71 min. The most famous short science film of its generation gives breathtaking comparisons. That film, Powers of Ten , originally created in the s, has now been officially posted to YouTube and embedded above. Please click the above arrow to see the nine minute movie for yourself. From a picnic blanket near Chicago out past the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies , every ten seconds the film zooms out to show a square a factor of ten times larger on each side. The video then reverses, zooming back in a factor of ten every two seconds and ends up inside a single proton.

The Powers of Ten sequence is actually based on the book Cosmic View by Kees Boeke in , as is a similar but mostly animated film Cosmic Zoom that was also created in the late s. The changing perspectives are so enthralling and educational that sections have been recreated using more modern computerized techniques, including the first few minutes of the movie Contact , and in a short digital video called The Known Universe created last year for the American Museum of Natural History.

Ray and husband Charles Eames, the film's creators, were known as quite visionary spirits and even invented their own popular chair. The Skin Gun.

Friday illusion : Test your sense of size. Guitar Gods. Earth from Above. USA Today - animation. Truthout - A recently isolated material. These multidimensional properties allow for new research. Two hundred times stronger than steel ,. It conducts electricity with an extremely low resistance. LCD, and touch-screen panels. And with its large surface-to-volume ratio,. Theoretically, these transistors would be smaller,. More ambitious usage will, of course, take decades to develop.

This said, some companies, such as Samsung,. Graphene Put To Use…. In The Near Future:. Made possible by Corning. Thom Hartmann :. It all boils down to. Feeling feverish? Do your joints and eyeballs hurt?

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Are you vomiting? You may have dengue fever ,. In , dengue came to Key West, Florida;. Last November, a case was diagnosed in Miami as well. The mosquitoes that carry dengue fever. For a scary short animation. Bill Maher Speaks The Truth! The video segment is 10 minutes long. Learn almost anything— for free. Physics of Invisibility. Physicist Michio Kaku. Time Travel , Parallel Universes , and Reality. Gerald Celente's Top Trends for Show anything to its all-seeing camera eye, and it will quickly learn to recognize it and then track it, whether it fades into the distance, hides amongst other similar objects or — in the case of faces turns sideways.

Kalal is a Ph. His Predator algorithm is both fast and powerful. After telling it what to look for by dragging a box over the onscreen image the Predator gets to work. Within seconds it can recognize patterns, objects and faces and track them as they shrink, grow and rotate. When Kalal hides from the camera and holds up a sheet of paper with his photo among a patchwork of thumbnails, Predator picks his face out immediately. Radioactive Fallout in Saint Louis Missouri.

Debating Music Censorship. Programmer under oath admits. Software programmer says. US elections are rigged. US Representatives. Self-healing polymer fixes scratches. Epidemiologist, Dr. Steven Wing,. Discusses Global Radiation. Exposures and Consequences. Social Satarist. George Carlin. A look inside the Pantheon. On Ongoing. Nuclear Contamination.

Scotch Tape. Lets You See Through. Frosted Glass. The Illusion. Of Freedom. Ron Paul Says,. As President,. Medicare ,. Social Security. Physicians for Social Responsibility. The ongoing impact of. Where is all that. Fukushima radiation going,. Expert testimony by. Marco Kaltofen, PE,. Facebook , Google , Yahoo. Paper computer.

Fracking Hell :. The Untold Story. Killer C h e m trails :. The Shocking Truth. Meat Glue. Kucinich Slams. Healthcare "Expert". The Secret History. Of Hacking. The secret History of Hacking. The film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars , whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called " Project for the New American Century ", published in the year 2,, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events. Tarpley "The New American Century is a stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet.

I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years. This film is astonishing , it goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present. This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

This film shows how the first film theaters in the US were used over a hundred years ago to broadcast propaganda to rile the American people into the Spanish-American War. This film shows the white papers of the oil company Unocal which called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan and how their exact needs were fulfilled through the US invasion of Afghanistan. I have seen a ton of films, this film contains a massive amount of incredible footage I have never seen before anywhere, it is an historical documentary which exposes all the lies of the past so that you can understand the present.

Did You Know? Be warned of Digital Deception. Hacking Democracy. Inside Job. Time Lapse. Clouds and Sky. Over the Canary Islands. Chemtrail Spray Operations. Captured on Doppler Radar. Scientists believe tha t climate change may be to blame. When doctors discovered that Trudy Rosler, a Canadian, had a fungus growing in her brain system, they were stumped. The fungus was previously only known to exist in the tropics. Here in the U. Emily Senay examines how a warming climate is already affecting our health, from making allergies worse to affecting the spread of infectious diseases and pushing the extremes of killer weather.

Cracking the code : Defending against the superweapons of the 21st century cyberwar - 13 min. Imagine what would happen if a malicious hacker could take ou t a power grid or cause the meltdown of a nuclear plant. Domestic Spying. Surveillance Society. Inverted Black-Dome Cameras. The End. Best-selling, non -fiction author.

Naomi Wolf. Social Media :. A Skinner box. Cory Doctorow. What Happens. To Nuclear Waste? Is Alien Intrigue. Really a Soviet -Era Psyop? May 27, - By Hugh Hart - Wired. In the clip embedded above,. Weir blasts Jacobsen. Watch the clip Dr Chris Fichtner , MD. Time To Put Marijuana.

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In Every Home. Tipping Point. Watch what happened today at the Jefferson Memorial in DC. CodePinker Medea Benjamin and others were arrested for "dancing," and others were body slammed for the crime of movement! RT vs Mainstream Media. Mainstream media continues to call out RT. Lauren Lyster shares viewer feedback.

E lectric D iwheel. W ith A ctive. R otation D amping. Senator Bernie Sanders. Exposes Top 10 Worst. Corporate Income Tax Avoiders. Space Shuttle. Space Station. Photographed Together. NOTE :. After the page loads do this :. This was the video that was rejected. But around the globe, several fine artists and theoretical scientists are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders. Through origami, these offbeat and provocative minds are reshaping ideas of creativity and revealing the relationship between art and science.

Featuring interviews with and insights into the practice of these intrepid paper folders, the film opens with three of the world's foremost origami artists: a former sculptor in France who folds caricatures in paper rivaling the figures of Daumier and Picasso; a hyper-realist who walked away from a successful physics career to challenge the physics of a folded square instead ; and an artisanal papermaker who folds impressionistic creations from the very same medium he makes from scratch.

The film then moves to less conventional artists, exploring concepts of minimalism, deconstruction, process and empiricism. Abstract artists emerge with a greater emphasis on concept, chopping at the fundamental roots of realism, which have long dominated traditional origami. The film also features advanced mathematicians and a remarkable scientist who received a MacArthur Genius Award for his computational origami research. Nebraska Nuclear Plant:. Emergency Level 4. About to Get Worse.

Arnie Gundersen. June 14, The Truth. About the Economy. Robert Reich. Military Witnesses. Nuclear Sites. National Press Club. Washington, DC. Senator Sanders. The Koch. Echo Chamber. The Koch brothers. Tsunami Japanese. Helium 3. Mining the Moon. Part 1 of 2. Part 2 of 2. Louis County. Ulysses S. Grant Museum. Louis Daugerreotypes - Daguerreotypes , the first photographs that were made on a metal plate and coated with a silver surface. After making standard portraits of people, Thomas Easterly took photography outside , and catalogued the changes that urbanization brought to St.

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His photo gallery also included his pictures of American Indian's, the earliest that have dates. Zookeepers stunned as moose rescues drowning marmot from watery death. Mastercard Advert. Working after hours, his team has posted a curated selection of almost photos on the service already. These are your pictures," Rhode said.

Thom Hartmann. Performs an Exorcism. On the GOP. They shrank their artwork to fit on a tiny ceramic wafer , with a plan to smuggle the chip on board Apollo A Florida art curator has a clone of the chip. He wants to know if the original made it to the moon. She narrows the investigation to a man who calls himself John F.

GnuCash 2.6.21 released

He sent a telegram to the artists confirming that he attached the chip to the leg of the lunar landing module that NASA left on the surface of the moon. Did he? Only John F. Easy Rider. Jack Nicholson. Chemtrails Hit Big Time. Thom Hartmann Explains. Are Responsible For. All The Problems. We Are Now Facing. In America Today. Radiation : A Slow Death. In this video nuclear engineers Arnie Gundersen and David Lochbaum discuss how the US regulators and regulatory process have left Americans unprotected. They walk, step-by-step, through the events of the Japanese meltdowns and consider how the knowledge gained from Fukushima applies to the nuclear industry worldwide.

They discuss " points of vulnerability " in American plants , some of which have been unaddressed by the NRC for three decades. Finally, they concluded that an accident with the consequences of Fukushima could happen in the US. With more radioactive Cesium in the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant's spent fuel pool than was released by Fukushima, Chernobyl, and all nuclear bomb testing combined, Gundersen and Lockbaum ask why there is not a single procedure in place to deal with a crisis in the fuel pool?

These and more safety questions are discussed in this forum presented by the C Foundation at the Boston Public Library. A Message From. Religious Extremists. Double fault :. Nuclear safety at. Diablo Canyon. Home Generator. Zero Point Energy. Off the Grid. Fukushima-type disaster inevitable in U. It's the next best thing to being there.

Click on any preview to open a panorama, then click and drag in any direction, including up and down. UFO Files. Alien Encounters. Britain's X - Files. Former Arizona Governor. Fife Symington. Admits Seeing. Sinkholes around the world. Top UFO Sightings. I Know. What I Saw. CIA Funding.

News Media. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U. For decades afterwards, he conducted his own independent UFO research, and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence purportedly left by UFOs.

Senator Al Franken. The Pot Republic. First 26 min. The Progressive Magazine :. Tim DeChristopher. Is Not the One. Who Should Be. UFO - Stanton T. Friedman IS Real! He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, classified, eventually cancelled, projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear powerplants for space.

He has provided written testimony to Congressional Hearings , appeared twice at the UN , and been a pioneer in many aspects of Ufology Stanton Friedman takes a clear-cut unambiguous stand that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft , that the subject of flying saucers represents a Cosmic Watergate , that none of the anti - UFO arguments made by a variety of noisy negativists stand up to careful scrutiny , and that we are dealing with the biggest story of the past millennium : visits to Planet Earth by alien spacecraft and the successful coverup by governments of the best data: alien wreckage and bodies recovered in New Mexico , for 56 years.

He has spent many weeks at a total of 20 document archives. Stan has successfully taken on many critics of flying saucers, Roswell, Majestic 12, including winning a debate at Oxford University. The History Of. Wal-Mart :. The High Cost. Of Low Price. Full Length Documentary. Vesta Full Rotation Movie.

Thom Hartmann:. How Corporations Created. Charlie Rose - Eric Kandel. Nobel Prize-winning medical researcher and University Professor at Columbia. Highlights St.

Louis County suburb,. Bridgeton , Missouri , and. San Antonio , Texas , facilities. Keith Olberman :. Why We Need To Fight. The Super Congress. And Take Back.