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A simple push of a button and the world will never be the same.

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Martina Gable returns home from college to spend Christmas break with her family, but the relaxing …. Martina Gable and her family escaped to a secluded mountain cabin in hopes of avoiding the death sweeping the desert valley below, but have they gone far enough? Dominic Ray, manager of a tropical, private island …. The Sage Flu pandemic is sweeping across the globe, killing almost everyone in its path. Those who have so far avoided its deathly grip struggle to remain among the living. When the message from the man claiming to be Secretary General of the United Nations plays around the world, hope begins to bloom.

But the …. A hush has settled over the planet. The once dominant human race is in full retreat. You won't regret it. It'll make your heart race like someone shot you with an EpiPen. You think Battles was badass before? He just cranked it up to joules. He lives and writes in Los Angeles. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews.

Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Exit 9, the second book in the Project Eden thriller series. Product Details About the Author.

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From award winning author Brett Battles comes the second Logan Harper thriller. It was supposed to It was supposed to be a fun weekend, a celebration of a marriage and growing family. Alan Lindley couldn't have been happier Asked by a mutual View Product. As The World Burns. Here, Battles adjusts the style of the tale slightly again. Most of the ta As The World Burns. Most of the tale winds up focusing on efforts to locate Brandon Ash, and the other two dominant threads are the Costa Rican island and the Ridgecrest survivors in California.

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All told, the story is yet again done superbly, and yet again I'm glad I waited to read them so that I can read all of them at once without having to wait for the next one to be written. Dec 05, Wenzel Roessler rated it it was amazing. This could be the best book in the series so far, and yes you need to be these books in order. This book is a great read but does pull at the Heartstrings so many people have to deal with so much tragedy. Mar 23, Skip Crust rated it it was amazing.

So, I've just become a big fan of Brett Battles. There are very few authors I'm obsessed with reading everything they write, but I can sense that Battles has just become one of those authors. This a great 4th installment in the Project Eden series. Like the previous books, it goes at a break-neck pace with tons of action as the world moves toward a new normal after a humanity-killing pathogen is released into the earth. I love the personal stories woven together as people try and figure out what So, I've just become a big fan of Brett Battles. I love the personal stories woven together as people try and figure out what the world is like when nothing is the same.

I could feel myself in the world, wrestling with the problems that the characters wrestled with. I love this book series. I began book one just 6 days ago. I've ripped through all four books since then. Jan 18, Jen Walker rated it it was amazing. A fantastic continuation of Project Eden. This is one of the best books in the series.

In the first few pages it gives a brief recount of the saga thus far which I really appreciate as a reader. The story starts back up where it ended. We get a great feel for what is happening with all the characters we have come to know and care about as well as some new folks. The action only takes place over a few days but those are action packed days. Great ending with more to come. My other favorite thing ab A fantastic continuation of Project Eden.

Exit 9: A Project Eden Thriller

My other favorite thing about this series is that I don't have to wait years for the next book to come out. And even though thankfulky Mr. Battles churns them out quickly they are still great quality! Oct 27, Dee Haddrill rated it really liked it Shelves: action-adventure , thriller , read , audible , part-of-a-series , post-apocalyptic.

As the crisis in the world progresses, this series just keeps getting better.

Am jumping straight into the next book. Jun 15, Steve rated it it was amazing. Book 4 of this fantastic series and it just keeps getting better how Mr Battle finds the time to write and push out so much quality is beyond me. This time round some of the minor characters take centre stage and this is a refreshing change and the book takes on a new freshness.

The virus is in full effect and the world is at the mer Outstanding. The virus is in full effect and the world is at the mercy of the Eden project, we follow many different groups all of which have there own tale of survival to tell. The chapters are quick and punchy and you never outstay your welcome with one of the groups. Look fwd to book 5. Well worth your time and money. Mar 11, Ed And rated it it was amazing.

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Read this one somewhere there are other people. This book starts where the last one ended. Duh - really, DUH. The Resistance is trying to get their stuff together and the Project Even folks look forward to the time when they can start doing more bad stuff. The pace of the book picks up and Really don't read this without a good grounding, knowing this is just a book.

The author is very good and the story keeps getting better. Oct 26, Lucas Hamasaki rated it really liked it. Much more interesting than the last two books! And Ash was barely in it, so I guess we know now who brings the story down Chloe, Josie, Martina and Belinda are the most interesting characters on the story. I like Brandon too, but he's starting to get a little too much like his very dull father. The plot continues to be fascinating and scary, making you want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next.

Dec 09, Marianne rated it really liked it. I'm glad I stuck with the series. This book helped me connect with the characters better as each story jump seemed to happen less frequently. Getting more time with the characters that matter made me care and feel more connected to them and so I ended up enjoying the overall story so much more also.

Really looking forward to reading the last few books in the series and see how it all ends. Dec 31, Marika Charalambous rated it it was amazing. As usual in the series, there is a lot of action, suspense, and things start to come to an end May 08, Roger John Jones rated it it was ok. Slow Getting paid by the word. The world is collapsing and all resources are devoted to finding one boy? Not very wise. Churning on to see how it ends. At least it's free.

Couldn't put it down! Had to squeeze in listening time when ever I could, especially towards the end as it flipped between different locations just as I thought I'd find out what was going to happen with someone. On to book 5! Jan 04, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: brett-battles. I am one of many fans of Brett Battles. I purchased this as soon as it was released, although I have been remiss in getting around to reading it sorry Brett.

I owe you yet once again. This was a mistake since I ended up reading it in one night and after being up for 24 hours already.