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He meets Penny Morris, herself no mean singer, and through Small-town Indiana girl Lily Mars dreams to be a stage actress. She begs visiting Broadway producer John Thornway for a role but he dismisses her as an amateur. She follows him to New York and worms her way into his show, and his heart. Fictionalized story of the songwriting partnership of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Rich kid Danny Churchill Rooney has a taste for wine, women and song, but not for higher education. So his father ships him to an all-male college out West where there's not supposed to A nightclub performer hires a naive chorus girl to become his new dance partner to make his former partner jealous and to prove he can make any partner a star.

In , during a hour leave, a soldier accidentally meets a girl at Pennsylvania Station and spends his leave with her, eventually falling in love with the lovely New Yorker. Steve Raleight wants to produce a show on Broadway. He finds a backer, Herman Whipple and a leading lady, Sally Lee. But Caroline Whipple forces Steve to use a known star, not a newcomer. It's turn of the century America when Andrew and Veronica first meet - by crashing into each other.

They develop an instant and mutual dislike which intensifies when, later on, Andrew is forced to hire Veronica as a saleslady at Oberkugen's music store. What the two don't know is that while they may argue and fight constantly throughout the day, they are actually engaged in an innocent, romantic and completely anonymous relationship by night, through the post office. Written by A. I won't go into plot details, as it's been done by so many other reviewers before me. Instead, I'll just share my observations as a fan of classic musicals, and specifically of Judy Garland.

Personally, I think it was during period when Judy looked and sounded the best. And incidentally, it was also the period when the classic MGM studio system was at the apex of its efficiency in churning out one great musical after another before its demise later in that decade.

Summertime is Coming! Are you a Mountain or a Beach Person?

In Good Old Summertime, one can't help but realize, with much regret, that the greatest period of the good old musical films and of Judy Garland was beginning to wane. And it is noticeable from quality of music scores and from changes in her appearance also. Of course, it's still a very enjoyable movie, especially if you watched one of the other movies based on the same story. And Judy still looks amiable and sounds great even when she had to sing in such self-deprecating manner as in 'I Don't Care', which feels very different from other instances of similar comic approach of her previous films like 'When I Look at You' in Presenting Lily Mars, or 'Couple of Swells' from Easter Parade, for example.

Even though the movie is categorized as a musical, it's certainly not Harvey Girls where you can enjoy such trademark MGM scenes, like that big, complex sequence as 'Atchison Topika and the Santa Fe'.

Once Upon a Summertime

Back then, the Freed Unit with so many talented actors and actresses were so efficient that they didn't need too many camera cuts or even extensive rehearsals to create a such captivating 20 min long sequence. In Good Old Summertime, Judy Garland is almost the only person who sings, and there is no 'sequence' to talk of, as most of the numbers are done by her singing solo, except for the Barbershop Quartet and 'I Don't Care' numbers. In general, songs are less memorable than those from her other movies. Judy still looks attractive, but not more so than in her earlier movies. Her personal troubles in real life begin to take their toll on her appearances by the time she appeared in this movie.

Van Johnson is amiable, but he's certainly not her ideal partner in a musical film, as he can't really sing or dance like Mickey Rooney or Gene Kelly. All in all, it's a still very enjoyable movie, but if you are a Judy Garland fan like me, you might want to try her other films first, preferably one from the period, if you haven't seen them all already. And when you have already seen most of them, and when you are sure to understand why people keep praising Judy Garland and her movies from her better days even today, then with a preparation of your mind for experiencing some regrets and pangs which might result from seeing her lesser self in a lesser kind of a musical, you are ready to enjoy this movie as a devote Judy Garland's fan.

It's something similar to what it requires to enjoy her late year recordings like the famous Carnegie Hall album. It pains to notice how she lost her range and her once impeccable vibrato became one that sounds artificial and forced. But at least, it's Judy Garland and I believe that would suffice to enjoy it for most her ardent fans. As to what seems deficient, they can supplement it by their memories of what she has been in her prime time.

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Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. There are a few prolonged beats of silence after the milk is scanned as she fishes out the coins from her pockets.

She heaps the fistful of pennies and dimes onto the small tray, forming a tiny, tumbling glossy hill. Sorry, sorry, she says, flustered, fingers clumsily picking out the unnecessary coins. Her head is bent in concentration because, after three weeks in this city, she still has trouble telling the coins apart. When she glances up, the cashier is blushing. He is slender but not skinny, with a buzz cut, a slightly tanned face, cat-like eyes, and an inscrutable countenance behind the practiced smile. Yet, as he blushes, his eyes crinkle and the banal demeanor ripples. She holds back a laugh.

A sunrise, suddenly.

Telling life like a story — 记下青春的故事

And unlike the other thirty-five times that she has said it today, she means it. He stares at her and then, the blush recedes before he nods politely and recites the ritualized thanks, eyes unblinking and his role reassumed. When the automatic door closes behind her, she eyes herself from torso to toe. Altogether unremarkable. She considers it for a moment and then sips her strawberry milk before turning left. She goes through the same routine with him the next few times she visits the store on different days, at PM, PM and PM. Serendipity, she thinks. And then she kills the thought.

On June 24, , at PM, the local train pulls up at this nondescript station, twenty-seven people disembark and stream out through the gates. One of them feels her bloated stomach from a dinner of kishikatsu, furrows her brows almost imperceptibly and then gravitates towards the brightly-lit convenience store—standing like a beacon in the roiling silence of the night.

May 2019 Reading Wrap Up - I Read 27 Romance Books

She feels his eyes on her the moment she enters the empty store. Did she imagine the swallow in his voice? The staple greeting sounds different to her. Her footsteps grow lighter.

The strawberry milk has grown on her, and she carefully picks one up after scrutinizing the expiry dates. After reading aloud the payment amount in his hackneyed intonation, she does not expect him to say anything the sonata he performs has three movements: he announces the amount he has received from her; there is a lull, followed by a clear statement of the change amount; then, it all culminates in the dramatic thank-you—his unvarying finale. Strawberry milk again, he says slowly in English. His voice, stripped of the affected intonation, is unexpectedly boyish.

Her summer program classes take place at a private university a few subway stops down from Kyoto station. High school, he corrects her in English. He meets her eyes steadily when he says those two words. She comes back again the next day and the next. Ever since that first off-script conversation they had, a tacit agreement has been reached. He no longer bothers performing his sonata. I take a shaky breath. And even after everything between us, I have to admit there is a tiny part of me that likes that Cassie feels like she needs me specifically.

Of course, there is one additional, teeny-tiny problem with this plan. Or really less of a problem, because that sounds like the kind of thing that can be worked around. This is more of a brick wall.

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It started with not being able to get myself to school, then having a hard time running errands in the car. Then just taking a walk was pretty uncomfortable. Like Dr. I am a full-on agoraphobic. Only three weeks in the making, but I am here to report that three weeks is plenty long enough for something to feel like the way you always were.

At some point during this Project Rescue Cassie discussion, I am going to have to give this problematic little tidbit some thought.

Kimberly McCreight YA debut The Outliers excerpt | jyhoxafi.cf

Like the text you got. It could be anybody. Maybe somebody stole her phone. And him being suspicious like that defi- nitely goes down in his not-guilty column. I turn back down to my phone. Are you pulling a Janice? An oldie, but a goodie. It makes me miss Cassie just thinking about it. She only stayed three short months before her parents moved on again, but Cassie and I had both really liked her. We had specific conversations about Jackie turning our two- some into a threesome.

That was, until we realized that Jackie lied about everything. Including stupid pointless things like the color of the socks she had on. It was hard not to feel bad for her. She must have really needed all those lies for something. U mean Jackie? No, not pulling a Jackie. Please, for now head north on Then take 93 north. More details 2 come.

Hurry, Wylie. Please, I need you. I could call Karen, tell her that Cassie has gotten herself into some mess again. Or I could be the friend that Cassie has asked me to be: someone she can trust. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Isabella Biedenharn. Popular in Article.

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