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Oaths, revenge quests, deceits, out-maneuverings, bloody confrontations and plenty of scathing commentary on the Church. Doesn't get better than this. I was worried 11 might just be too much for me and maybe I'd be over it.

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Not even close. Oct 12, Mark Halse rated it it was amazing.

The best Uhtred book in a dog's age! I've lately been disappointed in Uhtred books but this one redeems the last few. Cornwell gets back to basics in this book telling a Uhtred tale with all of its Saxony goodness. Jan 27, happy rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction-historical. On an off day, Mr. Cornwell still writes better historical fiction than most other authors on their best days. The plot of the novel can easily be divided into three parts. In the first part, Uthred receives a message to go to Chester on the other side of Northumbria and help relieve a siege of th On an off day, Mr.

In the first part, Uthred receives a message to go to Chester on the other side of Northumbria and help relieve a siege of the city by a rebellious Mercian Lord. As always with Mr. Cornwell, the battle sequence when he gets there is very well done. Few other writers can put the reader into a Shield Wall like Mr. Of course, Uthred wants revenge and this leads to the final third of the novel.

This storyline is where the novels title comes from. His band are known as wolf-warriors and are exceptionally vicious. As with the rest of the series, Uthred distain for Christianity and most of the clergy is a prominent plot point. However, I thought it was not quite as strident as in previous entries in the series. All in all, I felt this was somewhere in the middle of the series as far as quality.

That said, nobody can bring a reader into the timeframe of a historical novel better than Mr. As always, the battle sequences are superb and the research excellent.

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The main problem I have with this is that the formula is beginning to wear a bit thin. No matter what the problems I had with the novel, it is still better than most of what is out there and in IMO is a solid 4 star read. This is the 11th book of the life of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. When I first started the book we were introduced to a little boy and now he is in his 60s. I absolutely love The Last Kingdom series.

It has been truly a journey reading the tale of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. His quest, his success, his setbacks, fights, loves, friendships, enemies. This is one of my favourite historical fiction series and Bernard Cornwell is one gifted author! Aug 08, Magic History rated it it was amazing. Uhtred is still riding against his enemies. He is now over sixty years old and a bit long in the tooth. The series never gets old. Cornwell makes allowances for his aging hero, putting him in the third line of the shield wall and letting the younger guys do much of the slaughter.

But it all rings true. Now that Uhtred has finally won back his home castle of Bebbanburg in book 10, he is forced to leave his home to defend Northumbria, the last of four countries destined to comprise Englaland. But Northumbria is still independent, and Uhtred plans on keeping it that way. Skoll has a scary sorceror whom he uses to frighten the oppostion. He also uses soldiers that consume henbane so they believe they are wolves —thus The War of the Wolf. They are crazed when they attack, and their bloodthirstyness scares off anyone who faces them.

Anyone except Uhtred, of course. Uhtred seems to get more savage as he grows older. This is clearly understandable, as death and fate continue to play with him. He and Sigtrygger form an alliance and together they find a way to keep Northumbria out of the hands of Skoll and King Edward, who wants to dissolve it. Aethelflaed died in the last book, so this book is a little thin of developed female characters, one of my few complaints about Cornwell.

Much has been made of Uhtred straddling two worlds — the English world and the Norse world, as well as the Christian world versus the pagan world. That struggle continues, with Uhtred always a little undecided on which side he falls. He seems to be placing more and more significance on omens as he grows older, so he remains pagan although born Christian. I can also complain this book seemed a little short. Still, Uhtred sniffs the winds of change and makes allowances in the War of the Wolf, for both his family and his soldiers.

Somehow I suspect he will die with his sword clutched in his hands. I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from Edelweiss. It goes on sale in October, Grade: A Dec 01, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. Uhtred of Bebbanburg is now over 60, and a savvy warrior to the bone.

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In this offering, Uhtred and his army fall for a ruse to keep him away from Northumbria. The city is able to fend him off, but not without sacrifice. Meanwhile, there are stirrings of a dynastic struggle in Wessex. Uhtred and Sigtryggr are being coerced into giving their oaths to Edward—but what happens when he dies? First, Uhtred and Sigtryggr need to defend Northumbria. There is plenty of action with medieval battle tactics and warfare. And his descriptions of the shield wall and hand-to-hand fighting are excellent. Nov 02, Lee Conley rated it really liked it. So, as soon as I heard about this next instalment, I immediately pre-ordered and eager awaited its arrival.

The book kicks off with Uhtred, Finan and his other warriors riding out from Bebbanburg to relieve a rebel siege on the burgh of Caester — the War of the Wolf By Bernard Cornwell I am a big fan of Bernard Cornwell and I consider his Saxon series with Uhtred of Bebbanburg some of his best work.

Mercia has now been swallowed by Wessex and Caester is now a West Saxon town, but Uhtred swore an oath, and so, he rides into the lands of his enemy to help an old friend. Wessex has conquered all of England except Northumbria and now an uneasy peace hangs over England. Still, Wessex eyes Northumbria greedily and it is only a matter of time before the Christian armies of Saxon Wessex march north, but first they must crush the rebellion in Mercia.

King Edward of Wessex is aging and has not got long left. Uhtred accompanies his son-in-law, the King of Northumbria, to a Witan in Wessex to ensure peace lasts. A Viking warlord who fancies himself a king is trying to take the throne for himself. Uhtred and the Northumbrians must return and march west to crush this pretender and do battle with his formidable Wolf Warriors and his deadly sorcerer, to avenge the loss of a precious loved one. Another great instalment in the Uhtred series, I very much recommend the entire series to be honest, Cornwell is a stunning writer.

These books are still one of the best historical fiction series out there and written by a true master of the genre. Thanks for reading Lee I received my copy free through Goodreads Giveaways. My husband has been reading this series and is thrilled to see this book show up at our house.

It may be a bit before I get my turn to read this one. He has loved this series, and it has been the most books he has read in years. Oct 13, Nazzarena rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction , letti-in-lingua. Uhtred never gets old. This exciting book is the 11th volume of "the Last Kingdom" series, which is also one of my favourite TV-series, featuring Uhtred of Bebbanburg, from the highly acclaimed author Bernard Cornwell.

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To read this story in a somewhat easier way the author has included and documented at the beginning of the book a list of Place Names, and there it also contains a well-drawn map of the areas which will play an important part in this tale. At the end of the book you'll notice a very well defined and expla This exciting book is the 11th volume of "the Last Kingdom" series, which is also one of my favourite TV-series, featuring Uhtred of Bebbanburg, from the highly acclaimed author Bernard Cornwell. At the end of the book you'll notice a very well defined and explained Historical Note concerning this tale of an England slowly in the making.

Story-telling is as always of a superb quality from this author, and all his characters, whether they are real historical or fictional, come all vividly to life within this story of kingship, power at court, deceit and great battle scenes. This tale is mainly set, according to the author see Historical Note , in the early AD s, but it starts off in AD just after the death and burial of the Lady of Mercia, Aethelflaed. The book is set into three parts, and part one is action-packed with a rebellion in Mercia, and it is there where Uhtred has been lured into by an unseen hand, but his presence there will make him become once more acquainted with Prince Athelstan who's holding Ceaster Chester for his father King Edward the Elder, who has taken Mercia for himself after winning East-Anglia to add it to the Kingdom of Wessex.

In part two, at the Witan of Tamweorthin Tamworth Uhtred and much more in particular his son-in-law, King Sigtryggr of Northrumbia, is tricked and humiliated into a marriage with the twin-sister of Athelstan, Eadgyth, after the death of his fictional wife Stiorra at the hands of the Vikings let by Skoll at Eoferwic York , and by stealth and cunning from his advisors King Edward appoints himself overlord of Northumbria and so making King Sigtryggr his Client-King.

Finally in part three Uhtred and Sigtryggr and their armies will meet up with Skoll and his army, and in captivating action-packed and fast-paced battle scenes the death of Stiorra, daughter of Uhtred and late wife of Sigtryggr will be avenged in a most bloody fashion at the Fortress of the Eagles.

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During these turbulent historical times it is very important for Uhtred of Bebbanburg to choose his path very sensibly and his friends wisely, for the old ways are fading slowly and Christianity is rising, and so Uhtred has to tread carefully as a father, politician and as a warrior into these winds of change. Very much recommended, for this is for certain a thrilling encounter, and one that I would like to call as: "A Fantastic Historical Uhtred Adventure"!

View all 5 comments. Oct 08, Ron rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , ebook , maps. Duty helps a little, and not letting down your comrades helps a lot, but really bravery is a kind of madness. Needed another editing to reduce the duplication. Starting near the end of this series is not recommended, but a new reader would have appreciated all the repetition; those who have read the preceding ten, not so much. The dialogue involving the latter recovered a star of rating. Nov 07, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: own-on-paper.

Less impressed with this book, then again just finished 3,, words by Steven Erikson and that could make anything pale by comparison. Unfortunately there was some repetitive information in the beginning, as if readers really can't hold a thought longer than a few pages. Having just finished I find myself thinking, was that it? So 4 stars in credit to past accomplishments and because, no matter what Bernard Cornwell writes a great book.

Unfortunately my very, very high expectations weren't me Less impressed with this book, then again just finished 3,, words by Steven Erikson and that could make anything pale by comparison. Unfortunately my very, very high expectations weren't met with this installment. Oct 14, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , historical. The series follows the violent, adventurous life of Uhtred of Bebbanburg born a Saxon but raised a Dane.

He had long dreamed of reclaiming Bebbanburg, the impregnable northern fortress treacherously taken from him by the uncle who sold him into slavery. Uhtred finally achieved that life goal in Flame Bearer and once again is lord of Bebbenburg. I was a bit worried that this would be Uhtred's last adventure, as age has slowed this once lethal warrior. But it hasn"t dulled his instincts, hes stil The series follows the violent, adventurous life of Uhtred of Bebbanburg born a Saxon but raised a Dane.

But it hasn"t dulled his instincts, hes still a master strategist, who measures situations and people and reacts with the same lethal skill that readers have come to expect, from this legendary warrior. The action is fast paced and Uhtred is still a fascinating character, cynical, determined but sadder and older.

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Cornwell does a wonderful job of recreating the harsh reality's of life, when a united England was only a dream of Wessex royalty. I love these books. They are bloody good stories and very well written. They are completely relevant to our current mess reminding us that Britain has always been a multicultural island with close ties to the rest of Europe. They have also helped me cope with life's ups and downs over the last few years. Thank you Mr Cornwall. Jan 15, Adam Lofthouse rated it liked it. The new Uhtred book? Three stars? Well, let me tell you.

It all started so well. The first chapter is so engaging, we cover so much plot and character development so quickly that you are sure its going to be another brilliant read. The prose is familiar and easy to read and follow, it draws you in as a reader and almost at once you feel at home. We begin with Uhtred being lured south to Mercia, in what he thinks is a res The new Uhtred book? We begin with Uhtred being lured south to Mercia, in what he thinks is a rescue mission.

In fact a new enemy has lured him from Northumbria, a Viking named Skoll who wishes to seize control of Eboracum and make himself king of Northumbria. Once this is established the plot just dissolved for me. The book seemed to have a very small cast, with very few characters getting their chance to spring from the pages and grab your attention. There is a lot of monologuing from Uhtred, who is now sixty years old.

I feel as though now king Alfred and Aethelflaed have died a certain amount of what made these books great has gone. I was captivated by the first six or seven, the last few have left me slightly underwhelmed. We are waiting for Edward to die, and the inevitable war of succession between his sons. Uhtred will pick a side, and sally on down to Wessex to make sure his man ends up on the throne. I hope the next one can regain some of the former magic. BC is such a tremendous author, and whilst this book is good and certainly entertaining in parts, it simply does not compare with the early books in the series.

Readers also enjoyed. About Bernard Cornwell. Bernard Cornwell. Cornwell was born in London in He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine. After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother's maiden n Cornwell was born in London in After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother's maiden name, Cornwell. Cornwell was sent away to Monkton Combe School, attended the University of London, and after graduating, worked as a teacher.

He attempted to enlist in the British armed services at least three times but was rejected on the grounds of myopia. He then joined Thames Television as editor of Thames News. He relocated to the United States in after marrying an American. Unable to get a green card, he started writing novels, as this did not require a work permit. As a child, Cornwell loved the novels of C. Forester, chronicling the adventures of fictional British naval officer Horatio Hornblower during the Napoleonic Wars, and was surprised to find there were no such novels following Lord Wellington's campaign on land.

Motivated by the need to support himself in the U. He named his chief protagonist Richard Sharpe, a rifleman involved in most major battles of the Peninsular War. Cornwell wanted to start the series with the Siege of Badajoz but decided instead to start with a couple of "warm-up" novels. These were Sharpe's Eagle and Sharpe's Gold , both published in Sharpe's Eagle was picked up by a publisher, and Cornwell got a three-book deal.

He went on to tell the story of Badajoz in his third Sharpe novel, Sharpe's Company , published in Cornwell and wife Judy co-wrote a series of novels, published under the pseudonym "Susannah Kells". In , he also published Redcoat , an American Revolutionary War novel set in Philadelphia during its occupation by the British. After publishing eight books in his ongoing Sharpe series, Cornwell was approached by a production company interested in adapting them for television.

The producers asked him to write a prequel to give them a starting point to the series.


They also requested that the story feature a large role for Spanish characters to secure co-funding from Spain. A series of contemporary thrillers with sailing as a background and common themes followed: Wildtrack published in , Sea Lord aka Killer's Wake in , Crackdown in , Stormchild in , and Scoundrel , a political thriller, in Cornwell's latest work, Azincourt , was released in the UK in October The protagonist is an archer who participates in the Battle of Agincourt, another devastating defeat suffered by the French in the Hundred Years War.

However, Cornwell has stated that it will not be about Thomas of Hookton from The Grail Quest or any of his relatives. Unfortunately the victims of this assault are completely out numbered, unarmed and utterly helpless to save themselves. A calculated and heavily funded campaign to create hysteria has been quite successful in motivating state and federal governments to create policy to annihilate a very small misunderstood population.

I am talking about wolves. In , wolves lost their federal protections in Idaho and Montana, and they enacted the first wolf hunting seasons. Deemed by a federal judge to be counter to the Endangered Species Act, wolves won back their protections temporarily. There is no justification to warrant such inhumanity towards any species, especially wolves. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID number