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What if your grief and guilt made you easier to hunt? The Ritual follows four friends—Luke, Phil, Hutch, and Dom—on a camping trip through Sweden, which they organize after one of their friends is murdered by two muggers in a convenience store.

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Luke was in the store with their dead friend; we see him cowering behind a shelf in flashback, watching helplessly as a mugger crushes his friend's skull. While avoiding the messy discussion of whether their buddy's death was Luke's fault, the guys come across a spooky cabin. The guys notice a headless effigy in the cabin's attic, and they nervously laugh, closing the door and vowing not to go in there again.

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But, this being a horror movie, seeing that creepy structure begins a chain of horrible events. When Luke Rafe Spall wakes up first, he finds Phil Arsher Ali naked on his knees in front of the effigy, sobbing with his hands stretched out toward it.

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The other guys have peed themselves in their sleep, and Luke has mysterious puncture wounds on his chest. Many legends and sagas were told.

If you would like to find out more about how the Vikings saw the world and about some of the main characters in the myths, take a look at the articles below. Are you playful like Idun, charismatic like Balder, a family lover like Freya or wise and sophisticated like Odin? Find your answer in our unique quiz! Skadi is a giantess, but became accepted by the gods of Asgard when she married the sea god Njord. Heimdall stands guard at all times, and with his sharp vision and incredible hearing he can see for a hundred miles and hear the growing sounds of grass.

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Freyja knows the art of predicting the future — prophecy — and she teaches Odin this magical art. Balder is the son of Odin and Frigg, and with his friendliness, gentleness and wisdom, he is loved by everyone in Asgard. Frigg is the Queen of Asgard and the highest of the goddesses. She is also the goddess of motherhood and marriage.

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The other gods get golden apples from her. Level 6 Contributor. Reviewed August 18, Write a Review Add Photo.

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