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  • Les passions : Cicéron, saint Thomas, Descartes, Hume (Hors collection) (French Edition).
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If the result happens to bring to mind particularly of-the-moment thoughts of anxiety, a sense of uncertainty, or fears of deportation, Russell says he didn't intend it to. Though, he's certainly open to that interpretation. Though Russell has a notable list of repeat players Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro among them in his feature work, including American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook , the short gave him a chance to work with new collaborators.

Pinto, Williams and Kuoth Wiel share the lead role, each of them playing mirroring versions of the main character, while Krasinski, Jack Huston and Sinqua Walls play three different versions of the film's main love interest. The film has a distinctive Hitchcockian-vibe to it, and there are references to surrealist art throughout.

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The experience also allowed Russell to try out new things as a filmmaker he was never able to before. Russell's next project is also a non-feature project.

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Enter: the Bechdel Test , a set of rules that help determine if a film portrays women in a non-sexist manner. The movie test originated with a comic strip by artist Alison Bechdel and simply asks three questions of its subjects: Does the film contain at least two women with names? Do they talk to each other? And is their conversation about something other than a dude?

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It sounds like a simple enough request that all movies should be able to pass with flying colors, but a surprising number fall flat. The entire original Star Wars trilogy, for one, only contains three female characters — and none of them ever say a word to each other. That said, there are plenty of films — and iconic ones, at that — that do pass the Bechdel Test.

  1. Tree of life (Histoire courte érotique t. 3) (French Edition).
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  4. Ahead, check out 11 classic movies that make the grade, as just one more reminder that they deserve to be watched again and again. In a world where the tragically flawed anti-hero is often portrayed as a man, characters like Regina George and Cady Heron were — and still are — altogether refreshing.

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    Women are at the forefront of the narrative in Bring It On , and each of the main characters is complex enough for us to understand their shortcomings while also seeing them grow. Bring It On is a rare film in that it manages to get its audience to root for multiple conflicting characters at the same time. There are many reasons to love The Princess Diaries — and one of them is that it totally passes the Bechdel Test.