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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview β€” Enguard Protectors by Nicole Snow. From Book 1: I'm SO over that gorgeous, scary, heartbreaking man who hates my guts.

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I'm just counting on him to save my life. Never, ever fall for your brother's hot older friend. I flunked the test the instant I laid eyes on Landon Strauss. Irresistibly alpha. He gave a damn like no one else did. His soul-searing eyes saw me, not just a nerd girl next From Book 1: I'm SO over that gorgeous, scary, heartbreaking man who hates my guts. His soul-searing eyes saw me, not just a nerd girl next door. I had my idol, my destiny, and names for our future kids picked. Then I read Landon's little black book. One nosy peek exposed the shock of a lifetime.

His confession. His pain.

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His plan. The sweet boy I loved was gone. Hero-turned-villain-turned-bad-memory overnight. Five years later, an insane slip of fate puts us under the same roof. Sweet closure, I think.

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I almost forget he hates me. I almost think we'll talk like normal adults. I don't expect the shirtless behemoth who comes barreling through my door. Landon's grown up. All snarls, testosterone, and lethal chemistry. We're in trouble, he says. Oh, Landon. Oh, baby, don't I know it? From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow - a tale of two hearts torn, stomped, and dragged through the mud.

An uber-alpha protector bent on reclaiming his nerd next door.

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Full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After worth a "hell yeah. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition. More Details Friend Reviews.

Enguard Protectors (2 Book Series)

Materials needed: Fabric, any kind will do. Hot Glue gun and Glue. Some kind of binding unit. Hook and loops, Velcro, etc. Backbone unit. Magnets Cut pieces of White board. First thing you need to do is measure your book. After cutting lay your fabric design down and measure how far across then cut more then needed.

When you made a triangle from the ends, glue a magnet to the middle of the triangle. Then take the top fold it over the magnet and glue in place. Now this is the absolute hardest part of the project. What you nee to do is put your book in the case, close it up, and put the other fastener on. Now if you chose magnet like I did, read carefully. You need to put the magnet over the enclosed magnet, fold the book in the case, and trace the outer magnet. Next you need to take the magnet, put some glue on it, tuck it under the pocket and glue it to the frame by the circle you marked.

You got that? Now that the hard part is out of the way, time to make the strip that will secure the book.

Enguard Protectors (2 Book Series) by Nicole Snow

First, measure a piece longer than needed. Next, fold the current piece in thirds, long ways. Now glue it to the main frame. Picture 3. Now to make this thing start to look nice. Cut a piece, say it with me now, "bigger than you need it to be" and fold the all the edges over. Measure the right size you need it to be, and glue in place, but leave a gap near the strip.

Now put the book in the case and measure the strip and cut off the excess. Glue it in place and seal the hole from earlier. I glued the strip totally down to make sure it doesn't move. In conclusion the end product looks very nice and well made.

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Please be sure to comment! If you want you can take this design tweak it some then post an Instructable, just be sure to credit me! My manga tend to get a little roughed up if I take them places, like my most recent victims, Gyo 1 and 2 which were my favorites. Unfortunately, the corners get all gunky, pages flip over, covers bend backwards, and the beautiful, matte black cover turns to a disgusting, barely held together sheath for the pages inside.

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. It always seems when I lend someone a book, it ends up looking like they beat a puppy with it. Tends to happen.

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I remember the first puppy I beat with manga. His name was Sam, and I used Vagabond the second book in the series. The blood from the canine's head really enhanced the gory effects of the samurai action.