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Made with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, all the toppings, and creamy Caesar dressing! A fast whole30 and paleo family dinner recipe for meal prep.

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Check out those crispy bacon bites, jammy eggs, grilled lemon herb chicken, and homemade dressing! We eat hamburgers with extra mustard, juicy watermelon, and loads of potato salad in the sunshine and watch the planes fly overhead. After stuffing ourselves and waving sparklers in the lawn after dark, we pile on the grass overlooking the bay and watch fireworks explode across the ocean. Things have changed since we were little, but we are still going to watch fireworks tonight- just not by the ocean. Instead, we will be sharing an oversized bucket of cinnamon sugar popcorn from the hood of our car next to a thousand other people.

Whole30 Vegan Sweet Potato Falafel. Grilled Garlic Lime Fajita Salad. Add eggs and cook for 7 minutes minutes for hard boiled , then transfer to an ice bath and cool before peeling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Are you ready for the salads of all salads? Good olive oil dressing, nuts and avocados are all great additions. To start off with, I wanted to share some of my own salad recipes. As is my super simple tinned sardines salad with shaved zucchini and grilled peppers in citrusy dressing, with a few pumpkin seeds for extra vitamin E. Great flavours too. And finally, the egg and radish salad with creamy dressing is a recipe from my childhood.

Some of these I have actually tried. Madras Chicken Salad. Anti-cancer Eastern Dragon Salad. Sticky Sesame Chicken Salad. Reply Nikki April 4, at pm Thanks, Stefanie! Reply Stefanie April 12, at pm Thank you so much! Reply Kristin April 8, at am How many servings does this generally make? Reply Anthony April 11, at pm Do you happen to know the nutritional facts with this? Reply Nikki April 12, at pm Anthony — I use myfitnesspal for calculating nutritional facts on recipes…when I plug this into the app it comes to about calories per one-cup serving. Reply Marci April 14, at pm How many servings does this make?

Want to make sure I have enough for my lunches next week? Reply Nikki April 16, at pm Hi Marci, the recipe makes about 8 cups. Happy meal prepping! Reply Cathy Knudtson August 11, at pm I just downloaded this app!

Can you guide me to where to start calculating recipe facts?? Reply Cathy Knudtson August 14, at am Thanks! Reply Colleen May 9, at pm This recipe is amazing. Reply Nikki May 10, at pm Thanks, Colleen! SO glad you and your family enjoyed the recipe! Reply Darla June 4, at pm Is there an alternative for the dates??

Reply KK January 8, at pm Did you substitute with honey? How much did you use? Reply Beb June 4, at pm What is coconut aminos? Reply Nikki June 5, at pm Beb — coconut aminos are a soy-free alternative to soy sauce, made from the sap of coconut blossoms. Reply Lisa June 18, at pm This was so good! Reply Nikki June 19, at pm Thanks, Lisa! So glad you enjoyed it!! Reply Kristine July 27, at pm Would the amount be the same if using soy sauce? Reply Nikki August 7, at am Yes, they are an equal swap! Reply Jessilyn August 9, at pm This was so delicious and perfect for my first week in whole30!

Kale Salad with Chicken, Caramelized Onions, and Hot Bacon Dressing {Paleo}

Reply Nikki August 14, at am Hi Jessilyn! Reply Julie Martin August 17, at pm This is our new favorite. Reply Pam October 2, at pm Love love love this!!! Reply Nikki October 3, at am Hi Pam — the rule of thumb for cooked chicken is days. Reply Emily December 28, at pm Is sesame oil on the whole 30? Reply Nikki December 28, at pm Yes, sesame oil is allowed!

Reply Susan June 11, at pm While this looks delicious, sesame oil is on the list of oils to avoid on Whole 30 — see p. Reply Melisa January 4, at pm Wow this was good. Reply Nikki January 5, at am Thanks, Melisa! Reply Kate January 8, at am Thank you for the recipe—it was delicious!

Reply Nikki January 8, at pm Thank you, Kate! Pineapple…what a great idea!! Reply Ann-Marie Wahlberg January 15, at am how many servings are in this recipe? Reply Nikki January 15, at pm Ann-Marie — roughly 8 one-cup servings. Reply Nikki January 16, at am You could try apple cider vinegar in place of the rice vinegar.

Reply Amanda January 19, at pm This recipe is a true gem! Reply Nikki January 19, at pm Thanks, Amanda! So glad to hear it! Reply Sonja February 5, at pm Amazing! Love the salad dressing. Reply Brenda February 10, at pm Is rice vinegar allowed on Whole 30? Reply Nikki March 13, at am The recipe makes approximately 8 cups total, so I chose to break down the nutritional analysis based on a 1 cup serving. Reply Whole day 1 — everydayandi April 6, at pm […] peppers and chicken with an Asian-style dressing salad and dressing mostly followed from Tasty Thin.

Reply Sarah April 23, at pm It was a good thing that I was alone when I had this for lunch because I licked my bowl clean. Reply Nikki April 23, at pm Sarah — thanks for the awesome review! Reply Diane May 4, at am Thank you so much for this recipe……. Reply Nikki May 6, at pm Thanks, Diane! Reply Mary May 31, at pm There must be a rice vinegar that is sugar-free, because I just pulled my bottle out of the cabinet, and it definitely has 5g of sugar, and unfortunately it is from High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Reply Nikki June 1, at am Mary — Yes, there is!

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  • 16 Paleo Salad Recipes | Paleo Leap.
  • Paleo Salad Recipes | Paleo Leap.

I use Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar. Zero sugar!

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Reply Nikki June 25, at am Thanks, Kath!! Reply Kim August 7, at am Agree with so many others — this salad was amazing! Reply Nikki August 7, at pm Thanks, Kim!! Reply Nikki August 27, at am Hey Olivia — I would start with a teaspoon or two, then taste it and add more to your liking! Reply Janessa October 23, at pm Holy Hell this is a great salad.

Reply Nikki October 23, at pm Hey Janessa — thanks for taking the time to leave a rating and review! Reply Karen October 31, at pm Just made this for lunch. Reply Nikki October 31, at pm Thanks, Karen! So happy you enjoyed it! Reply Amanda November 26, at pm This looks delicious and is delicious! Reply Nikki November 26, at pm Thanks, Amanda! It is addictive! Reply Nikki January 1, at am Thanks, Shannon!!

Happy New Year!

45 Nutritious & Filling Paleo Salad Recipes

Reply Gen Gaus January 17, at pm This is my new favorite salad! Reply Liz January 25, at pm Nikki, this salad was delicious! Reply Nikki January 26, at pm Thank you so much, Liz!!