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He lands back on Earth, still screaming, in his home, to an alternate reality where his daughter is alive and waiting for him and, as we hear on the TV, the viral plague is still sweeping earth. And then… the credits. Talk about a cliffhanger!

Mission One of Auggie the Alien

Do the people aboard the Nightflyer survive the reboot? Do they go to their own alternate realities when they meet up with the Volcryn? Do they even meet the Volcryn? However, I had the opportunity to hop on the phone with writer and showrunner Jeff Buhler to chat about the finale and pick his brain a bit in the hopes of making sense of it all.

So we just looked for stuff coordinated with the theme. And then of course, in trying to make the show as scary, unpredictable, and exciting as possible, many of those story lines then took on lives of their own, as they tend to do.

I love what you guys did with Eris and putting a new spin on his true forms. In the book we know the mystery centers around whether or not Royd Eris is a real person. He only appears as a hologram, and we wanted to dispel that notion so that we could add another layer to the reveal of his true physical form.

And so we added an interim step, a synthetic body that he then uses. So in the series… we have three presentations of Royd Eris.

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It was really fun working with David Ajala. He was — I was concerned. He was so excited about how he physically portrayed Eris when he was a projection and how he portrayed Eris when he was in his physical form on the ship, and then later we did a lot of motion capture work with him and design work which then our VFX studio to help create the final physical form, which was a lot of work as you can tell.

Tell me about your decision to leave the finale on such a cliffhanger. So we kind of want to wrap things around him in that elliptical way in terms of plot structure.

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But Murph's totally normal abilities might just be what the world needs. Because not far away is a great big bad guy who is half man and half wasp, and his mind is abuzz with evil plans. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this laugh-out-loud story proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Karma Khullar is about to start middle school, and she is super nervous.

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Not just because it seems like her best friend has found a newer, blonder best friend. Or the fact that her home life is shaken up by the death of her dadima. Or even that her dad is the new stay-at-home parent, leading her mother to spend most of her time at work. With everyone around her focused on other things, Karma is left to figure out what to make of her terrifyingly hairy surprise all on her own. Amina has never been comfortable in the spotlight. She is happy just hanging out with her best friend, Soojin.

Or hiding who she is to fit in? While Amina grapples with these questions, she is devastated when her local mosque is vandalized. In , twelve-year-old Cal must stop being a hobo with his father and go to a Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school, where he begins learning about his history and heritage as a Creek Indian.

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In the first book of the Craftily Ever After chapter book series, a new student gets between best friends Emily and Maddie—and changes the meaning of their friendship bracelets! They each have unique talents, too!

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Emily is great at constructing and building; Maddie has an eye for fashion, fabrics, and sewing; Bella is a gadget whiz; and Sam is a gifted artist. In the first Craftily Ever After book, best friends Emily and Maddie are so close that they spend most of their free time together, and wear matching friendship bracelets, too! Maddie immediately befriends her, discovering that she too is really crafty.

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With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Craftily Ever After chapter books are perfect for emerging readers. In the first book of the Alien Next Door series, an alien boy named Zeke tries to fit in and adjust to life on Earth, while a classmate, Harris, suspects that Zeke might not be quite what he claims to be. Zeke the alien is on his way to his first day of school, feeling down because he has to start over again on a new planet, as his scientist parents constantly move to wherever their research takes them.

When he gets to school, no one seems to notice anything strange or different about him except Harris, a kid obsessed with science fiction and aliens. Harris sees Zeke doing extraordinary things but can't convince anyone, least of all his best friend, Roxy, that Zeke might be an alien.

Roxy just thinks Harris is jealous that she's becoming friends with Zeke.

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But when Roxy invites Zeke over to Harris's house, will Harris find a way to prove that he's right? Have a suggestion for a book to add to this list? Written by R. Thoughts from The Fun Uncle. Lost and Found. The last time I was this disappointed in a television series was Heroes: Reborn. And while Nightflyers is a much better show—though, to be fair, The Happening was better entertainment than the Heroes revival—that heavy weight of disappointment is mirrored in Nightflyers. Surprisingly enough, the finale comes close to recapturing the good, strong narrative anticipation created in those first few episodes.

Aside from her constant drivel about the volcryn infecting her ship, she offers no real explanation to her desires to destroy the aliens.

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Cynthia has Auggie by the short hairs, so of course, the spineless cockroach executes her wishes. Thankfully he gets a rude awakening when, after Karl takes the pod to make contact with the volcryn, Cynthia shows her true colors: she cares for no one and nothing but her legacy. Roy, Auggie, the Nightflyer crew…they are just pawns on a board for her to use as she sees fit. She, like several characters Auggie included having nothing compelling about them as they lack any redeeming qualities. One of those not included in that is Roy Eris.