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He believes that in a business, employees, clients, shareholders, and suppliers all need to benefit commensurately to the benefits generated by the business. In the process, the society at large should feel a positive impact as well, and the environment should not be negatively impacted. Select Format Softcover. Tantric Impact. Book Details.

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Petra Coach , Andy Bailey is a business leader and serial entrepreneur who coaches other entrepreneurs and businesses to success. The idea of clearing one's mind isn't exactly a breakthrough. As a young business owner back in the early days, I discovered the powerful effect that clearing my mind could have on my decision-making and creativity.

By no coincidence, it was also around that time that paddleboarding became my hobby. See, I was spending a lot of time with my family at our home on the Gulf Coast of Florida. In an effort to take greater advantage of our surroundings and find some time to myself, I bought a paddleboard and took it out for a maiden voyage.

The activity is not only beneficial because of its positive effects on your core strength and balance, but also because it allows you to experience soothing surroundings devoid of distracting noises or movement. In , I sold my business, which I started in college and grew into a successful organization. Any entrepreneur will tell you ahead of the process that selling your company will be an exciting time, but also a terrifying one.

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Once the sale wrapped and I was ready for whatever my next phase of life would be, I recognized — and was invigorated by — the fear of the unknown. During that year-long recess, I paddleboarded — a lot.

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I made a conscious effort to keep my mind clear and open, and each time on the board, I left worry and anxiety behind. I realized then just how crucial my head-clearing trips had been to my overall approach to my career up to that point. It was during this paddleboarding sabbatical that I came up with the idea for my next company, where I now get to share my successes and mistakes with other entrepreneurs all over the country looking to improve their businesses and themselves.

Had I been actively engaged in another project or overwhelmed with deciding my next step, I may not have had my breakthrough.

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And then it hit me: These types of mindfulness activities should be a habit for all entrepreneurs. But people need a respite from constant mental processing in order to put groundbreaking ideas into action and achieve measurable results. Below are my three rules on how to do it:.