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Del Mito a la Razón

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Bunge, F. Halbwachs, T.

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John Winnie, ed. XI, n?

Carlos Santiago Nino: a bibliography

Stephen P. Schwartz, ed. Arthur W. George S. Pappas and Marshall Swain, eds. John S. Earman and John J. Stachel, eds. Ricardo J. Reviewed in English. Richard Swinburne, ed. Mayr and G. Wolfgang Balzer, David A. Pearce and Heinz-Juergen Schmidt, eds. Arthur Fine, The Shaky Game. Joseph Agassi, Science and Society. Studies in the Sociology of Science , Dordrecht Philosophia , Asim O. Nicanor Ursua Lezaun et al. Madrid She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Western Africa, particularly about traditional authorities and local power in Guinea-Bissau from till She is currently conducting research on gender and global health issues.

She has experience as international evaluator and advisor. His initial formation is in Social and Cultural Anthropology. In he directed an independent research documentary entitled Waalo Waalo. His research has focused such areas as development, resource management, access to land, social history, migration, ICTs, youth, gender, intergenerational relations, social values and representations, and gender-based violence, violence against women, female genital mutilation and human rights.

California, USA, Her current interests are on clinical work with clients of migrant backgrounds, and from ethnic, religious and sexual minorities i. She works on Mental Health, Diversity and Multiculturalism, as well as clinical individual and cultural diversity competences. Her areas of expertise have been developed around migrations, refugees, health and human rights. She has created and participated in national and international projects on these areas, both as researcher and coordinator. She also teaches and coordinates a human rights and refugees speciality course; and supervises several Master and PhD students working on migrant populations health issues, refugees and women refugees in Portugal.

Her career has been heavily focused on project management in international cooperation for development. Since October , she is in charge of accountability, economic reporting and strategic counselling for Wassu Foundation. She has carried out research on youth and music in Equatorial Guinea and on mixed youth and social cohesion in Catalonia Spain. Since she is in charge to give support to the research projects and assistance to the Coordinator of the Foundation.

Maya Pellicciari Anthropologist, senior researcher and trainer. Field of activity: medical anthropology. Member of FC Board. Sabrina Flamini Anthropologist, senior researcher and trainer. Field of activity: public health, medical anthropology.

[Administration: practices, myths and ideologies].

Current main working areas: FGM, gender and body practices, mental health and political aspects, education policies and learning difficulties. Carlotta Bagaglia Anthropologist, senior researcher. Current main working areas: FGM, users needs analysis and access to public health services in particular in the emergency area , facilitation of workshops and mediation activities in the field of social care.