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The Walker Library has hosted numerous world leaders from business, government, science, medicine, the arts and education as part of Mr. Walker has partnered with the World Economic Forum in Davos to develop enhanced communications systems between business and governments.

He has testified before the U. Congress on economic policy and on how to reform the patent system. He is widely sought as a speaker by business groups, nonprofits and the academic community. In , Mr.

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The power of asking "what if? The Power of Imagination in Innovation Imagination is not only the source of all art and culture; in business it is also the source of most competitive advantages. Innovating the Future If you want to understand successful innovation, ask someone who thinks, breathes and lives it. Learn more about Jay Walker Follow. Featured News. Watch the interview. Jay Walker shares 10 'superforces' of the business future.

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Paul Walker’s Daughter Has Grown Up Now, And She’s Paid Tribute To Her Dad In The Most Inspiring Way

Tweets by twitterScreenName. In Walker began a managing and coaching career that would keep him in professional ball for nearly three more decades. When St. Louis owner August Busch Jr. The executives portrayed Walker as a good cop to wash away the memory of the belligerent, unpopular Stanky. Taking over on May 28, Walker inherited a promising young club. But the pitching was atrocious, and the Cardinals finished seventh with a record. Busch hired a new general manager, Frank Lane , who brought in Fred Hutchinson as manager. Walker went back to the farm system to manage Double-A Houston for the next three years and add to his resume.

He rejoined the Cardinals in as a coach under another new manager, Solly Hemus. Walker had earned a reputation as a master teacher of hitting. Critics complained that he wanted all hitters to be like him, punching singles to the opposite field. He insisted that only a few sluggers should try to uppercut and pull the ball. Those who profited from his instruction swore by him. Hemus, a raucous imitation Stanky, was no more successful than his role model. When he was fired in , Johnny Keane got the job.

Harry "Tuffy" Supply Walker

When Danny Murtaugh resigned as Pittsburgh manager after the season, Walker campaigned for the job. Having talked his way into the job, Walker proceeded to talk his way out. After the quiet Murtaugh, the motormouth new manager was a shock to the Pirates. Mazeroski missed the first three weeks of with a broken foot, and Clemente was weak from a winter bout of malaria.

When the club opened the season , Walker erupted and ripped the players for a defeatist attitude. He benched Clemente for a rest, and the prickly superstar threw a tantrum of his own, demanding to be traded. At a peacemaking breakfast, Clemente and Walker found common ground over their love of hitting.

Clemente was a sensitive man who felt he was disrespected because of his Puerto Rican heritage; Walker recognized that he needed special handling. He took every opportunity to praise Clemente, calling him the best player in baseball, and they became friends. They thought the manager was too quick to bark at everyone else, even humiliating them in front of their teammates. Walker levied automatic fines for bonehead plays, then rescinded them after an angry clubhouse meeting.

The club got hot, and players and manager reached an uneasy truce. Winning can turn frowns into smiles. Following their sorry start, the Pirates played better than. After the season center fielder Bill Virdon retired at 34, reportedly to get away from Walker. Another unhappy Buc, pitcher Bob Friend , was traded after 15 years with the team. A pound left-handed hitter, the year-old Dominican came to Pittsburgh with a.

Harry Walker | Obituary | Vancouver Sun and Province

Walker gave him a heavier bat and urged him to slap the ball to left field and use his speed to beat out bunts — in short, to hit just like Harry Walker. Alou spoke poor English, so Clemente reinforced the message in Spanish. Alou led the league in with a. While advising Alou to cut down his swing, Walker told Clemente the team needed him to hit for more power.

Clemente responded with a career-high 29 home runs and RBIs. He won his only Most Valuable Player award in Pittsburgh held on to first place as late as September 10, and the manager appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Pirates hung in the race until the final week. The club won 92 games to finish third again, just three behind first-place Los Angeles. While the players were still split between those who respected the manager and those who wanted to strangle him, Walker had handled a diverse roster without any reports of racial or ethnic strife.

His biggest boosters were two Latinos, Clemente and Alou. With the team in sixth place on June 30, GM Brown called a meeting and told the players to look at themselves instead of griping about the manager. Seventeen days later Brown fired Walker. Walker had no time for a vacation.

Astros manager Grady Hatton had been his teammate in Cincinnati. But he did need baseball. Eleven months later Walker succeeded Hatton as manager. The Astros were in last place and had lost six straight when he took over on June 18, The club was rich in young talent — Joe Morgan out for the year with a knee injury , Jimmy Wynn , Rusty Staub , Larry Dierker — but fans and the front office were beginning to wonder if the kids were overrated; they were still losing, after all. They finished behind their expansion brethren, the Mets, for the first time. The unmarried players were locked in a dorm at midnight.

Each man had to run a mile in six minutes every day. The owner, Judge Roy Hofheinz, was never a patient man and was tired of waiting for a winner. Making matters worse, the Astros stumbled to a start in Just as quickly, they about-faced and took off on a run to catapult themselves into a close race for the Western Division lead. It was the first year of division play. But once again, Walker seemed to face a crisis a week as players bridled at his strict discipline, loud criticism, and nonstop talking.

Caught out of his own time in the turbulent s, he confronted a generation of players who were less willing to heed the wisdom of their elders, the lessons he had learned from his brother and Terry Moore. When the veteran pitcher Jim Bouton was traded to Houston in August, he found that many of his new teammates thought the manager was a colossal pain and a buffoon. On September 10 the Astros stood just 2 games out of first place in the division.

Then they swooned, dropping six in a row, to finish fifth at But it was the first time the franchise had reached. When the Astros started slowly in , press reports said the manager was on his way out. The Astros put up an identical record in Judge Hofheinz gave Walker another year. He and outfielder Jimmy Wynn engaged in several shouting matches. Pitcher Don Wilson had to be restrained from attacking the manager. The harshest verdict came from second baseman Joe Morgan. After the season the Astros traded him to Cincinnati, where he turned into one of the greatest all-around players in history.

Walker was the first Houston manager to last three full seasons. It was a different Houston team. The club had routinely been last in the league in home runs, but in the long ball output nearly doubled. The Astros were on their way to the best season in their history. They were still in second place, but had dropped 9 games back on August Walker was fired that day. GM Richardson hoped Durocher could conjure a late-season miracle, as he had with the Giants. No miracle this time. The Astros, under Walker, went for Durocher and finished third. Few employees love their bosses all the time, but Walker had had too many public scraps with too many players.

At 53, he had turned into a tiresome curmudgeon who railed against working mothers, welfare Cadillacs, and people too lazy to get a job. He criticized players for slapping palms instead of shaking hands after home runs. He never managed in pro ball again. He rejoined the Cardinals organization as a hitting instructor and scout. In the University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB , 30 miles from his home, hired him to create a varsity baseball program. Walker posted a record of during eight seasons before he retired in His number 32 was the first UAB baseball jersey to be retired.

He stayed close to the university as an adviser and host of an annual fundraising golf tournament. His three daughters and grandchildren lived nearby. In Dot Walker began chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer. The year-old Walker had suffered a stroke during the night and died three weeks later, on August 8, A Philadelphia writer, Stan Baumgartner, is generally credited with coining the nickname in That is wrong. Newspaper stories during his playing and managing career give his correct age.

The mistake appears to have been introduced into the records in the s.


Walker said he was born in , and census and military records agree. September 22, , is the birth date on his gravestone. Larry Powell, who recorded extensive interviews with Walker for the book cited above, confirmed that the gravestone is correct. Telephone interview by the author, April 15,