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When he heard the songs he was really surprised. This is not metal. What are these parts? This is like hardcore. Nicke sang on Clandestine and tried to model his vocals after Sindrome singer Troy Dixler.

We really wanted to challenge ourselves and play to the peak of our ability and maybe a little above and we were really inspired by bands like Atheist and Morbid Angel. I think us really pushing our playing ability is what brings that energy and struggle to the album. It sounds like it could just fall apart at any time, but I like that about it.


We spent two weeks to record the album, which was twice as long as we had for Left Hand Path. The idea for the record started while we were touring for our [] album Clandestine and after seeing the Clive Barker movie Night Breed Nicke had an idea for the Hollowman track. The record was a reaction to Clandestine, which was really technical and challenging to make, but it was even harder to play on tour.

Music | Entombed

At first, there were versions of the songs that more complex. Demon, for example, had a whole middle part that featured another five riffs that could have been off Clandestine. That gave us more of the vocal sound we were used to hearing. When I finally got the finished version of Wolverine Blues, I listened to it on repeat.

As Cederlund stated in the interview, there is no word on who will be the vocalist and bassist for these shows.

ENTOMBED To Record First New Album Since 2007

Like I said we have been re-recording old stuff to see how we sound today — and we like it. Time is flying faster as I get older and I would love to be part of a new Entombed album.

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First, though, we must focus on the shows. On the outs is long time singer L. Petrov, who has since released two records under the Entombed A. Petrov recently lost a legal battle against Hellid, who had filed for a trademark for Entombed branded spirits. Nihilist recorded a number of demos between and i. Of particular note, the Only Shreds Remain demo, recorded over the course of two days in December at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm with producer Tomas Skogsberg, was perhaps the first death metal recording from Scandinavia to circulate widely among the underground metal tape-trading network that at the time was comprised almost exclusively of British and American bands.

While opening for the Lee Dorian-fronted lineup of Napalm Death in Stockholm, Nihilist gave one of their demo tapes to a representative of Earache Records.

4. To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth (1997)

Impressed, the label later offered the band a recording contract. Meanwhile, bassist Johnny Hedlund left Nihilist after the Drowned demo in August , subsequently forming Unleashed , another Scandinavian metal pioneer. Nihilist disbanded after Hedlund's departure; with little hesitation, however, the remaining members -- Andersson drums , Hellid guitar , Cederlund guitar , and Petrov vocals -- then chose to re-form as Entombed.

With bassist David Blomqvist taking the place of Hedlund, the rejuvenated band returned to Sunlight Studios and recorded the But Life Goes On demo on September 23, , once again working with producer Tomas Skogsberg. Shortly thereafter, Entombed was back at Sunlight working with Skogsberg, this time on their debut album for Earache , Left Hand Path , which was comprised largely of reworked Nihilist songs. Bassist Lars Rosenberg joined the lineup after the completion of the album, on which Andersson and Cederlund were co-credited with bass.

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However, when it came time to record Clandestine , Entombed's second album, drummer Nicke Andersson assumed the vocal duties; he also wrote the bulk of the album, earning sole or co-credit for each song. For purposes of touring, the band recruited another vocalist, former Carnage bassist Johnny Dordevic.

Yet by the time Entombed embarked on the Gods of Grind tour a showcase of Earache bands also including Carcass , Cathedral , and Confessor in fall , Petrov had reclaimed his membership as the band's vocalist. With Petrov back in the lineup, the high-profile Gods of Grind tour behind them, and two acclaimed albums to their name, Entombed went about working on their third album, Wolverine Blues Once again written largely by Andersson, Wolverine Blues proved a significant departure from Entombed's previous efforts.

ENTOMBED - Clandestine - Live at Malmö (DVD) Full Show

Secondly, the band adopted more traditional verse-chorus-verse songwriting structures with memorable hooks, and the vocals were comprehensible. These changes clearly set Entombed apart from their death metal peers, but the absolutely brutal delivery of the music, especially the signature buzzsaw guitars and Petrov's menacing vocals more yelling than growling , also set the band apart from the mainstream. Moreover, Earache had aligned itself with Columbia Records , a partnership that provided indie cred with major-label distribution.

Released in two versions, one a Marvel Comics promotion featuring Wolverine from X-Men, Wolverine Blues sharply divided fans upon its release.