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There are today, more than ever, very f ine young players, but I am interested in those that really communicate and take risks. Tonight is an example of four such outstanding performers. Exploring Chopin and Schumann Ensemble celebrates the th anniversary of the birth of two great composers: Chopin and Schumann with a weekend of concerts.

This weekend revisit these celebrated pieces and discover some lesser-known gems. Wednesday 8 December, 7. See page 23 for more information about this concert. Chopin wrote this, his only piano trio before he was twenty years old, infusing the piece with a sense of youthful exuberance. Pre-concert Talk, 6. FREE event. It opens with restlessness and passion before moving on to the serenity of the second movement and the energetic and agitated third. It is a piece full of youthfulness, joy and passion.

When most people think of a barcarolle, this one by Chopin immediately springs to mind. The lyrical theme is heard over a lilting rhythm, as if sailing on water, evoking songs sung by Venetian gondaliers. Hindemith wrote a sonata for nearly every orchestral instrument, including this Horn Sonata and a Bassoon Sonata, which can be heard on Saturday 11 December. Each is carefully written to suit the character and qualities of the instrument. In the case of the Horn Sonata this writing features broad, soaring melodies. The Thun Sonata is so nicknamed because Brahms wrote it whilst in the town of the same name in Switzerland.

It is indeed a piece full of passionate and expressive tunes. Or are you into music technology and production? Or be part of the sound engineering team running, recording and producing the session. Limited spaces available. Contact Polly Ives for more information on or polly musicintheround. Concert: FREE on the door. There will be the chance to see the exhibition Restless Times: Art in Britain before and after the performance. Exploring Chopin and Schumann: Benjamin Frith Continuing our celebration of the music of Chopin on the th anniversary of his birth, Benjamin Frith performs some of the music that Chopin was loved for above all else: piano music.

Although this was his best-known genre, Chopin only wrote four piano sonatas. The majority of his output for piano was miniatures such as preludes, mazurkas, and polonaises, some favourite examples of which are heard here. His famous Op. Prelude in C sharp minor Op. Brass Masterclass with Naomi Atherton Ensemble horn player Naomi Atherton leads this masterclass for young musicians who play any brass instrument at approximately Grade 5 or above.

Participants perform a piece and receive encouragement and advice on their playing. Naomi is a member of Ensemble and has also been principal horn of Manchester Camerata and Northern Chamber Orchestra for many years as well as playing guest principal in many other leading orchestras and ensembles. Take part! To apply or for more information contact Chloe Miller Smith on or chloe musicintheround. Before I knew anything. Before I was anything. View Results. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window.

By SOD. Filed Under: All My Children. Phyllis swore that all she wanted was to leave Genoa City, since there was a whole world out there where no one knew her name. Adam had never known her to run away, and he pointed out that she had friends and family there. She bemoaned that everyone thought of her as the bad guy, even though she was a monster of their own making. Adam presented Phyllis with a bacon sandwich, and she was surprised to find it strangely delicious.

She asked how things were going for him, embracing his status as an unwelcome outsider. She imagined that in Vegas, he hadn't had his father breathing down his neck or making demands, and no one had tattled to the entire town about his transgressions. Adam called Genoa City a "paradise for pariahs" and contended that Phyllis had nothing to lose, since everyone already hated her and had been conditioned to expect the worst.

He implied that a smart person would stick around and revel in the power of being a lawbreaking troublemaker. Adam added that she could own that town, and all she had to do was reach out and grab it. Adam told Phyllis about his days as Spider, and she hoped she wasn't one of his flies. He praised her for being too smart to get caught in a web, but he felt otherwise about Nick and Victoria.

Phyllis warned that Adam was underestimating them, but Adam shared that he'd presented them with a once-in-a-lifetime trade. He explained the terms of his offer to walk away from Newman and leave town, and she questioned whether he'd really thought Nick would hand over his son. Adam hissed that Christian was his son, Nick refused to face the truth, and Victor thought they should compromise. Phyllis inquired about Victoria, and Adam indicated that Victoria would do anything to get him out of the line of succession.

Phyllis cautioned that no one ever won when going against the Newman front, but Adam bragged that he'd gotten two out of three of his demands -- money and Chelsea's contact information. He glumly confided that Chelsea had remarried and that her new husband had adopted Connor, and Phyllis expressed her condolences. Adam declared that it was enough about him, and he wanted to hear who was on Phyllis' hit list.

Phyllis empathized with Adam because she knew exactly what it was like to find something that meant everything to her, only to have it snatched away. She mentioned that she'd been CEO of Jabot, and he remarked that he would have loved to see that. She called it one of the best times of her life when the board had elected her over Billy and Jack, and she'd taken over the company at an all-time low after Billy had been embezzling and Ashley had run off to Paris with Jabot's patents.

Phyllis proudly recalled that she'd turned things around, and things had been electric until Ashley had sent in a Trojan horse in the guise of a chemist who had spied on them and stolen the patents for their new products. Phyllis spat that she'd been the one who'd paid the price, since she'd been let go without severance, and Jack had later ripped off her idea to start her own accessories line. She confided that she'd gotten back at him by copying Jabot Collective's logo and duplicating the products to offer them at bargain basement prices, but everyone she'd cared about had turned their backs on her and ratted her out.

Adam wondered what her endgame was, and she said respect. He called it overrated, and she cited success. He agreed, since success equaled power, and that was everything. Adam asserted that he'd wanted to set the town on fire for a long time, and he had the gasoline. He asked if she wanted to be his match. Phyllis called a car to take her home in response to Adam's suggestion. He swore that he wouldn't stand in her way, but he thought they weren't all that different. She was adamant that she was nothing like him, but he considered it kismet that they'd run into one another like lost souls on the highway of life.

She called it a drunken mistake, but he pointed out that she was still there. She asked what he wanted, and he listed legitimacy, respect, and success. Phyllis asked what she had to do in return, and Adam wanted information on Dark Horse that only the most cunning, talented hacker could get. He promised to make it worth her while, but she balked because Nick was the father of her child.

Adam tempted her with a million dollars. Later, Phyllis returned to her hotel suite and opened her laptop. She pulled up Dark Horse's site and stared intently at the screen. Adam left a voicemail for Chelsea. He imagined that it would be crazy for her to hear his voice, and he wanted her to know that he understood that she'd moved on because she'd thought he was dead.

He swore that he didn't want to complicate her life, but he offered to fly anywhere to meet wherever she wanted. Adam added that he'd give anything to see Connor's face and hers, and he requested that she think about it. He said he missed her, and he hung up. Victor stopped by Nick's house, and Nick guessed that it wasn't a social visit. Nick offered his father a drink, but Victor declined.

Nick expected to need one, and Victor mentioned that he'd spent the better part of the night arguing with Adam. Nick popped open a beer, and Victor recounted that Adam had been very upset. Nick complained that "farm boy" had threatened him the other day, and Victor wished that his sons would end their feud. Nick declared that it wouldn't happen, and he wanted to know all about Adam's latest scheme. Victor was upset that none of his children would give Adam the benefit of the doubt.

Nick demanded to know why they should after everything Adam had pulled before his disappearance, only to return and threaten to take Christian away. Victor reasoned that Adam might be bluffing, but Nick scoffed at the idea that he'd failed a loyalty test by not sacrificing his son. Victor recounted the hardships that Adam had suffered since the explosion, including being shot and finding out Chelsea had changed her name and remarried.

Unfinished Business

Victor added that her new husband had adopted Connor, and Nick wondered how Adam had found her. Victor dismissed the inquiry as being beside the point, and he encouraged Nick to think about Adam having his hopes of being reunited with the two people he loved dashed. Nick conceded that it sounded rough, but he snarled that Adam didn't get to fill the void by taking Nick's son. Victor realized that Nick thought Victor was there to convince Nick to give Christian to Adam, and he revealed that he'd asked Adam to stop pursuing custody of Christian.

Victor had hoped that Adam's miraculous return would be cause for celebration, but his children were fighting one another instead. Nick corrected that they were all fighting Adam, who always tried to play both sides against the middle. Victor swore that he was trying to help, and Nick suggested that Victor do so by getting his other son to stand down. Victor asserted that a father didn't take sides, and Nick agreed that fathers should make all their kids feel important and protected. Nick asserted that he didn't need protection, but Victoria did because she was afraid Adam would take control over Newman Enterprises.

Victor argued that Adam had refused to return to the company, and Nick asked why Victor put up with Adam's tantrums when Adam wanted nothing to do with them. Victor vaguely replied that he had his reasons, and Nick suspected that there was something his father wasn't telling him. Christian interrupted them, and Nick guessed that someone had cleaned off the "stay-away-monster salt" that he'd put down. Nick swore that he would always protect Christian, and Victor mused that it was what families always did.

5 Common Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones

Nick took Christian upstairs. Nick reported that Christian had dozed right off, and Victor wished he could sleep like that. Nick wondered what was keeping his father up at night, and Victor cited his kids fighting him and one another. Victor added that Victoria's upcoming commitment ceremony with Billy was icing on the cake, but Nick insisted that it would mean a lot to her if Victor showed up. Victor was grateful that it wouldn't be legally binding, so she could kick Billy to the curb anytime she wanted to. Nick pointedly wished that it was that easy to get rid of other people.

Victor reminded Nick that Adam was his blood, and Nick accused Victor of playing favorites. Nick griped that it was a big poker game to Adam, who was all in, and he refused to let Adam have all the cards that time. Nick expected to have to go at it alone, and he thought it was anyone's guess what Adam would do next. Once alone, Nick stared thoughtfully at photo of him and Christian.

At Society, Summer arrived with Theo and Natalia, and Natalia got the party started by ordering shots. Summer told the bartender to keep pouring them all night for her and her friends. Abby watched Summer shimmying with Theo on the dance floor and anticipated that it would be a Dumpster fire.

Natalia took selfies to post online, and Summer made sure a Jabot Collective handbag was included in one of the photos. Summer, Natalia, and Theo toasted with shots, and Natalia posted the picture on her feed and crowed to watch the money rain down. Theo went to get more shots, and Natalia inquired about the hot mess back at the Abbott house, where Phyllis had been out of control. Summer insisted that her mom wasn't normally like that, but "stuff happens. Kyle arrived to pick Lola up, and Theo pulled him over to their table. Kyle declined to join them because he was exhausted, but Theo suggested that dancing would wake Kyle up.

Natalia asked how Kyle and Summer knew one another, and Kyle replied that they worked together at Jabot. Natalia sensed it was more than that. Summer yammered on about how Kyle's girlfriend had needed a liver, so Kyle had married Summer to convince her to give the gift of life, and she'd gotten a divorce in return.

Natalia was appalled that Kyle had dumped Summer.

Unfinished Business - TV Tropes

Summer flippantly stated that it hadn't been the best trade she'd ever made, but she'd lived and learned. Kyle prepared to head home, but Theo protested that the party was just getting started. Nate arrived, and Abby reported that he'd missed the start of a train wreck, but he was just in time for the finale. At the bar, Nate delivered a glass of water to Summer, compliments of her surgeon. He warned her against keeping up the drinking, or she'd be the one needing a transplant. She chirped that it was a good thing she knew where to get one, and she returned to her table.

Theo announced that he was having his nightcap before taking off, but Natalia proposed that they take the party back to his place. He asked if Summer was in. Abby noted that Nate was quickly becoming one of her best customers, and he asked if he was one of her favorite ones. She teased him for reading too much into one date, and he suggested that they discuss it over dinner.

She wondered if it would be a second date, but his phone pinged with a text message. She saw that the message was from Victor, and she demanded to know why her father needed to start treatment with Nate. Nate said he couldn't tell Abby what she wanted to know, and he suggested that she go to Victor for answers. Abby whined that Nate had met the man, and Victor kept them all in the dark.

Abby pushed to know what treatment her father needed, and Nate spotted Victor walk in and told her to go to the source. She approached Victor and asked if he was sick. Nate explained that Abby had seen Victor's text message and jumped to the worst conclusion. Victor assured her that it was nothing to be worried about, and Abby hugged him.

Victor claimed that he'd pulled a muscle in his back and that Nate was helping him with physical therapy. Victor picked up takeout for Nikki, and Abby noted that the name on the order was Mr. Victor headed out, and Abby pointed out how secretive her father was. She was skeptical about the physical therapy story, and Nate urged her to let Victor handle it his own way.

Abby thought about what had happened with Neil, and she fretted that something might be wrong with her dad. Nate regretted that he couldn't tell her anything more, and she prepared to close early and go home. She vowed to find out what was going on. Lola and Kyle arrived home, and she asked if she could get him anything. He thought she should relax after being on her feet all day, but she couldn't wind down with him being gloomy when he should be excited about the collective's debut.

Lola guessed that his mood had to do with Summer, and Kyle acknowledged that it was the last thing Lola wanted to hear about. Lola mentioned that she'd seen Summer dancing and throwing back shots, and she was worried, too. Kyle relayed how Phyllis had been on a rampage, going after Summer like an archenemy on what should have been one of the most important days of Summer's life. Kyle commented that he'd seen the movie before, and when Summer was hurt and humiliated, she went wild and got into trouble, just like Phyllis.

Kyle apologized for going on and on, but Lola assured him that she wasn't jealous. She called Summer an emotional vampire who fed off his worry. Lola thought Summer always had an emergency that needed Kyle's attention, but the attention only made Summer needier, and the more Kyle gave Summer, the more Summer craved.

Lola understood that he felt guilty, but she contended that Summer was an adult who wasn't his responsibility anymore. Lola insisted that he had to set Summer free to stand on her own two feet, and Kyle agreed that Summer was a grown woman who could take care of herself. Later, Lola noticed that Kyle was hiding something behind his back, and he asked if she knew what the night was. She realized that it was their one-week anniversary of living together, and he presented her with a gift.

She gushed that she loved it already, and he joked that it was a diamond-encrusted potato peeler. She opened it and fawned over the simple photo frame inside, and he thought they could put a picture of them on the wall to make the place officially theirs. She prepared to do it right away, and she asked how she looked.

He replied that she looked like the happiest woman on earth, and he snapped a photo of them on his phone. Summer and Theo retreated to his hotel suite, and she squealed about an outrageous suggestion that he'd made to Devon about installing a disco elevator with mirrors on the ceiling. Summer thought they should check on Natalia to find out where she was, but Theo insisted that Summer was the one he wanted to chill with. She pulled him into a kiss. Summer and Theo took a photo of themselves lounging on the bed.

She didn't think that it would work for social media, and he suggested that they take another one. She slurred that she had a better idea, and she kissed him passionately and pulled off his shirt. Nick proposed a toast in celebration of Victoria and Billy's commitment ceremony. Everyone wondered where Victor was. Nick didn't think that Victor would show because of his hatred for Billy, but Nikki assured him that Victor would be there. Nikki said she needed to leave, and Abby offered to walk her out. In the hallway, Abby confided to Nikki that she was worried about Victor's health.

She told Nikki she'd seen a text message between Victor and Nate about a treatment. She said she'd confronted Victor, and he'd claimed he'd pulled a muscle in his back. Abby said there had been a weird vibe between Nate and Victor. She asked Nikki to question Victor about any health issues. Concerned, Nikki assured Abby she would. Abby rejoined Nick and Victoria. She said she understood things had been challenging with Adam's return and their issues with Victor, but they needed a time-out from all of it to celebrate Victoria and Billy and to remember they were family, no matter what the next day brought.

They were lucky to have each other.

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Nick and Victoria agreed that a time-out would do them all good. At Newman, Nate gave Victor his first treatment. He told Victor it would be better to get treatment at the hospital, but Victor refused. Nate advised Victor not to keep his condition a secret because Victor had an uphill battle ahead of him.

Victor said no one needed to know about it. A short time later, Nikki arrived at Victor's office and questioned him about the pulled muscles in his back. She wanted answers. She said it hurt when Victor shut her out. She wanted to know what was wrong. Victor finally gave in and told her that he had a rare blood disease that could be life-threatening.

He said that something had been destroying his red blood cells, but he was optimistic. He said that Nate had already given him his first treatment. Victor claimed he would beat the disease. Nikki demanded a copy of Victor's treatment schedule because they would beat the disease together. She wanted to know when he'd found out about his condition. Victor said it had been at the same time he'd discovered that Adam was alive.

Victor told her he wanted to correct the wrongs between him and Adam. Nikki said she would advise the family, but Victor didn't want anyone to know. Nikki agreed to keep his secret for the time being. She told Victor she loved him. In a room at the Athletic Club, Summer and Theo awoke slowly, both hungover. Theo thought the previous evening had been incredible.

Summer agreed. Theo suggested they hang out together. Summer accepted and said she had the perfect solution. Phyllis arrived at the tack house. She told Adam that she'd given thought to his proposal, and in spite of needing the one million dollars, she'd decided to turn down his offer.

She said that breaking into the Dark Horse server was a crime. Adam reminded her that she'd done worse. Phyllis said that compared to Adam, she was an angel. She wanted to know why he wanted a hostile takeover of Dark Horse. She said that she and Nick weren't in a good place, but she wouldn't hand over Nick's company to Adam.


Adam assured Phyllis that he wasn't out to hurt Nick. He only wanted to use it as leverage. Phyllis realized Adam wanted to use Dark Horse as leverage to get Christian.

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Adam claimed that Nick had been keeping Christian out of his life. Phyllis pointed out that even if Adam managed to get control of Dark Horse, Nick wouldn't give Christian up like a bargaining chip. Adam said perhaps not, but it would be a wake-up call to show Nick how far he was willing to go to get what he wanted. Adam told Phyllis he'd known how it felt to be just out of reach of something that was rightfully theirs and treated like a villain.

He said the Newmans had praised his talents, but then they would cast him aside. He and Phyllis needed to make a statement. Adam reminded Phyllis that the Abbotts and the Newmans would always treat them like pariahs until they had been taught a lesson. Phyllis said she was aware that Adam had tried to manipulate her emotions and advised him to stop. She asked him about his plan. Adam arrived at Society. Billy told him the kitchen was closed. Adam asked why Billy was there.

Billy said he was there for his and Victoria's commitment celebration. Sarcastically, Adam claimed his invitation had to have been lost in the mail. Billy admitted that Adam hadn't been invited. Adam advised Billy that he wouldn't be working at Newman because he wanted to do something on his own. Billy said Adam was a narcissist and told him get out and not to return.

Before Adam left, he congratulated Billy and hoped the day would be everything Billy had imagined. Later, Billy greeted Jack, Traci, and Kyle. After a bit of back-and-forth banter, Jack said he was delighted that Billy and Victoria were together again. Billy stated that he wasn't going to let go that time. Summer arrived on Theo's arm and congratulated Billy. Kyle didn't look happy when he saw Summer with Theo.

Billy kissed Victoria when she arrived. Victoria was surprised that Victor and Nikki hadn't arrived yet. Alone with Nick, Billy commented that he had no idea what he would do if someone tried to take his kids. Nick knowingly stated that Billy would know, and he'd do the same as Nick was doing. Summer and Theo sat down at a table. When Theo went to get drinks, Kyle sat down and asked Summer how she was doing.

Smiling, Summer said she was fine, and she'd gotten to know Theo a lot better. Kyle left. Moments later, Summer introduced Theo to Nick. Theo said, "Happy to meet you, sir. Annoyed, Nick asked Summer why she'd brought Theo to a family event. He asked if Summer had wanted to make Kyle jealous or if she had started a new relationship.

Summer claimed she didn't know. Nick hoped it wasn't a rebound because, in his experience, it never worked out. Summer said she was having fun, and she asked Nick to be happy for her. Nikki and Victor arrived. Victoria claimed she hadn't been certain that they would make it because of how Victor felt about Billy.

Victor stated that Victoria was his daughter, and he wanted her to be happy. Victoria smiled and said that the good thing about a commitment party was that no one could object. Johnny and Katie joined Victoria and Billy on the stage. Victoria and Billy told everyone that they had been married and they had been apart, but they wanted to commit to each other in an unconventional way. Billy said that they'd had tattoos, ring tattoos, and rings, but this time, they had asked their children to make something special that he and Victoria could exchange. Johnny showed the heart on a string he'd made, and it read: "Daddy loves mommy.

Katie produced a hanky that read: "Mommy loves daddy. They proclaimed their love for each other and kissed. To everyone's shock, Phyllis and Adam arrived, and Phyllis shouted, "Well, it looks like we made it just in time for the big finish. Billy told Adam that he had already kicked him out once that day, and he would do it again. Jack asked Adam and Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis refused. Victoria warned Adam that his stunt wouldn't ruin her day. Summer questioned why Phyllis was with Adam.

At the entrance, Phyllis scoffed at Billy's commitment ceremony and said that Victoria wouldn't marry him because she had spared herself the humiliation of a third divorce. Billy told Phyllis that her misery and loneliness were shining through. Phyllis retorted that he and Victoria would wind up miserable and lonely because all Billy ever did was sabotage and destroy everything. Billy said that Phyllis was pathetic and vindictive. He asked her why she'd brought Adam. He wanted to know what had happened to the woman he'd known. Phyllis hissed about all the betrayals.

She claimed she was the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Billy told her to get out. In the meantime, Victor asked Adam why he'd brought Phyllis. Victor claimed Adam had spit in his face after everything he'd done for Adam. Adam claimed that Victor hadn't done nearly enough. Nikki broke them apart and led Victor away. Nick sat holding Christian and glared at Adam.

Adam approached and asked if Christian remembered him.

Nick immediately sent Christian off to find his cousins. Nick warned Adam never to try that again. Adam said Christian was his son, and he would have him in the end. Nick ordered Adam to leave, or he would "throw [his] ass out. Jack watched the exchange and decided it was time to break Nick and Adam up. Jack suggested that Adam leave. Before Adam left, he told Nick to enjoy his day. Billy blustered to Victoria about Adam and Phyllis.

Billy calmed down when Victoria told him that Adam and Phyllis were irrelevant to their life, and no one would come between them again.

Lori Grimes

Summer had been waiting when Phyllis exited the washroom. Summer advised her to leave, but Phyllis claimed she had more to say. Summer said that what Phyllis had done the previous evening was bad enough, but this was worse. She said she'd known that Phyllis had been hurt, but it had to stop. She said that Phyllis had made a fool of herself, and she'd burned every bridge she'd had. Summer said Phyllis had broken her heart. Summer said that Phyllis and Adam should have been kicked out the minute they'd arrived. Phyllis said that was perfect and accused Summer of siding with the Abbotts over her mother, especially after Kyle had thrown her out the way he'd done.