Manual Supply Chain Management (gestión de la cadena de suministro) (Spanish Edition)

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I am referring to notorious cases of companies who have completely redefined the way of doing business in their industries. These changes had a large impact on the bottom line and gave these firms a clear competitive advantage in front of their competitors. Competitors can and will try to emulate, but success is not by any means guaranteed. It has been around for about 40 years and still firms are trying to adopt it with bittersweet results. A more recent example is Inditex, whose flagship Zara defined a new paradigm in a mature industry by betting on speed rather than cost.

It is true that patents help sometimes, but the fact remains that a burden of expensive legal work is usually triggered as soon as competitors start copying or including almost identical products in their portfolios. The legal battle triggered when Windows 95 was launched by Microsoft or the generic drug business in India may be good examples of this. All in all, supply chain innovation is likely not to be appreciated as much as product innovation, but its impact on the financials and the value of firms may be larger and last longer.

Also, given the relatively small efforts exerted so far on supply chain innovation, there must be indeed great opportunities available to explore, low hanging fruit to be taken by those smart people who are able to identify those opportunities. Kent Bowen. Decoding the DNA of Toyota. Harvard Business Review.

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Bizi-Zaragoza rents bikes to users who need to ride for short periods of time within the city. To get a bike, a user goes to a station and unlock the desired bike with his or her user card. To return it, he or she has to find a station with an empty slot and identify him or herself again.

Bizi Station.

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The idea is very interesting, and has been proved successful in several cities. The system in place, however, is far from perfect, since users face two major challenges. On the one hand, a user looking for a bike may find the nearest station empty see black dots in the picture below. On the other hand, a user looking for a slot to leave a bike may find the nearest station full see purple dots.

Real-time supply chain insight

Good on-line information may be helpful to find a bike or a spot, but still the bottom line is that the typical user my find the service unreliable when his meeting with her boss starts at 9am, and he has to plan for extra 20 minutes of safety time to park his bike so as not to be late. Here is some anecdotal evidence that this may not be the case. The following picture borrowed from the company web site shows the map of all stations at am today. There were 13 empty stations marked in black in the map , mainly in the periphery. As it can be observed, 12 of those 13 stations were still empty.

Twenty minutes later, there was a new picture. In this case, 8 of 13 stations were still empty. Thirty minutes later picture not reported still 8 of 13 stations were still empty.

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A similar problem can be observed with full stations purple dots in the maps. The question that arises next is how to mitigate this problem. A feasible option is to place stock i. The answer is. Therefore, rather that being reactive, Bizi managers could be proactive by replenishing inventory at night before users go to work early in the morning.

The previous analysis is quite simple and can be easily extended for all stations and for full stations. The good news is that the company should have a lot of data, given that users sign in every time they take or leave a bike.

Human Resources for Supply Chain Management Stepped Approach Toolkit

To improve forecasting methods, individual patterns can be studied, since the system knows the ID of the user that takes or leaves a bike. Finally, there is the problem of devoting workforce to move bikes from one station to the other. If so, users have incentives to return bikes to where they were in the evening, significantly reducing the amount of bikes to be moved at night.

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¿Qué es la Administración de la Cadena de Suministro?

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Optimizing Supply Chains for Improved Performance. Getting Essential Medicines to Customers.

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