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Leer, leer, leer! Y escribir, escribir, escribir! Nam H Nguyen. Just remember one thing that learning never stops! The lawsuit ruined him completely. The candle is flickering. At the moment of death. He has departed this life. To-morrow's remedy avails little for to-day's misfortune ; apply your remedy before it is too late.

Rash courage and good wine are soon ended ; those who love peril will try it once too often. There is an end to it ; i. To regale and remunerate a person. That which a year does not bring us, a moment may. To accept a bill of exchange. To favor particular persons. Achicar la bomba. Aclarar la voz. Acodillarse con la carga. Acometer con dinero. Tiempos hay de acometer, y tiempos de retirar. Acomodarse al tiempo. Acordarse remotamente. En tierra ajena, la vaca al buey acor- nea. Acosado de hambre. Aconsejarse mejor.

Acostarse con las gallinas. To pump the -waXer from a ship. Very much exaggerated. To ask foolish questions on pretence of not understanding. To clear the throat. Not to be able to fulfil one's engage- ments. To take refuge. Do not trust any one lest he may turn traitor. To try to bribe a person. When two cowards fight, he who attacks conquers. There is a time to attack, and a time to retreat. To be content with the present state of things. That is a very old story, or thing. To close, or agree with one. To have a confused recollection. Those who attain prosperity often forget the day of small things.

To tune instruments. The ox that gored me threw me into a better place ; apparent evil of- ten leads to good. Helpless people are often insulted by their inferiors.

Pinched with hunger. To think better of it. To fall on either side said of a bal- ance. Those who trust incompetent per- sons will suffer for it. To go to bed with the chickens, early. Acotar estorbos. Los acreedores me acribillan. Acudir al reclamo. Adelantar como el cangrejo. La verdad adelgaza, pero no quie- bra. Adentellar una pared. Adivino de Valderas, cuando corren las canales que se mojan las car- reras. Administrador que administra, y en- fermo que se enjuaga, algo traga. Afanar, afanar, y nunca medrar. Afanarse por nada. Go to bed supperless, and you will wake without debt. I commend myself to God.

To avoid obstacles. My creditors torment me. She paints, and tries to conceal her age. To reach one's goal. To hoard up money. Brothers- and sisters-in-law are al- ways at variance. To charge a person with a capital crime. To file a complaint. To feel remorse. Forward with the cross! Not to advance a hair's breadth in an affair. To retrograde. To advance like a crab. The truth may be hidden for a time, but is sure to be divulged.

To leave toothing stones or bricks by which to continue a wall. To take a prejudiced view ; to be biased. Wonderful discovery, that when the sun has set, the donkey is left in the shade. Money is apt to stick to the fingers of trustees. A remedy, in order to be effectual, should be applied promptly. Ill-gotten gains never prosper. Much toil and little profit. To fidget. Afilar el ingenio.

Aflojar las riendas.

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Aforrar una casa. Aforrar un cabo. Agarrarse de un pelo. Agarrarse de un clavo ardiendo. Agotar la paciencia. Si la vista no me agrada, no me aconsejes nada. Aguzar las orejas. Aguzar los dientes. Piedra sin agua, no aguza en la fragua. Ahilarse el vino. Ahogar los odios. For whom does the wife of the blind man dress? Powder and paint are worn to con- ceal defects. To give one's mind to. Very fond of the l Ottle. To make a great effort for a special purpose. To make an intelligent effort ; to sharpen one's wits. To stop working for needful rest.

To rest or refresh one's self by enter- tainment. To relax watchfulness or authority. To ceil a house. To serve a cable nau. To support an opinion ; to furnish an excuse ; to split hairs. To avail one's self of an influential protector. To seize a red-hot nail ; to take any means, however dangerous, to accomplish one's object. To discuss a question warmly.

To weary one's patience. If the appearance does not satisfy me, you cannot persuade me. A little every day amounts to much in a year. To be patient ; to resign one's self. Time and tide wait for no man. To sharpen the wit, or sight. To prick up the ears ; to listen intently. To whet the appetite. Nothing is to be gained without the use of proper means. To turn, and grow ropy applied to wine. To for2;et enmities.

Ahogarse el grano. Ahogarse de gente.

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No ahorrarse con nadie ; ni con su padre. La miseria ahuyenta amigos. Agitarse con su conciencia. Alabar sus agujetas. Alabar sus agujas. Cada ollero alaba su puchero. Quien no se alaba, de ruin se muere. Alabaos, coles, que hay nabos en la olla. Alambicar los sesos. Alamparse por riquezas. Allanar la casa. Allanar el camino. Alargar la mecha. Alargar la cura. Alargar la bolsa. The grain is smothered by the weeds. To be oppressed, overheated, by the crowd.

To abandon the clerical profession. Hang me if I do it! Spare yourself the trouble of talking. To be thoroughly inconsiderate of others. To spend beyond one's means is a bad preparation for old age. Obey, without farther excuse! To scare away the birds, or flies. Poverty parts friends. To humble a person. To oblige one to do his duty. To act conscientiously. To praise one's own merchandise.

To praise one's self. Each crow thinks its own young the whitest. Who can boast of having arrested fortune's wheel? I admire your taste! Diffidence does not prosper. It is a glory to God. A reproach to those who are unrea- sonably desirous of being preferred to others. To cudgel one's wits. To thirst for riches. To enter the house forcibly, with a search warrant.

To pave the way to obtaining some- thing. To protract a negotiation ; to raise a salary. To prolong a negotiation for the sake of profit. To prepare for some great expendi- ture. Alastrar un navio. Alborotar la calle. Ni te alborotes, ni te enfotes. Alcanzar de alguno. Alcanza quien no cansa. Alcanzar en dias. Cada uno alega en derecho de su dedo. Alegrar las luces. Aligerarse la ropa.

Aligerar un caballo. Alindar el ganado. Alinearse los soldados. Alotar las anclas. Alterar la moneda. Alzar un entredicho. Alzar figura. Alzar el dedo. He gave up the ghost. To ballast a ship nau. To disturb the neighborhood. Neither believe nor disbelieve blindly. To prevail upon any one. To be of weak understanding. Even a fool, if rich, can get what he wants. He who does not tire achieves.

To get the better of another in argu- ment. My means are not equal to that. To descry. To live long. This medicine does not reach the root of the evil. A person whose aspirations are never satisfied. A Scotch cousinship ; a very distant relationship. Every one looks out for his own interest. To snuff the candles. To show gladness in one's eyes. To dress very lightly. To make a horse move lightly and freely. To drive cattle to pasture. To fall into line mil. To stow the anchors nau. To let, a furnished room, with or without board.

I hired a hackney-coach to go to the fashionable drive. To debase the coinage. To raise an injunction. To assume an air of importance. To raise the eyes or hands. To raise the forefinger in assever- ation or affirmation. Alzar la cresta. Alzar velas. Alzarse con algo.

Alzar el rastrojo. Alzar las eras. Alzar el precio. Alzar el destierro. Alzar alguna cosa. Alzarse con el santo, y con la li- mosna. Alzar la obra. Alzarse el a2;ua. Alzar cabeza. Alzar los naipes. Quien bien ama, tarde olvida. Amagar y no dar. Cuando Dios amanece, para todos aparece. Por mucho madrugar, no amanece mas temprano. Arreboles al oriente agua amane- ciente. Amaestrar un caballo. Quien feo ama, hermoso le parece. Quien ama el peligro, perece en el. To show one's self proud or arrogant. To be elated with pride. To set the sails nau. To defraud. To run the first furrows with the plough.

The rise and fall of public securities. To finish the harvesting of grain. To raise the price. To proclaim a king. To pardon an exile. To proclaim loudly ; to make public. He who is not hampered by affairs can act freely. To be petulant. To lay away anything. To abscond with money entrusted to one's care. To stop work. To stop raining. To recover from a calamity or dis- ease. To cut the cards. To win all the stakes in gambling. He who loves truly is slow to forget. To threaten, but not strike. Is this the dawn of day for you! The sun shines on the just and on the unjust.

God give you a happy morrow! I was in Madrid at dawn, and in To- ledo at twilight. It dawns none the sooner because we rise early. A red sky in the morning indicates rain. To break in a horse. Love is blind. He who loves danger will perish by it. La verdad amarga.

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  • Amoldar las agujas. Amontonarse el juicio. Amusgar las orejas. El tiempo anda. El carro no anda.

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    Andar estaciones. Andar al uso. Andar en coplas. Andar en palmas. Andar de rama en rama. Andar de una camada. No se ande V. No andar en dengues. Camino de Santiago, tanto anda el cojo como el sano. Andar como el cangrejo. Constant repetition wearies. The truth may be bitter to the evil doer. To polish needles. To lose one's presence of mind.

    To keep one in possession of prop- erty. To listen ; to prick up one's ears. Time flies. The watch or the mill goes. Planets or machines move. The sea runs mountains high. The wheels are clogged ; the busi- ness does not prosper. To pray to God. To pray at certain shrines in order to obtain indulgences.

    To mind one's own business. To return to one's evil habits. To conform to the times. To be very well known. To be universally applauded. To beat about the bush ; not to come to the point. To play fast and loose. To dwell upon unimportant details. To play upon words. To be the town talk. To be sad, or merry. It is of no consequence ; I do not care. Like seeks like. Do not stand upon compliments. Not to mind trifles.

    Good pilgrims accommodate their pace, and arrive together. To go backward, like a crab. Quien anda entre la miel, algo se le pega. Andando el tiempo. Andar con dilatorias. Andar de barrio. Andar divertido. Andar con las manos en la cinta. Andar de Zeca en Meca. Andar de bardanza. Andar la ciudad. Andar arrastrando. Andar tentando. Andar aperreado. Andar de nones. You cannot touch pitch without being defiled. To escape Scylla and fall into Charybdis. In the course of time.

    To waste another's time with false promises. To be on the same story of rooms. To reverse the order of nature. To wear a simple dress. To be about to say or do a thing. To be engaged in love affairs. Not to have anything to do. To rove about ; from Dan to Beer- sheba. To be a vagrant. To stroll and wander about. To go here and there ; to be unset- tled. To wander, gad, or roam. To scour the city. To lead a nomadic life. To lead a vagabond life. To live in misery. To beg. To be very short of anything. To be utterly destitute of funds.

    To be in increasingly narrow circum- stances. To grope where we cannot see ; to make efforts or trials. To grope in the dark ; to fumble. To hide ; to skulk ; to abscond. To skulk ; to lurk in hiding-places. To be harassed, or fatigued. To be idle. To follow idle pursuits ; to loiter. To waste time in useless pursuits. Andar manga por hombro. Andar por su cabal.

    Anda mal. Andar sin sombra. Andar balando por alguna cosa. Quien mal anda, mal acaba. Andar en malos pasos. Andarse tocando tabletas. Andar como ardilla. Andar en balanza. Andar en cuerpo. Andar con mosca. Andar de puntas. No andar en contemplaciones. Andar en quintillas. Andar en puntas. Andar al pescuezo. Andar en dimes y diretes. To play truant. To be very careless in domestic af- fairs. To live selfishly. If I am comfortable, what care I for ridicule! To be overheated. He is a bad walker.

    To walk timidly ; to creep. To crave ; to desire anxiously. To long anxiously for something. At best ; at most. At worst. He who lives ill, dies ill. He who lives with wolves will learn to howl ; evil communications cor- rupt good manners. To be implicated in an affair. To be in a bad way, as to conduct.

    To be disappointed. To be as active as a squirrel. To be crestfallen. To be in danger of losing property or place. To go out without an outside gar- ment. To fly into a passion. To be on bad terms ; to quarrel. To have recourse to harsh measures. To be at enmity with some one. To seek dispute or quarrel. To quarrel and fight. To seek a quarrel, mutually. To take another by the throat. To dispute and quarrel. To contend ; to dispute. To come to blows. To come to fisticuffs. Andar en cuentos. Andar el diablo suelto. Andar el diablo en cantillana. Andar en opiniones. Andar en gerigonzas.

    Andar con un ten con ten. Andar de ganancia. Andar con pies de plomo. Andar con reserva. Aquel va mas sano, que anda por el llano. Entre bobos anda el juego. La rueda de la Fortuna anda mas lista que una rueda de molino. Andar listo. Andar en pretensiones. To come to loggerheads. To fight with poniards or knives. He who takes the wrong road must make his journey twice over. The devil is abroad ; i. Disturbances or dangers are rife. To go to the dogs.

    To throw a doubt upon a person's credit. To go away in enmity. To quibble ; to cavil ; to evade. To play roughly. Be off with you! Be off! Expression of approval, or great dis- pleasure. Away with you! To act cautiously and justly. To pursue a thing successfully. To do things quickly. To proceed with the greatest cir- cumspection. To be in haste ; to be much occu- pied. To proceed cautiously. A man will work hard to secure a comfortable living.

    Of two ways choose the safest. This affair has come into the hands of experts. The wheel of Fortune goes faster than a mill-wheel. The mill gains by going, not by standing still. To be active or diligent. Be quick! To seek office importunately. If nothing prevents, I will do it. Andar tras alguno. Andar por el pleito.

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    Andar un negocio. Andar prudente. Andar sin recelo. Andar con el tiempo. Andar con cuidado. Andar alguna cosa muy tirada. Andar con zapatos de fieltro. Andar con la cara descubierta. Andar cazando. Quien no pueda andar, que corra. Andarse en flores. To strive for a thing. To go in pursuit of anything. To make essays or trials. To follow a person ; to go in pursuit.

    To have charge of a lawsuit. To undertake the charge of a case or business. To undertake a business without adequate means. To act prudently. To go to work frugally. To have no fear. To conform one's self to the times ; to be a time server. To be careful. To be very busy. To be well provided for.

    To be difficult to find ; to be sold dear. To try for a sinecure. Noisy mirth and jollity. To pursue things successfully. To proceed with caution and silence. To take things easily. To act openly. To act honestly. To go hunting. To hunt ; to seek. To go at a short trot. To find one's self on the horns of the bull ; to be in imminent danger. To have vertigo ; to become dizzy. To command difficult things to one who cannot do easy ones. To decline entering into a debate. To give one's self up to pleasure. Let us not use subterfuges or eva- sions.

    La verdad siempre anda sobre la mentira como el aceite sobre el agua. Andar en mangas de camisa. A mas andar. Andar en buena vela. Andar todo. Andar con pies de mar. El poco andar del barco. Anhelar honores.

    Converting Words: Maya in the Age of the Cross - William F. Hanks - Google Książki

    Al anochecer. Anochecer, y no amanecer. Anudarse la voz.