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When I did go to court it wasn't at all how I'd expected. According to Angela Barron, at the Institute of Personnel and Development, Katherine's disenchantment is far from unusual. Often people starting their first job tend to have an unrealistic perception of what work is all about.

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After being cloistered in school and university it can be hard to realise that all jobs have a downside as well as an upside - and that even if you get the job of your dreams it will probably have aspects to it that you won't enjoy. I started to feel as if the image I had of being a barrister bore no relation to the reality - in practice, the power to put someone in prison for life seemed a lot scarier than it did in theory.

Discovering your dream job is actually a nightmare can be quite a daunting experience, but it's not the end of the world.

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Changing career early on is not seen as a bad thing by many employers, says work psychologist Ben Masterson, and it's perfectly acceptable to have two or three different jobs on your CV early on in your career. The fact is that it is better to jump early on - trying to change career when you've been in a particular field for several years can be extremely difficult. What is important, however, is to give your chosen job a proper chance. The transition from university to work can be hard, and it does take some time to adjust properly.

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That week, everyone in my house had been sick with a tummy bug, so my nerves were already frazzled. My oldest was still in bed; so I figured it was his turn to be sick, and I let him sleep. While my month-old was busy destroying the house, I was packing lunches for an Earth Day picnic my oldest suggested we take. As I took him upstairs to his bed for his morning nap, I realized that one of my five-year-old twins, Joey, was still in bed. He had been up and been to the bathroom, but had returned to bed.

At some point, he had even thrown up on the floor next to his bed.

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I attempted to wake him and ask him if he knew he had thrown up on the floor. His answers were slurred and groggy. And his body was jerking in a way I had never seen before.

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It slowly dawned on me that something was seriously wrong, so I called Hubby at work. He came to the phone right away, and as I described what was going on with Joey, Hubby slowly suggested maybe I should call the pediatrician. The minutes that I waited to hear the sirens approach my house were agonizing, but soon the paramedics arrived and swarmed in — four from the fire truck and two from the paramedic truck- and began to work.

UK: Projected endowment shortfalls - 'shattered dreams' rather than 'financial nightmares'

First was a barrage of questions for me: Did he have any pre-existing medical conditions? Could he have ingested anything? Had he recently hit his head?

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  • Had he recently been ill? The answer to all of their questions was no, except for the last one. They concluded that it was probably a febrile seizure.


    She was made to work as household help, in stark contrast to the job she was promised prior to leaving Bangladesh. I could not communicate with anyone back home.

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    At that moment, Moyna began her journey of becoming one of the '21 million' estimated by the International Labour Organization ILO to be victims of forced labour. Looking at a wider time span, a total of , Bangladeshi women worked as migrant workers since These represent women who went through the regular migration channels. Thus, the actual corresponding numbers, inclusive of women who went through irregular channels, must be much higher. A vast majority of Bangladeshi female migrant workers work in low-skilled occupations, with the countries of Gulf Cooperation Council GCC offering the largest labour markets for these jobs.

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    Only after a year working for her abusive employer did Moyna manage to escape, through contacting a fellow Bangladeshi working in Abu Dhabi. It took another three months before she was able to return home. Yet, the woman that returned home was no longer the same Moyna — she was devastated, insecure, physically drained, and mentally wiped out from such a harrowing ordeal.