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When he gets to the end of the corridor, he enters another room which is the boiler room. He shoots some more gangsters in the boiler room and then climbs up two sets of stairs.

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He then heads out through an exit door right next to him and makes it to the deck of the ship. Once he is on the outside deck, the ship begins to explode. Frank sprints along the deck as fast as he can with the ship exploding behind him. He then jumps off the end of the ship and dives into the water beneath him. He manages to get off the boat just in time as it engulfs in flames and is followed by countless explosions.

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Frank escapes the ship alive with seconds to spare. The final shot shows the Sol Vita exploding and at the far right of the screen you can see Mark, Alex and Yasmin, crouching down on the ground alive. This is the same as how the very end of Mark's final mission occurred.

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You're pushing your luck. Get out of here. You're criminal trash, the lot of you!

The wild English roots of the song you'll hear at every US graduation

Why would I? I don't need any favours from scum! Not yours, jungle bunny. With respect. We knew what was what and who was who. Well, I'm sorry.

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Enough's enough. It's out of fucking order. Fuckin' disorder. And it starts Fuck the euro! The fox and the hounds It is, after all, a stirring song. Elgar himself described as "a tune that comes once in a lifetime. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. To learn more, review our Cookie Policy.

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  7. Newsletters navigate down. Throned amid the billows, Throned inviolate, Though hast reigned victorious, Though has smiled at fate. Hark, a mighty nation Maketh glad reply; Lo, our lips are thankful, Lo, our hearts are high! Hearts in hope uplifted, Loyal lips that sing; Strong in faith and freedom, We have crowned our King!