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I never expected to fall for a Chinese woman. They are way too small, tiny breasts and no hips to talk of. But her face is pretty, and I've got used to her talking to me as if I am a small child that needs keeping under control. In fact I've been thinking about her a lot, all the time I was away. Of course it could have been that there were no women there worth looking at.

Most were covered up in long shapeless dresses, their hair in scarves, the young ones looking just like their mothers. Back in Han China, the girls look positively liberated in their short skimpy dresses, and nylon socks. And I haven't forgotten that kiss by the ferry. Something told me that had been her first. I'd expected her to come on for more by now.

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When I was a child I used to look forward to Spring Festival because of the new clothes, the lucky money envelopes, and the firecrackers, but now I think the Moon Festival is my favourite. I love the way we watch out for the new moon, noticing how it fills out each night, a little rounder and smoother, until it is perfect. And I love the moon cakes my mother buys from the shops. It's the only time in the year she buys ready made food.

I love their gaily decorated boxes, and the patterned paper in which each is wrapped, their golden colour, and the chrysanthemum flowers and lucky characters on them: so that taking a bite is like eating poetry. Inside the moon cakes there are lotus seeds and date paste, or egg and chestnuts, delicious things that we rarely eat. I like to think they are a bit like the English mince-pies we read about in our extensive readers at school. We eat them for the memories.

You have a white paper lantern hanging in your window. Behind on the glass hangs its reflection, and the real moon is low in the sky behind them both. Double moons, double happiness. I take you two boxes of red crane moon cakes, one is from my mother, and one from me. Each has four cakes, enough for a feast. I show you how to unwrap each one, and then we cut one, the special one with the egg inside and we eat it together. Or rather I eat it, you cough a little and say you find it 'interesting. I recite poetry to you, the poems I can still remember from school, Ming dynasty poems about watching the moon rising, while remembering my beloved.

And I feel so very happy that I haven't lost my beloved. You are right beside me, holding my hand and stroking my hair. I like to think that things may have developed nicely that night. She was all flushed and happy from reciting the poetry, and telling me how many prizes she had won at school for her perfect Mandarin.

If it hadn't been for those rotten cakes. They were disgusting; a combination of sweet and sour, and a consistency that made me gag. I only ate a sliver but she gobbled down at least two, before she started to turn pale and then green and had to spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom. It turned out all the cakes that year were rotten: they'd over produced the year before, and so instead of producing new ones, they simply re-cooked last year's and sold them as fresh.

Almost the whole college is ill. And the rats must be ill too, as I threw my remaining moon cakes on the tip, and they were all gone in one night. I hardly see her for a few weeks after that. When I do bump into her in the faculty she says she is preparing for National Day. Apparently they all have to read Marx or Mao or something, as a kind of ritual purification for the great day. I don't think I believe her. I think she's playing hard to get, Chinese style.

I show you the paper the orange company had given me. They want to export their fruit and have asked me to translate their leaflets into English. I tell you I have translated the paper as 'fruit freshness preservation paper'. You laugh and said this is not how you'd say it in English. The more you laugh the less I can admit that it is my translation you are laughing at. We settle on 'special paper which will preserve the freshness of the fruit', but I know the company will prefer my original translation, and I need my yuan fee.

Some time in the autumn I ask you about your oranges. You've forgotten them and the whole box has turned mouldy. I say nothing. What a waste, I almost cried. I want to tell you all the tales my mother told me about how hard things were in the past, how careful we all are about not wasting anything because of those hard times. About how when the cultural revolution started and the colleges closed, my mother walked home, for four days, back to her village, and how the blisters on her feet swelled up like kumquats, they were so bad that the peasants showed her how to take a hair from her head, gently insert it and drain the fluid away.

This is my past. You know nothing about how hard life was for my parents, and all the people here. And how hard it is for me. I've had a warning, and I've told them I know what I'm doing. I do my best to stay away from you. It is bloody cold. There's no heating south of the Yangtze and we are some kilometres south of it, so tough.

It may snow, but no heating. Old Zhou brings me a fire bowl, filled with charcoal, and shows me how to sit with my legs over it, and how to keep the window open to avoid the fumes. I decide it is warmer to stay in bed. This makes it more awkward when she comes to see me, in her thick padded jacket and trousers, that turn her into Michelin man. She makes it clear that I can't receive her in bed, so we sit in the other room our frozen hands round the ubiquitous cup of green tea. How I long for a cup of PG tips with milk and two sugars.

Not to mention central heating. In the classrooms the students sweep up odd bits of paper and light fires on the concrete floors. I teach them some songs with hand movements, just to keep my own blood circulating. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, that kind of thing. When I say they could use these with their own future classes, they look doubtful. They only put up with me, because my lessons were easier than the others, and, I like to think, more enjoyable. However it is just after our final round of Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, that I hear the noise. A kind of horn calling insistently.

I've noticed that the other students kept their distance from her. It has a fire in it,' she adds. We run up to my flat and fill a pan with rice from the sack in the corner of my kitchen. I pick out the ants as we join the queue of housewives and chattering children. The people immediately round us are silent as they stare at me, not wanting to lose the opportunity to have a good look.

The rice puffer man wears the standard green padded army coat, just like mine, except that his has holes in it where the cotton padding is escaping. He has a green army hat with ear flaps, and shouts 'Bring your rice! Get it puffed! Rice is poured in, a lid is closed, there is a bang, and rice krispies pour out the other end. It is magical. I hand him my two yuan with joy and we rush home, only to remember of course that I don't have any milk. Never mind, they are delicious on their own. I eat a whole bowl full sitting in bed, fully clothed under three quilts.

She sits next to me and waits till I've finished. With the help of the puffed rice man and a freezing cold day, I have caught her. Our quilts are filled with soft white cotton, sewn together loosely with red cotton thread. Each summer, while we sleep on bamboo mats in the great heat, we spread the quilts outside in the sun. When they get too thin we send them to the quilt makers who unpick the cotton and add more.

There is nothing as warm as cotton. You've told me about wool and feathers and modern synthetic materials but I don't believe you. There is nothing warmer than a quilt below and one on top. We sew the quilts into white cotton covers, with a silk top. Yours is one of the best kind: embroidered with a pair of dragons in green thread against the pink silk. I tell you that they represent the emperor and empress from the old days, when the Chinese people suffered, before Mao freed us from the old capitalist days.

You laugh at me, and call me your little empress. You say you have never seen anything as beautiful as my body. I tell you I love you, and you say you love me, and so great is the heat between my legs that I open myself to you, and hope the Wangs in the flat below don't hear the bed rocking, and your cries as you come deep inside me. Afterwards you fall asleep in my arms, as the sticky wetness flows from me on to your white sheet. I am sore, but happy because I know that we will have a son, and that we will both go with you back to the UK.

I can see us walking up the steps of the plane, turning to wave at the top, as our leaders do on China News. Our son will only speak English. I will start teaching him the western alphabet straight away, by tracing out the letters on my stomach. She knows nothing about sex, but I don't mind.

I am so glad to be fucking again. I have taught her what I like and she is undemanding. That suits me. The only problem is that she starts to talk about marriage straight away. At first I thought it was a joke, then I realise she is deadly serious. OK I think, let her talk and make plans. Maybe I do want a Chinese wife. Why not? She's beautiful enough.

She'll look after me, cook, and do house work and so on. She's hard working. She'll be able to help me if I carry on teaching EFL, we can travel the world together. Being married could be kind of useful. Then I'll be in trouble. I'm not the ideal age, yet, I haven't been given permission by the leaders to get married, so I need to have my parents' permission.

And then no one will gossip. Her eyes open wide in terror. We live too closely. And if I'm About his daughter marrying a penniless EFL teacher? He wouldn't even speak to me that day I came round and drank tea on your balcony. He just disappeared w he hen heard us coming. Maybe he doesn't like foreigners. He loves foreigners. He loves Dickens and Shelley and Byron. He has all their books no one knows this, they are hidden away under his bed, it's still not safe to show them to everybody.

He speaks English very well: he taught me. He passed on his love of English to me. It's just that His students, they They knew he had foreign books here, and they were forbidden. But he refused to hand them over, and they couldn't find them because my mother had taken them to the country side, hidden in straw , so they beat him up, and he hasn't been able to work since, because they damaged his eyes.

He never goes out, because those people are still around in the college.

And who knows what the future will bring? This is why I am so careful, keeping on the right side of the leaders. I try very hard, but they would be happy if I made a mistake. A landlord's family. My grandfather was educated in Shanghai: he died in the revolution. They killed him. Both my parents joined the Party. They didn't know what Mao would do. They couldn't believe they would be punished for having some books. My father taught me English secretly.

He always wanted me to leave China and go to England to see Speaker's Corner, except for the fog, of course that can't be very nice, but he thinks I will be safe there, and his grandchildren.. Come on, girl, we've only slept together a few times. I can't start thinking about other people's grandchildren. I'm joking but I start to think about how I could get some Durex sent over.

That would put a stop to any grandchildren. By this time she is sobbing. So I say, 'Don't worry. I'll come and see your parents. I'll promise them I'll take care of you. I take her in my arms and start to undo the buttons on her blouse. Her breasts are tiny, with brown nipples, like the delicate stems of some kind of exotic fruit.


And all the time I am thinking how can I get an order to Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and how long will they take to arrive? When I was a child I always kept silk worms, so as soon as the mulberry tree was in leaf I take some round for you. There is one branch with many leaves, and two silk worms. You take it from me uncertainly and put it in a jam jar on your desk. And anyway these are about to start spinning. They are just finding a nice leaf to sleep on. Someone would take you and plunge you into hot water and then unwind your silk and steal it!

We call them Yin and Yang. I am glad to see that he watches them spin their cocoons with the same fascination that I do, even after all these years of watching the same miracle. But then you lose interest. One day I come round and the jam jar has gone. You've put them on the balcony. You didn't want to sit and imagine the grubs evolving into winged creatures, imaging how delighted they would be to find they had wings and could fly wherever they wanted.

I think this is because you can fly and go wherever you want. It isn't anything special for you. You can even go to places in China where I am not allowed to go. For the first time I feel angry with you, for having things I don't have, and for not even realising it. How clumsy you can be, putting your big feet everywhere.

You came here, knowing nothing, expecting to teach us, who knew far more about the grammar of the English Language than you did. And yet as I say this, I know it's not true. You did know better about some things. How to fill in university application forms for Canada and the US, how to write the application letter, and do the sample essay they require. You are encouraging half the young lecturers to try to leave China. And I too, I want to go with you and see the other half of the world.

I am just as bad as they are. Worse even, because I am pretending to be different. I have changed in so many ways, being here with MingMing. Yes, I can now use chopsticks, and drink green tea.

CLASS Chair's Meeting Minutes

I've forgotten about the BBC and think the Guardian is always tiny and printed on crackly paper. I've hardly spoken to my parents, and I used to be such a mummy's boy, taking my washing round to her and borrowing money from Dad knowing he wouldn't ask me to pay it back. I've stopped thinking about Kate all the time.

I don't even care if she has found someone else. I've found I quite like teaching too: I've even written to the British Council to ask about getting a job with them somewhere more, well more capitalist, after this. I expect you'll say I've grown up. I used to be brash and noisy and crass. I cringe now to remember how I shouted at those poor women about turning down the loudspeaker outside my window. How I offended poor Professor Ning when he read me his dreadful poetry and I laughed at him.

I've learned from MingMing how to look at things carefully, and find small pleasures. I'm grateful to her for all this, but if I'm honest, I am beginning to feel restless again. I've agreed to the wedding idea, because I don't want to hurt her, but I still haven't told my parents. The look on their faces when I turn up with a Chinese wife!

I can imagine standing outside their semi in Chorlton, but when they close the door behind us, what then? I'm sure they'll love her, of course they will. She is love personified. She will look after me, and fuss about keeping my feet dry, and give, and give and give. But is this what I want? Her mother has made her a red silk qi-pao, you know, the old style of dress, very slim over the hips, with tiny knotted fastenings in a row above her left breast. There is some rather ugly flower embroidery, but she says it is traditional for an engagement party dress.

I give her a necklace from the Friendship Store. Pseudo old style I think, with tiny carved beads on a red string. She doesn't want a ring till we go to the UK. No one here wears rings. That's what the old landlords used to do, and look what happened to them. The college is giving us a banquet. Ten courses of Hunan specialities. The heads of departments are there, the party members, her parents, some colleagues from the department.

After every course there is a toast. They toast, I toast, everyone speaks except the bride to be. That is the tradition. They sing, then they ask me to sing. All I can think of is Auld Lang Syne. We eat sea cucumber and wood ears, burnt stinky dofu Chairman Mao's favourite dish , frogs' legs, beef stomach, inners and gizzards of every kind. The College Deputy is a woman called Luo. Madame Luo keeps asking the waiters to add vinegar to the wine like the Manchu empresses used to do.

She says it will promote long life to the happy couple. She toasts us in vinegar and I toast her back, to the long friendship between China and the UK. We drink over and over again to the eternal friendship of our two nations I'm sure I heard someone say USA by mistake but he was shushed down. To future happiness, sons and grandsons I get very red in the face, as does everyone else.

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I hug the College Deputy, all the professors, their wives, the semi-professors and their wives, the party faithful, the bride's parents who were also red with drink and the bride. I'm sure now that I am doing the right things. Do come for the wedding. We've fixed a date for next month. A week before the wedding he wanted me to spend all night with him. I said no, not possible. Just wait a week. So we went to his bed during afternoon rest time. We made love and it hurt me a little, and I couldn't hide it.

So then I told him. About going to the clinic. And as I spoke, his face filled with horror. I'd read about it in books, but I'd never seen it happen before me. My father once tried to describe the look on his brother's face when they gave him the ticket to Urumuchi, and told him he couldn't see Xiao Ping again. He never told me what they did to her. All the time Mar Tin was shouting at me I was thinking about her. Was she in the same situation as me? Had nothing changed in a generation? I could do nothing about it: they'd talked to me all night, and in the morning exhausted with lack of sleep and argument, they'd taken me to the clinic, and waited outside the door while it was done.

They said that was the right thing to do. But Mar Tin didn't see it that way. How could he? He'd been sleeping soundly. Now, it seemed I would lose him, and then they'd really get me. They'd accuse me of immorality, and what then? How could I imagine what they would do to me? Without asking me? The father? How could you? This horrible place, you're all murderers. The day before I left for Beijing and the plane home I was in the Friendship Store on May 1st Avenue, trying to find gifts to take home.

My new Minder, Xiao Hong, was with me. She was as ugly as the proverbial back of a bus, and spoke to me only when she had to, and then with palpable horror. I drifted round the aisles undecided: Tang dynasty horses? Packets of tea? Double sided embroidery of kittens? Suddenly there was a commotion outside and everyone rushed out in the street to see lorries going by carrying men and women with placards round their necks in red writing, dripping, to show how hastily they had been written. Their names and their crimes. I could only glimpse their stunned white faces, and could hardly take in the crowd roaring with anger.

Cat thefts, what do you say, cat burglars, climbing into people's flats. She'd say, falling in love with foreigners, sex before marriage. She wouldn't say, having an abortion, because that was normal in this looking glass world. Nor would she say calling off a marriage because she'd changed her mind. She can't have changed her mind. That wasn't her style. However pressurised I'd never doubted her honesty.

Was it all a bluff to get me into trouble? No, surely she must have been under pressures she'd only hinted at. Maybe she couldn't go through with it for my sake. Suddenly I saw how brave she had been, pushing for what she wanted against all the odds. I hadn't seen it till then, as the lorries went by with the crowds baying for their blood. This is what it must have been like in the Cultural Revolution when she was a child.

I wanted to know more, so I took a risk and asked Xiao Hong, right there on the pavement, as the crowds eddied around us. Xiao Hong looked at me carefully. But you should know. She loved you, but they kept going on at her, because of what happened to her parents. Did she tell you what she did when she was a child? She wrote on a blackboard Mao and crossed it out. She had heard people say it was a crime, so she did it, and her parents were imprisoned.

Her uncle was sent away. Her father was beaten up. She told them what she'd done but they made her parents suffer on her behalf. I think she decided then that she wanted to leave China as soon as she could. She couldn't forgive them, and the old leaders are still here. They asked her to be your Minder to test her. They knew she'd fall in love with you. They hoped this would happen; they were never going to let her marry you.

I think they'll send her to the countryside. She won't talk to you. I've asked her. I offered to bring a letter. She gave me this for you. But she won't change her mind. She says she will never remember the western alphabet well enough to be able to speak it with you again. Can't you see what you did to her? She loved you. You never understood what life was like for her. You never saw your parents being beaten up by their own students, because of something a child had done in fun. You don't understand how brave she was. And still is, I think she did the brave thing. She's worthy of her parents now.

I took the package she gave me. It was a tiny cartoon book of the story of the woman warrior. And I understood. Like Fa Mu Lan, you'd carried the resentments and angers of your family on your own frail tender body. I bought the Tang horse, five of them. And then I went back to the flat, crept under the quilt for the last time, and cried. They make me write a confession. I do what they ask. But I write this one too. This is my own confession to my child. I couldn't live if I didn't try to explain to her what happened and who she is.

You see, I fell pregnant very soon, maybe it was that very first time. I knew that if I was not married by the time the baby was born, I'd be in trouble. I'd lose the chance of Party membership, I'd lose my job, and they'd send me to the countryside. I'd become a peasant: me, an educated landlord's great grand daughter.

And my parents would be punished again. I tried to explain to Mar Tin but he didn't understand and I had to wait. Then after we got engaged, I applied for permission for a baby, but they told me the quota was full. They told me I had to follow the rules like everyone else.

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I wasn't special. I was worse than the others: my background was stinking. And I'd slept with a foreigner. They laughed at me for trusting him. So I went to the clinic and they did what they had to do. They do it every day, all the time. It's nothing for them. That first time we went to see the acupuncture, we passed the door of the clinic, but I said nothing then. And I couldn't tell him now, because I knew from that story we'd studied, The Enormous Radio , I knew that foreigners thought differently about abortion. I thought he might change his mind about marrying me if he knew what I'd done.

I was confused. All I knew was that I loved him, and wanted to live with him in the UK. My father always told me, learn English, learn the western alphabet so you can go and live freely. He'd suffered so much. He didn't want me to suffer. But then I felt I had to tell Mar Tin. We were lying in bed, under that quilt with the dragons, and talking about secrets: how we'd never have secrets. He was saying how he felt his parents were never open to each other, and I said that was a problem in China too.

He said how he'd appreciated me talking to him, explaining things. So I thought it would be OK, that he'd understand after living here so long. I just opened my mouth and spoke. I expected his arms to tighten round me. But he was shocked and angry, and called me all kinds of names and pushed me out of bed and on to the floor. He told me to go and so I went. Hurriedly pulling on my clothes and hoping the Wangs weren't listening to my shame. I talked to my parents, and they told me what I had to do.

The next day I wrote to Mar Tin to say I'd changed my mind, and then I went to the leaders to face criticism. They made me write it all down, everything we'd done and said, to see if I could be accused of spying. They made me stay in the flat for four months. I couldn't say goodbye to him. I daren't write to him, even though Xiao Hong offered to take a letter and risk her own political record.

I just sent that little book. I'd told him the story before of Fa Mu Lan, and I thought he could read the pictures. I hoped he'd understand something, but I don't know if he did. Maybe it was all a dream on my part, thinking that a foreigner could love me and that I could leave China.

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While I was locked up, I realised I'd fallen pregnant again, that last time, before I'd told him what I'd done. I kept thinking over and over again, how I wish I'd never told him the truth. But by then I didn't belong to the unit any more. I was sent back to the village where my great aunt still lives and needed someone to help with the pigs.

So I gave birth there, and kept her, our daughter, until she was a month old. Your room has a FULL sized extremely comfortable bed and a locking door with key. My room is behind a partition off of the living room, and I am always available in case you need anything. Make sure to check out my recommendations listed on the map at the bottom of the page, and ask if you need any more ;.

Perfect Room, East Village Dream. Show all. Things to do in Alphabet City, Manhattan. The World Famous Podcast Interview. Popular homes. Read the thorough room description below for details about this. If you make a booking request before contacting me and then getting a response with an invitation to submit a booking request, I regret that I will have to decline your booking request.

My guest room is in an excellent location, a great value and an extremely popular booking--all of which you can see in my glowing reviews. Sometimes my calendar may show dates available, but I may actually be holding those dates for someone who has already contacted me first. In fairness, I always accept booking requests for the same dates in the order received. One final note--because I have had a couple of recent bookings where the guests informed me of a late-night arrival AFTER booking the room--I generally cannot accommodate late-night arrivals in this apartment.

If your flight, bus, train or other mode of transportation will have you arriving at night especially international flights arriving in the late evening and arriving at the apartment at a late hour, I apologize in advance, but I will not be able to accommodate a late check-in. Also see my other listing for the larger guest room in this apartment: "Great Room in Lively East Village". The guest room is comfortably furnished with a beautiful single bed from West Elm with a relaxing, restful, plush euro pillowtop mattress--not some cheap, hard mattress with springs poking you in the back all night and barely any cushioning!

Fresh, quality bed linens and towels are provided for your stay, as is WiFi. Additionally, there is an iron and hair dryer available for shared use. In the kitchen you'll find a delicious selection of mostly organic teas for your enjoyment. You are absolutely welcome to make use of the kitchen to prepare any meals, if you wish, and you are invited to get comfortable in the living room area and read a book or watch television. In the bedroom you will find a power strip that has four USB ports to charge your electronics and two electrical outlets with international adapters built in to accommodate most all various worldwide electrical plugs.

Who's got you covered? My apartment is a fairly typical NYC flat--not huge but very welcoming, warm, safe and clean earth-friendly, cruelty-free products are used. Your host--that would be me--is a genuinely kind, friendly, former Midwesterner who wants to make sure your visit to this fabulous city is wonderful I hope you love it as much as I do!

In short, while you are visiting, my home is your home. Please notice that I'm not just a host--I'm a Superhost. That means that I've earned the Superhost badge from Airbnb added by Airbnb to my profile and go above and beyond Airbnb's standards of quality that is required from hosts, doing what I can to ensure your stay is more-than-comfortable and helping to make it a 5-star experience. Situated on East 10th Street, the location is convenient to all that this city has to offer.

The L train is a less-thanminute walk away, and Tompkins Square Park is right around the corner. Subway trains that are very close include the L, 4, 5, 6, F, N, R, Q, all of which will connect you wherever you want to go in a snap! The East Village is a vibrant, energetic neighborhood with lots of shops restaurants, parks and more. Cozy Room in Lively East Village.

My home is located in the East Village, more specifically Alphabet City, where everything you need is at your fingertips. Walk everywhere! Endless dining options that range from budget friendly to high end celebrity owned. Great location in arguably the best neighborhood in Manhattan! Right next to Tompkins Square Park and only a couple blocks to the Riverfront! Often guests may be leaving and others arriving on the same day. If I am not using my apartment, it means I am traveling and am therefore unable to coordinate outside of the posted timelines.

There is luggage storage close by if you want to unburden and explore while you're waiting for check-in or a late flight. Ask me for details. I use smart pricing and do not negotiate as my place is generally booked well in advance. Please don't ask for a lower price than what is advertised unless you are planning on staying for a month or longer. The building is old, and charming in its own right. The building is located on a darling tree-lined street with an eclectic mix of properties and low car traffic.

Why share an apartment when you can have your own kitchen and private bathroom? The full size bed has one of the most comfortable memory gel mattresses you will ever sleep on. You will also enjoy feather pillows and premium microfiber sheets with an all season duvet. For those rainy days, grab a book or binge watch some Netflix on the Smart TV sorry, no cable. Since the place is small, there is no chest of drawers but there is plenty of shelf space and a luggage rack for your use.

I will place my personal belongings in the locked closet but feel free to hang your things on the rack behind the door. The water pressure is great and I provide all necessities: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels, face cloths, etc. The bathroom is a bit outdated and I have plans to update it in the next couple of months. I am working on reglazing the tub as there are a couple of chips.

Pretty much everything you need to take care of basic kitchen tasks. I do not charge a cleaning fee as I prefer to give my guests the option to save money and clean up after themselves. I kindly ask that whenever you leave the apartment, you turn them off, especially the heater fire hazard! Electricity is really expensive in New York City so I try to conserve.

I will provide specifics on checking in and out once your booking is confirmed. So many gardens, so many restaurants, so many winebars, so many coffee shops.

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You can find it all here folks. Tompkins Square Park is right next door where you can spend hours laying in the sun on the main lawn, listening to live jazz music or participating in one of the many festivals. Check out the farmer's market on Sunday, stop by the dog park to watch the adorable pooches frolic or grab some local grub and partake in one of the many free movie nights. I do have a cat and a dog! Check our reviews! East Village Bedroom for Rent. Never a dull moment. A duplex is a unique living space because while it is an apartment with a very central location, we also have 2 stories which makes it more spacious and more like a home at the same time as there are two floors, which tends to provide a bit more privacy for guests.

The light is great and the apartment's decor is pleasing to the eye. We have wood floors, moroccan tiles and lots of lighting on dimmers to control for ambiance. The room measures 10' x 15' and the bed is a queen pull-out sofa whose sleeping dimensions are: 60" x 80". The East Village is full of culture and very heterogeneous in terms of its inhabitants.

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  4. There are at least 3 cinemas I can think of that are in walking distance 10 minutes. There are so many great restaurants, you might get overwhelmed by the choice. Subway and Bus are right there. Tompkins Square Park is a 5 minute walk from the house outdoor movies in the summer , and remember we have Citibike now so guests can go anywhere by bike. I have two helmets that you can use. Mod 3 BR duplex-East Village. Downtown culture is like no other and the restaurants and shopping make it the ideal location.

    All major subways are in walking distance. Quiet spot in NYC. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers. Free Street Parking around the apartment! While I travel extensively, my co-host Ben lives in the apartment and will be your main contact. He's in his mid 30's and works as a software engineer in investment management. Get to know him! Located in a part of the east village that retains a bit of an edge, you will love exploring the culture that made this part I'd town the refuge for creatives.

    When you are in the apartment, treat it like home and have fun talking to the hosts. Quiet safe neighborhood, with a focus on different cuisines. Great food from all over the world within steps of the apartment. You'll love it here. Ideal for travellers with a budget. Ground floor apartment facing street. The room is freshly painted with brand new furniture, mattress and bedding. It features a full size American bed and large closet. I supply all bed sheets and bathroom towels. This is a fantastic apartment that is located in a small building with only 3 other apartments.

    The apartment is only 2 short stair flights up and is the only one on its floor. This location straddles the demarcation line between the East Village and Lower East Side with dozens of options for food, entertainment, art, live music, sight seeing and taking in all that this vibrant city has to offer. Every conceivable amenity is within a 10 minute walk in either direction. Houston Street is a major thoroughfare where cabs and buses can be easily and quickly caught at any time of the day or night.

    I have lived in my apartment for over 15 years and in NYC for over 25 years so I have intimate knowledge of all things New York and will always be happy and available to assist my guests with any information pertaining to local activities, restaurants, entertainment and sights. The private room for rent has an American full sized bed with a new mattress that comfortably sleeps up to 2 people. The room has hard wood floors, a large full sized closet with plenty of hangers and a heavy duty luggage rack, a large window with lots of northern exposure, a ceiling fan, an air conditioner summer only , 3 long ledge type book shelves and 1 full wall of floor to ceiling mirrors.

    This is the area where "real" New Yorkers come to party, eat ethnic foods of all type, sip coffee and tea in the best cafes, and in general, soak up the real ambiance and feel of authentic everyday New York City life. Every conceivable entertainment amenity is located within a 15 minute walk of the apartment. Private room in East Village Apt. Within a few blocks you can grab great espresso from at least 4 places , hop on a CityBike and ride along the East River, go to the farmer's market on Sundays, and walk through the park and sit down and read the newspaper.

    I prefer watching the dogs in the dog park! The apartment has great sunlight and is on a ginkgo tree lined quiet street. A laundry cleaner and supermarket are at the end of the street for those who wish to cook or do laundry. I love that you will see the same people everyday. It's a great and friendly neighborhood. By far, the best part about the area is it's relaxing park with live music always playing, photo shoots, speakeasies, and the food Beautiful street and half a block from the park. The park is lovely to bring a sandwich or a coffee or set yourself up to picnic. Modern Bohemian Studio.

    This is an amazing studio apartment on the first floor with a loft feel. In the middle of the cultural hub of NYC Everything started here from Punk Rock to Madonna! Enjoy Manhattan's most exciting, diverse, authentic and hippest neighborhood with these affordable accommodations. With one regular bed perfect for a single traveler or couple that wants elbow room. Ideal for a small family or extra people that need their own bed with the flexibility of a twin size floor mattress. For sleeping there is one Queen size regular bed, another twin size mattress in the closet that can be taken out and used as a floor mattress and a large non-fold out couch for a child or small adult.

    We use Diatomaceous Earth throughout the building and in all rooms. DE creates an environment that crawling insects don't want to be around or they will suffocate. We love DE because it's so safe and we never have any bugs at all. The one drawback to its use, is it's most effective when left to integrate with the environment, so you may encounter it under something like a bed or rug or see it as a light dust here and there, though we so our best to hide it.

    The is the East Village of Manhattan!!!! Do you have to ask? This is the cultural center of the capital of the world! Have fun! This room is up three flights of stairs - it's sunny with some street noise, and in a great location - guests would share a bathroom and kitchen.

    Washer Dryer, plenty of clean linens, and a comfortable bed! The kitchen isn't much of a common room, as there's limited space - it's mainly good to use for refrigeration, heating things up in the oven or microwave - our places are small in the East Village, if guests want to chat or get suggestions from a local I'm available - have been here 27 years!

    Rent my sunny front room in the East Village. It's private and has everything you need, from wi fi to a tidy bathroom.! Its an extremely safe 24 hour neighborhood. There's lots of work by local artists in my kitchen, and a washer dryer you can use. The bed is full size and has pillows and the linens are fresh. It's a third floor walk up, in a well maintained prewar building, My block has a couple of nice restaurants, Supper and The Fry Guys, and my favorite pizza is Rizzo's, a block and a half away on Clinton Street. Its close to a lot of pubs and shops on my particular street.

    There might be some street noise at night its' New York City things go block by block here in manhattan. I've had good experiences with all my guests so far - we've both been lucky! People are easy going here, they're not in such an incredible hurry, and I love to go to Tompkins Park, on 7th Street, and people watch in the central area. Cozy room in East Village with AC. Amazing location with sky out the windows just off Ave. B in the heart of the East Village. Private room in 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a big community garden.

    Eastern light. Kitchen available. Queen-size bed. Many restaurants, gardens and shops very close by. We are offering a private bedroom with queen size bed in great location near Avenue B and Tompkins Square Park in the heart of the East Village. Your room has plenty of space for luggage and two windows overlooking the the rear of the garden.

    Citi Bike rental just outside the front door. Easy going atmosphere in our art filled apartment. We have two friendly resident cats. Closet space to hang clothes. Hair dryer and iron available. The neighborhood with the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in the city if not the world scores off the charts in all the expected areas: retail diversity, restaurant density and proximity to nightlife, music, theater and cinema.

    Perfect location for vacationers and theater goers. Many nearby outdoor cafes are now open, some late night. It's 5-minute walk to to L. Tons of grocery stores, delis, drugstores nearby most of which are hour. Tompkins sq park with outdoor workout facility is right around the corner as is a library, and taxi's are very accessible day and night.

    Comfy room in vibrant East Village. Welcome to the Louvre Apartment. The apartment is in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan. Considered to be one of the most dynamic neighborhoods of the world. Just step out the door and you are in the heart of it all. It represents the true New York City experience. The apartment faces south so it has direct sunlight coming in. The apartment sleeps 4 comfortably.

    The apartment is as charming as they come. Designed, furnished and decorated to represent the charming and historical lifestyle of European culture. The apartment is located in the Heart of the East Village in Manhattan. Considered by many to be one of the most exciting and dynamic neighborhoods of the world. The apartment is quiet because its not on a main traffic street which is very special for New York City. It also faces south so you get direct sunlight.

    The apartment sleeps 4 comfortably with a queen size bed in the bedroom and a queen size pullout sofa in the living room. Its the heart and soul of New York City. Just step out the door and the real New York City is right at your feet. This is a comfortable room with built in loft,queen size mattress, and a living space, plenty of natural light and air.

    Third floor walk up in Historic pre-war building Umbrella House Please pet friendly people only we have one dog. Fluent in Spanish. This is a three bedroom apt in the East Village, great location , near to Soho , Chinatown, Nolita, etc. The building was a squatter building in the early 90;s and its very particular in character. Its defenetly not your square box looking apt.

    Please use the kitchen , although great restaurants all around us, cooking at home can be fun and it will save you some cash Sorry minimum three nights stay. By far the best, The Lower East Side was once a rough wheel and deal neighborhood. It is now a trendy cool people, restaurants, bars, arts and parks, all around type of place. You will love the small neighborhood feel of this place, espeacially if you spend some time up in Midtown The available room is very cozy and has a built-in closet and a full bed.

    The apartment has access to an outdoor deck and is located in the lovely East Village neighborhood. There are many great restaurants, nightlife locales, and community parks nearby and the nearest subway station F train is only a 10 minute walk away. This is a two bedroom apartment that sits on a very quiet street. The apartment is kept clean and organized and guests are always welcome to food from my fridge and cupboard which I stock regularly. I am an artist and keep much of my artwork on the living room walls which also makes for a homey and creative living space.

    The East Village is known for its creative spirit, unique restaurants, boutique shopping and lovely community parks The famous Tompkins Sq. Park is only an 8 minute walk away. It is conveniently near Soho and Chinatown which are also great areas to explore. Room in East Village. Apartment is located in East Village where everything you need is at your fingertips. If you're looking for suburbia -- this isn't it! A stone's throw to Tompkins Square Park and the Riverfront! Clean, private and filled with natural light! Listing is priced according to smart pricing and is non-negotiable so PLEASE do not ask for a lower price unless you are planning on staying longer than 30 days.

    If you are using auto-book, please expect a message asking you to confirm that you have read the house rules. Some past guests have booked without reading the house rules and turned up with unrealistic expectations. It's imperative that you read everything thoroughly.