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Many people routinely pay their utility bills without checking the specifics. Because people typically use far less electricity in the winter than they do in the summer, even people being scammed may find the total due for electricity in January or February to be a number that they have seen in the past. So, as step one: Before paying your power bill make sure you are not being overbilled. If inflated rates violate an agreement that you had with your supplier, check the cost per kWh and make sure it is similar to the rate charged by your public utility. Some bills tell you what the public utility would have charged; in other cases the information is easily obtainable online or by phone.

If you are being overcharged, make sure to dispute the validity of the charges with the party that bills you. It is best if you resolve the issue directly with your supplier, but, if my experience described above is any indicator, your supplier may be unreachable. In many cases, however, you may have another party to whom to turn, as the billing for the third-party provider is actually handled by the local public utility; scammers may be relying on the fact that some utilities put warnings about shutting off power on the bills of people who fall behind in payments — providing a strong incentive for people to pay their bills even when overcharged.

Aggravating matters is the fact that some customers who called their utilities have apparently been told that the utility does not handle consumer disputes with third-party energy providers, and that the full amount must be paid. I spoke several times with a representative of the media relations department at PSEG — the utility servicing millions of people in New Jersey and New York.

What your insurance broker doesn't want you to know - The Globe and Mail

If a different utility services your area, you will, of course, need to contact its appropriate customer service team. But it is typical. AbbVie has put some of its earnings to work lobbying against efforts at price controls in the United States, recently in California. The industry also successfully lobbied in to bar Medicare from negotiating over drug prices. While President Trump once talked about taking action on drug prices, his administration did not follow through in the health care debate last year. Steven D.


Pearson, the founder of the institute, which provides cost benefit data to health plans, said competing drugs were overpriced as well. For now, Americans have to rely on the generosity of the drug industry, such as it is.

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AbbVie joined a few of its rivals in saying it would limit price increases to single digits this year, and so only raised Humira by another 9. For the drug industry, that counts as generosity.

The Chargeback Process

What should I do? In the end we all have to wake up and pay full attention to our bills. When one doubles. Do something about it. I understand the many frustrations people feel. When your claim is not paid, contact your individual Insurance Dept within your State.

‘You want a description of hell?’ OxyContin’s 12-hour problem

They will help. But as for pricing. Your insurance companies rates are based on the re insurers rates.

Nothing more. So your State Government is well aware of the reasons for the rate increase and has approved it.

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  • There is no words for the remorse we independents feel when we fail our clients. To not feel remorse is the real issue. Recommendation, realize you are one person with one home. If you care about your agent. Pick up the phone and call them. If not, just move every three years. I can promise you- loyalty will prevail in the end. People either care or they do not.

    I personally care. I know the company since I stalk you on Twitter, but why not just call them out. Where like you have done, buy all my insurance thru one company to get the combined discounts. I wonder if all insurance companies are going this route….

    The two-year Wells Fargo horror story just won't end

    Good luck, I think they will cave in your case at least if they are smart :. Cross selling for commercial banks and insurance companies has been the golden gospel for years now. Good job getting cheaper insurance! Buck Inspire Definitely hard to trust a a company which jacks you like this. Very disappointing. Little House Looks like they are working to lower it, but not as much as I liked.

    Spending hours on the phone and trading e-mails. I want my time back! JT I think i will def shop around, but leave my money earning 4. Go get them! You should have put their real name in this post. That really stinks.

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    Hopefully they will come back and make peace with you by refunding most of your money. If not, walk away quickly! Stir up a little competition and all of a sudden they bend over backwards to please you. Good luck! Wrath of Sam or the Samurai Strikes Back! Good luck in your battle. Lesson for all to always monitor statements and trust no one! So typical; I hate when companies waste my time. I had the company that formed my LLC for me keep sending me letters a year later that I had to renew some stupid registered agent service even though I could do act as one myself.

    They eventually threatened me with collections even though I said to cancel all affiliations with them. Sam, When will you come clean on the company name? Are you just waiting to see if they follow through? I gave a company Kudos Hilton Garden Inns on my blog for great service recently. I do think legitimate praise, and criticism are both equally valuable. The case is still in progress. It all depends on the outcome. Bad protocol. They pulled that one on use years back. You have to watch these guys like a hawk and check your statements every year.

    I called them and gave them the correct sq. Wow, I guess it was a good thing in the long run that you cancelled that credit card, even though it was a pain. I just got informed that my house is suddenly in a flood zone one of 2 houses in the entire neighborhood, go figure. I now have to go fight that.

    I hope you do choose to move your money from the company. Voting with your money is the only way to make sure that you do have some power in the marketplace. I never trust people like that do act in your own best interest Or even in their own long term best interest , so I basically have 0 loyalty to any company — air carrier, bank or whatever. Not only will it save me money, but it can keep my from getting screwed by them in the future. No one wants to piss off a brand new customer, so they screw the guy who has been there quite a while, hoping he wont notice and bolt.

    Good luck resolving this sam! Actually, and I will not call them tricky dick I will name them outright Nationwide has no problems with screwing new customers. This type of action by insurance companies should be illegal it is certainly dirty and underhanded. Needless to say I have changed insurance companies and will continue to do so periodically because I no longer trust any of them. Pull your policy and shop around. Yes, that is a good idea. That would be huge!

    I think I very well will look at other insurance policies online at least and see how things stack up. Man that sucks. Let us know how it goes! And to think those shysters could have kept on overcharging you till dooms day had you not contacted them on another matter. So at least you were lucky to cut their scheme off at the pass.

    Sorry to hear that Sam! Maybe the door knobs are made of crystal! Are you sure they are not?! I was with a similar insurance company. One fine morning they jacked up the premium to almost double. Shopped around and got a better deal, switched. Called them to tell them about the switch. NOW they wanted me back! But they never bothered to send me that letter! Anyway they agreed to reduce the premiums ever further if I switched back. How do companies get away with this?! My wife and I have the same issues with allstate.

    What a joke. We have no tickets no claims and a perfect driving record. It really makes me wonder how these a.. Somehow our estimate vs. Still waiting for a transparent response. The depriciated amount if recovered for Dwelling A and Other Structures B plus the damaged tree equals that exactly!! Change insurance companies like you change your pants. Never go beyond 3 yrs. Play their game against them by shopping for smarter coverage. Charles J. Givens had some great books that still offer good advice today.