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The foods that help and hurt your mental health

It is probably due to the lack of added sugars. It would be nice if there could be a study of the ketogenic diet on depression patients. Avoiding added sugars is consistently shown to help with weight loss, and in this case, mood. Any diet is difficult to maintain long term. With the ketogenic way of eating, a lot of people find it actually minimises their cravings and naturally reduces caloric intake. I gave up gluten because of a thyroid problem and three days later I woke up to a different world.

The major depression that I had suffered with my whole life was lifted…. It is amazing to me how a thing like gluten could cause such a change…. I had spent a fortune on physiatrists and psychologists and was way overmedicated to the point where I was shaking. Also I dropped 25 lbs so quickly that I thought there was something wrong with me…. They have improved the quality of gluten free food since I quit so I have gained some of that weight back but now I work out so it is not an issue.

I am just happy to not be fighting depression every day. I gave up gluten and have not looked back since…. Refined grains of all kinds are what seemed to be associated with a higher risk of depression in these studies.

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Glad to see this topic getting the attention it deserves. Keep up the good work. We discovered the diet mental health connection some years ago. The elimination of gluten made an enormous night and day difference for the better. While celiac was in the immediate family, without the classic symptoms we never made the connection to mental health, anxiety and ability to focus.

Hope more research is done in this area. Depression is the result of a deficiency in key brain nutrients. Poor diet and stress are the root causes. Also, boosting Omega-3 and rejecting Omega-6 food sources is essential. The medical research has been done, we just have to connect the dots. I eat the diet you are suggesting and have been a healthy eater for decades. Diet is often only part of the solution. Treatment options for depression include medications, therapy, and self-care. Self-care includes things like sleep, physical activity, and diet, and is just as important as meds and therapy.

The body is a complex machine. Diet and exercise are important, but genetics is too. In the case of depression, MTHFR mutations play a significant role as they impact the methylation cycle, that produces many neuro-transmitters. By supplementing you can optimize this cycle and compensate for faulty genetics. Genetics also conditions how fast you metabolize fat, carbs, caffeine… So adapting your diet to your genetics is extremely important. We are also discovering the role of microbes and their interactions with our body. Diet definitely impacts those microbes.

We need a holistic and personalized approach to health. The evidence-based jury is still out on MTHFR gene mutations and links to any diagnosis or treatment. Pubmed , and recent reviews call for more and higher-quality research before an association can be suggested. Meantime, most folic acid supplements are relatively harmless, if they come from a reliable source. Yet, practice is incredible for my winter dejection. What has at long last worked this previous year for weight reduction has been two things.

One is work out. They are incredible and truly take a shot at your intuitive. I simply hear them out when I get into overnight boardinghouse nod off tuning in to them…and regardless they work. Definitely following a Mediterranean diet is good choice for future health. We should more focus on living an active life and spend more time on exercise rather than only focusing on diet.

Exercise is more effective than diet when it comes to depression and anxiety. We should focus on both following a healthy diet and exercise. Diet is only part of it, I agree. Not much has changed since.

How To Conquer Depression Through Diet - Dr. Drew Ramsey

Some thoughts:. People are extremely unique and we all need to discover which foods are best for each of us. Small changes matter! Maybe try some? You admit you eat many flours even if home-made.

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Perhaps look into trying gluten free to see if it makes a difference? Also, specifically for anxiety, yoga and meditation are really helpful. Monique Tello,never says to just focus on diet as you suggest. Optimal health is a puzzle we each must put together based on our individual genetics, medical history, somatotypes, personalities, environments and health literacy.

If we have a deficit in one of those areas, there are many things we can do to bridge the gap.

Brain food: What you eat could help manage depression and anxiety

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Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for Depression | Psychology Today

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