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Note: In addition to the courses for their major, every student at NGU is required to register and earn credit for Chapel, for each semester of full-time enrollment, and Cultural Events, for only the first four semesters of full-time enrollment. Each of these courses counts as one-half credit hour per semester. Principles of Theological Research and Writing 3 hours Introduction to Youth Ministry 3 hours Humanities course 3 hours English literature course 3 hours Foreign language course 3 hours Hermeneutics 3 hours Youth Ministry Programming 3 hours Social science course 3 hours Fine arts appreciation course 3 hours Foreign language course 3 hours.

Overview You enjoy working with those who are younger than you. Success Alex Gore '18 - Youth Ministry "I was looking at other schools, and they didn't really seem to fit what I was looking for.

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I wanted something higher, with professors who actually care. I wanted a school of higher education but also a school where I knew the professors would care about me. Click here to tell us why you love NGU! Jeff Moss '08 "I would absolutely recommend the youth ministry degree at NGU because of the practical skills learned from shadowing real student ministers to [having] internships to sitting under some of the best and sharpest professors in the world.

Justin Trevor Boyd '05 "I have used the knowledge that I gained at North Greenville to further my personal walk with Christ, as well as to lead in the various ministries that I am involved in with my local church. Logan Silver '15 "While drawing my heart closer to God, teaching me academic and practical lessons, and forming relationships, my education at NGU also helped prepare me for my career [as a family ministries pastor] tremendously. Michelle DelGreco Craddock '05 "Mike Landrum's emphasis on family ministry has impacted my current job in a huge way.

We are equipping parents in a way I have never seen a church do. The audacious hope of youth ministry is that imperfect disciples of Jesus can somehow inspire youth and their families to live like Christ. Taking care of our own spiritual maturity is difficult enough.

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Many of us amble toward Christlikeness with summit victories and dale defeats, but those who work with youth are given the responsibility—and blessing—of bringing others along. On this journey we are called to care for the souls of those traveling with us. This makes attending to our personal relationships with God even more important. The appropriate genesis of any youth ministry is not a program for the spiritual formation of adolescents but a commitment to our spiritual formation as Christian adults and disciples of Jesus.

Refusing to settle for a lukewarm likeness of Christ, those involved in youth ministry have an opportunity to become a primary instrument by which the Holy Spirit brings youth into a relationship with God. When we recognize the significant influence Christian adults play in the formation of adolescents, we set the stage for a more effective youth ministry that emanates from the spiritual maturity of its leaders King , Loving youth through adolescence is like flying in a plane that loses cabin pressure.

The turbulence of the teenage years exposes a young person's soul to real threats. As ministers to youth, we need to be grounded in our relationship with God so we know how to respond to this turbulence. We must first place the oxygen mask of the Spirit over our own nose and mouth and breathe normally before we can adequately assist anyone else Easum , If we have not first attended to our own spiritual health, we may discover we are of little use to those around us. Since our faith is based on belief in Jesus as God's Son, ministry in his name requires us to consider our identities as his disciples and ministers.

The literature produced by youth ministry educators is replete with admonitions for youth workers to know themselves. Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster suggest the work of youth ministry must be accompanied by theological identity questions, including the introspective query, Who am I? Borgman offers similar counsel by suggesting that effective youth workers should consistently study and interpret not only the Bible and the culture, but also themselves.

Such personal reflection will lead to knowing how to be as well as how to do p. Mike Higgs echoes this theme by proposing that identity precedes action in ministry. He notes that there is a temptation in youth ministry to have an imbalanced emphasis on the outside of youth ministry—how we do it—and a corresponding neglect of the inside, or being—who we are as youth workers Higgs , Having a clear sense of identity gives us a new perspective on ministry goals and the responsibility of a youth pastor Dunn Many people have appealed to well-known professions to describe the job of a minister.

While these comparisons are somewhat helpful, they do not capture the heart of the calling. Terms such as clinician therapeutic metaphor , chaplain institutional metaphor , coach sports metaphor , entrepreneur, marketer, and strategist business metaphors miss the mark of what it truly means to be a minister Roxburgh , On one level it would be correct to say that a youth pastor is a program director, activities coordinator, chaperone, chauffeur, and janitor. Youth pastors certainly fulfill responsibilities in these areas at various times, but such roles also miss the mark.

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More accurate descriptors that reflect biblical roles and address the objectives of youth ministry could be used. Speaking to youth ministry educators, Jack and McRay said, Our language is terribly important because it will convey to our students the callings and roles we value for ministry with youth. When they view their calling as an outworking of who they are deep within their souls, ministry becomes less of a job title and more of an outpouring of what God is doing in their hearts p. Defining the youth minister's identity is challenging because of the eclectic nature of the profession.

Youth pastors serve among junior high and high school students, parents, volunteers, fellow ministers, staff, and elders. They work in church buildings, schools, homes, and camps, on athletic fields and mission fields. They are present amid celebrations, tragedy, victories, and mourning. They are on the front lines of spiritual battles for young people's souls.

Youth Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Youth Ministry by Houston Heflin

Ministry in these conditions requires a stomach for change and a desire to learn. It is no surprise, then, that youth pastors are a difficult bunch to pin down. They do not all look the same, nor can their identity be defined by any one role that they play Neder Being a youth pastor requires skillfully juggling diverse roles in dissimilar contexts with people of multiple generations while enlisting others to join the effort. Paul recognized back in the first century this need for ministers to wear many different hats.

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul clarified that he was willing to remove any barrier that might stand between any group and the gospel. This required some dexterity. Paul testified:.

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Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law though I myself am not under the law , so as to win those under the law. Dean, K.

Clark and D. Fields, D. Heflin, H. Higgs, M.

Youth Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Youth Ministry

Jones, T. Mason, M. Singleton and R. Muggleton, D.

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Nilan, P. Julian and J. W: Pearson Education Australia, Senter, B. Strommen, M.

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