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The information below should provide you with a good overview of what is required of an applicant, what you should be presenting in your CV, as well as some useful airline and training college contact details note that the requirements may vary from airline to airline, and from what is listed below.

For leading information on job vacancies, you can follow Missy Quest on Facebook. Airports Company Career Portal. Apply via the link on the left by submitting creating a profile, submitting your CV and answering the quiestionnaire. You'll find vacancies on the website as well as on LinkedIn. Note that they do not recruit on behalf of airlines. British Airways. Comair Limited operating as Kulula. Email your CV to careers. Kulula Airline. Mango Airline. Send your CV in to antoniadamoense flymango.

South African Airways. I was wondering if there will be recruitment in Tanzania this year? Once you are shortlisted, you can choose an Assessment Day in a country of your choice based on the options available. I want to apply for cabin crew post any suggestion how to proceed. Hello Hirish, Is it Emirates that you are specifically looking at?

Spend a lot of time perfecting your resume and if you find any gaps in your skills or experience make efforts to gain those skills — such as volunteering or taking more courses. I from Indonesia then I want join this cabin crew, and my question is may I join this cabin crew? Yes, absolutely!

Emirates sponsor people from all over the world to work as cabin crew in Dubai — your nationality is not a barrier. Because I am interested to work as flight attendant. Hello Bouchra. Unfortunately, options to become cabin crew in Dubai are very limited at the moment. Thank you very much in advance! Hello Jasmine. Always check the Qatar Airways careers website first but nearly every Open Day is open to all to attend. You can find the dates, times and locations on the recruitment website. Make sure you take the required documentation with you! Hence I assume I failed the application?

Thanks for your quick response! Hello Jasmine, sorry for the confusion. Yes, you can still attend an Open Day. Whether you are selected to go through to the AD will be the decision of the recruiter on the day — not your online application. Thanks for the inept knowledge shared. But how true is this information and why has emirate not posted this on their website. A quick response will be deeply appreciated.


I am interested in joining the fly emirates flight attendant. Is there any possible way that I can join the Fly emirates cabin crew? Hello Isa. As Anthony pointed out, yes abolustely, you can apply to join Emirates as cabin crew. Good evening. Good evening! Until that point, there are no other ways to become a flight attendant with Emirates. Good Evening. I have been working with Dubai Taxi Corporation for more than 3 years. I am 32 years old. Is there any opportunity to work with Emirates to get a chance to work with my best capability. We initially predicted recruitment would restart by the end of the year although we are now adjusting our estimate to the start of Make sure you highlight your customer service skills in your resume and focus on writing a resume that is really impactful.

If possible, have your resume and applications photos ready as soon as possible so that there is no delay when recruitment finally restarts. Good day! The thing is in our country K was just recently implemented, 2 years after I graduated high school. I am 21 years of age, 3rd year engineering student and 2 years left to graduate. This being so, I think it is kind of impractical to continue my degree I believe. Thank you and hoping for your immediate response. Good day and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Emirates require a minimum of High School education to apply for the role.

You do not need higher education and this will not go against you. Please let me know if you allow me to enjoy all the specifications you mentioned previously for the flight crew or flight attendant, but I am 39 years old but I enjoy the activity and rush to work. Will age be an obstacle to my job or is there an exception? Also , i worked as a crew for a helicopter company with experience in passenger handling and ground handling with dangerous goods certification.

Can i apply as a crew for emirates from Fiji? Do i have a chance or is it worth trying to apply for emirates? Hello Shadab, Its great to hear from you. The age limit with Emirates starts at 21, being 25 of age will certainly not harm your chances. A very good question! We initially suggested it would be in the first few months of but a recent rumour suggested it might not start until the second half of next year. Hi guy. I come from Viet Nam. Can you tell me when to recruit flight attendants in Vietnam? Hello Max, Thanks for getting in contact with us.

Only at that point will we know what countries Emirates will be targeting first. I have a serve hearing loss which I wear 2 Cochlear Implants and I am an excellent communicator with experiences in both hospitality and airport sector as customer service and bar staff at a hotel.

I have always wanted to be cabin crew and I have looked high and low for information on cabin crew with hearing loss as can they be employed by the airline as they cannot discriminate disabled potential employees. I wanted to ask you what is Emirates and GCAA view on this will they take onboard cabin crew who is deaf or hard of hearing.

I have applied with easyJet in the past and was successful in interviews and assessment days and I failed in the last hurdle in the medical which I had to perform a hearing assessment in a simulated aircraft cabin whilst wearing a smoke hood. Just to sum up what is Emirates or GCAA or any airline point of view hiring cabin crew with hearing loss and what is your advice on this, Many thanks and looking forward to hearing your response.

Despite claims to the contrary, Emirates is known to discriminate for a variety of reasons. Thank you so much for trying to find as much information as you possibly can about this and I certainly will keep trying. Where cab i find the online application and can i apply now? I wanted to ask you if Emirates recruit flight attendants in ivory coast? I really would love to join Emirates cabin crew.

Hi Admin, This blog has all the helpful information for those who want to reach their dream with Emirates. I have never experienced living in the Middle East and Dubai sounds like a really fun and great city to live in. The airline does prefer to hire younger crew but we know of older candidates who have succeeded at Emirates. Neither airline publishes an upper age limit — however, the same rule applies.

Generally speaking, they prefer younger candidates but more mature applicants can on occasion succeed. Emirates recruits cabin crew of varying sizes and heights. While there is a minimum height requirement for safety reasons, there is no hard and fast rule for a maximum height or minimum body weight. We know of Emirates cabin crew who are much taller than 6ft tall who have been hired. If you have any concerns, however, you could mention these with a recruiter once the hiring process has restarted.

Good day. I heard from sources in South Africa that Emirates prefer to take on cabin crew who have not yet undergone training or worked as a cabin crew member before. Is that correct? Currently I am considering training in our country for our internal flights. This did use to be correct to a certain extent — although there have been plenty of cabin crew hired throughout the years who had previous experience in the field before joining Emirates. Interestingly, Etihad who had a similar policy, have actually been shortlisting more candidates who have previous experience of late.

We could well see Emirates taking the same approach when it reopens recruitment to everyone in the next few months. Hello Edd. Thanks for all these information. BUT on the website, it states that they require a height of cms. Im so worried. If I can reach cms, will it still be a problem since I lack 3cms in height? Thanks a lot! Hello Sharmaine, Many airlines have a minimum height requirement — as stated on the Emirates careers page, this is to ensure you can reach emergency equipment like smoke hoods, oxygen and medical equipment.

I know that European airlines are VERY strict in this regard although Emirates have in the past been a little more lenient. Unfortunately, 3cm is quite a big gap but I would suggest submitting your application, continuining with your yoga and stretching techniques in order to make the grade.

Hey, thanks! I just started doing yoga for a week and I can almost reach the cms arm reach! If I continue to do so, maybe I can surpass the cms? Im excited! Thanks much! Or there is a minimum experience of 1 year? Hello and many thanks for your message. Wishing you the very best of luck! It is a minimum requirement so you might have to think about the different ways you can achieve this… For example, any part-time or voluntary work you have done in the past. If you are still struggling then your application might be rejected. Hi i really wanna join emirates. Hello I have 2 questions First when it comes to the pictures can I wear a suit with pants instead of a skirt?

There is no vacant seat for cabin crew on emirates career group website. Do you have any idea about it? Hi everyone! Has anyone tried to apply yet? I can see that Emirates have changed their recruitment process since last time I was looking into it. Now they are looking for 1 year customer experience, where before, as far as I remember, there used to be no requirements? The only customers I have to deal with are parents yet, I must admit, they are very demanding ones! Do you think I would still qualify? Hello Dorota, I would definitely say you have more than 1-year of experience in customer service.

Emirates just open the application for cabin crew. Do you know when is the final date to apply? Emirates is my dream airline, and i already submitted my online application. How many days should i expect them to email me if i got in or not? Im currently working also as a cabin crew in my country and i really do hope ill pass thru. Thank you so much! Hi, my dream job is to work for emirates however I am a little confused with the interview process so any help will be massively beneficial.

First of all, for the photos should these be done by a professional photographer? Hi Megan, Thanks for reaching out. If you choose to take your own photos, please make sure you take the photos in good light with either a decent digital camera or a modern smartphone. You should ensure the photo is taken against a white backdrop with no shadowing across your face or body. We highly recommend using an online service to overlay your photo against a white backdrop — there are lots of options available on the web, it will cost a fraction of the price of getting your photos taken professionally and the turnaround is normally really fast.

You will complete the digital interview during the initial application.

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Therefore be ready for this part of the application before starting the process. Hey what things should you write in your cv?? Really struggling with this part. Any help will be great. My daughter worked for Emirates for 5 years. I would suggest any customer oriented work you have done, emphasize this. No matter what it is. Anything you have done which has promoted customer satisfaction……if you dont have this experience…. I have no idea what to do with the casual photos!!! Hello, I started the application process on the emirates career site, I was on the 6th step, digital interview.

I completed the digital interview, and nothing happened, the app asked me to full out a survey on the exprience. I went back to the Emirate page to submit my application, but It is not allowing me to. It says I must do the interview first, and the I will be automatically redirected to submit my application. I have even received email confirmation that my digital interview has been submitted.

But the Website application wont let me continue. I have been preparing for this for over a week, now i am heart broken. I have emailed emirates recruitment, but they have an automated response that says they cannot personally reply. The same thing just happened to me! Unit Flight attendants are responsible for the passengers safety and comfort. At least one hour before each flight, attendants receive a briefing from the captain on such topics as expected weather and a special passengers problem. The attendants see that the cabin is in order, that supplies of food, beverages, blankets and reading material are adequate, and that first aid kits and other emergency equipment are aboard and in working order.

As passengers board the plane, attendants greet them, check their tickets, and assist them in storing coats and carry-on luggage. Before and after take-off, the attendant performs a variety of duties, including: Instructing passengers on the use of emergency equipment Checking that seat belts are fastened and seat backs are in the forward position Answering questions about the flight arrival times, connecting flights, meals, etc.

Distributing magazines, pillows and blankets Helping those in need handicapped, ill, injured, children, the elderly Serving meals and beverages After the plane lands, attendants assist passengers-in-need as they leave the plane and thank the others for choosing their airline. Assisting passengers in the rare event of an emergency is an important function of the flight attendant. This may range from reassuring passengers during occasional encounters with strong turbulence to opening emergency exits and inflating evacuation chutes following an emergency landing.

Many passengers choose an airline based on the flight attendants service. It is therefore critical that the attendants be friendly and courteous, provide the highest level of service, and go the extra mile whenever possible. Choose the correct answer based on the text above: 1.

Flight attendants are responsible for: a The weather briefing b The passengers safety and comfort c The airplane d The flight 2. Various passengers choose an airline company based on: a The name of the airline b The size of the airplane c The flight attendants service d The type of meals that are served 3. One of the duties of a flight attendant is to answer questions about: a Arrival times b Meals c Connecting flights d All of the above.

Answer true or false 1. A flight attendant should never instruct a passenger on how to use the emergency equipment. A flight attendant should always assist passengers-in-need as they leave the airplane. Flight attendants are briefed by the ticket agent a True b False 4. The flight attendants duties end as soon as the airplane lands.

My name is Cindy. Where are you from? I am from Canada. What is her name? Her name is Noriko. Where is she from? Shes from Japan. What are their names? Their names are Paul and Sheila. Where are they from? They are from England. Fill in the blanks and practice the following dialogues. Its from Italy. Complete the above dialogues using the following contractions. The flight crew is made up of a group of people who work in an aircraft when it is flying from one city to another on a domestic or international flight. The flight crew is organized into two groups. The first group, the captain and the co-pilot or first officer, works in the cockpit.

Some airplanes still require a flight engineer to monitor the planes engines and systems. Nowadays, most airplanes have two-man crews who are responsible for monitoring all the systems. They perform a variety of duties in order to offer safety and comfort to all the passengers. Answer true or false: 1. Nowadays most airplanes require three-man crews.

You are Are you? He is Is he? She is Is she? It is Is it? We are Are we? They are Are the. No, I am not. Or No, Im not. Yes, you are. No, you are not.

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Or No, youre not. Yes, he is. No, he is not. Or No, hes not. Yes, she is. No, she is not. Or No, shes not. Yes, it is. No, it is not. Or No, its not. Yes, we are. No, we are not. Or No, were not. Yes, they are. No, they are not. Or No, theyre not. Am I late for my flight? Is she from Brazil? No, shes not. Are you from Germany? No, Im not. I am from Brazil. Are you a businessman? Yes, I am. Is that passenger from Cuba? Is the flight engineer French? No, he isnt.

Fill in the blanks and practice the following dialogues: 1. Hes from Jamaica 2. They work for a Japanese airline. It needs more fuel. Write three dialogues like the previous ones. Crew meets at the operations room in order to prepare for the flight. Captain files his flight plan. Captain has all the information, such as weather conditions, to complete the flight safely. Captain tells his crew about the weather conditions.

Captain is told any relevant information about the passengers. Crew checks for any VIPs. They receive special treatment. Purser briefs the flight crew about any passengers special requirements such as meals vegetarian, kosher seating arrangements for handicapped or ill passengers, and unaccompanied minors Ums. Referring to the text above, link the words. This is only given for language-training purposes. Match the words and the pictures. Departure lounge announcement Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. AirSky Flight to Paris is now ready for boarding at gate 7A.

Passengers who need assistance and those with children should proceed now to the gate. Please extinguish all smoking material before leaving this lounge. Boarding will take place according to the seat number shown on the boarding pass. Please do not proceed through the gate until your seat number is called. Thank you for your cooperation. First class passengers are requested to board now, please. Thank you. Seat allocation The aircraft is usually divided into three classes: First class Business class Economy class.

Sentences used as the passengers board the aircraft. Write down possible responses to the following sentences. Welcome aboard! Write your own response to the following questions, then practice the conversation: 1. Can I look after your bags? Can you tell me where I can put my duty free bags? Im sorry, but would you mind stowing my briefcase in the overhead compartment?

May I ask you to put that small box under the seat? Demonstrations and safety announcements Ladies and gentlemen, Our cabin pressure is controlled for your comfort, but should it change at anytime during the flight, an oxygen mask will automatically fall from the overhead compartment. If this happens, please put out your cigarette immediately, pull down the mask and place it firmly over your mouth and nose, securing it with the strap.

You should secure your own mask first, before helping those who need assistance. Continue to breathe normally, until you are advised that the oxygen masks are no longer required. Life jackets Ladies and gentlemen, As part of our flight today is over water, international regulations require that we demonstrate the use of the life jacket.

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Each passenger is provided with a life jacket which is located beneath your seat. Your cabin crew is now demonstrating how to use it. Pull the life jacket over your head. Fasten the jacket with the straps around your waist as the crew is now demonstrating. The jacket is automatically inflated by pulling these tags, or, if necessary, by blowing air into this tube. A light and a whistle are attached to the life jacket.

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Thank you for listening. Seat belts When this sign is illuminated, please fasten your seat belts. For safety reasons we advise you to keep your seat belts fastened during the entire flight. Is equivalent to Is it ok to? Can I? May I see his boarding pass? Yes, you may. Would you mind showing me their boarding pass?

No, I wouldnt mind. Can I see your boarding pass, please? Yes, you can. Could I see your boarding pass? Yes, you could. Im sorry, but I need to see your boarding pass. Im sorry, but I must ask you to show me your boarding pass, please. Fill in the blanks and then practice the following dialogues: 1. May I see her boarding card, please? This is my daughters boarding pass. Yes, I can. I just need to find it.

This is my boarding pass. Now we are ready for take-off. When the passengers have taken their seats and the doors are closed, the airplane is pushed back from the airport terminal. Next, the pilot taxies to the runway for the take-off. During this time, the flight crew performs very important tasks to assure the safety and comfort of all the passengers.

The crew makes sure that: All moveable galley items and catering equipment is secured. All the internal doors and curtains between different sections of the cabin are secured open. Overhead luggage compartments are closed. Hand luggage placed beneath seats is secured. No one is smoking. Seatbelts are fastened. Seats are in the fully upright position.

Tables are stowed. No passenger is walking down the aisle. No one is in the lavatory. Some companies elect to offer some type of passenger service while the airplane is taxing towards the runway. An airline company may offer: Reading material. Complimentary drinks. Pair up with a friend and practice a conversation by using the following examples: 1. Madam, would you like a blanket for your comfort? Yes, I would. Would you care for a sweet to avoid ear discomfort? Yes, please. May I offer you a magazine with our compliments, sir? No, thanks. Now, replace the words highlighted above with the words below and practice the dialogues again.

There is not There isnt Are there? There are not There arent Is there an empty seat in the smoking area? There are some seats available in the smoking area. Are there any magazines left? No, there arent, but there are some newspapers. There are some magazines left. Use any in questions and negative sentences. There arent any magazines left.

We normally use some not any when we offer things Would you like some? Fill in the blanks and practice the following conversations using there is, there are, is there, are there, some and any. He is not supposed to smoke in that area. Its occupied. I have put mine in the overhead compartment. Ill bring you some, sir. Fill in the blanks using there is, there are, is there, are there.

The bar and meal service begins. The bar trolleys start from each end of the aircraft, immediately followed by the meals trolley. The type of service that will be offered to passengers depends on the time of the day, the duration of the flight, and the class of passenger. Generally, first-class passengers receive a restaurant-type service, which offers a menu. The economy-class passengers service offers a pre-set tray, but sometimes the service may offer a choice of poultry, fish, or meat. Airlines usually offer vegetarian and kosher meals to passengers that requires special attention.

Snacks and drinks are also served between meals. Match each question to its answer. Can I have lamb instead?

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Enjoy tour meal. Im not feeling very c Excuse me. Would you care for a well. I rarely eat breakfast. Pair with a friend and practice a conversation by using the following responses. I do apologize, madam. Ill see to it immediately. Im very sorry, madam. Ill ask the purser to come and have a word with you personally. Im sorry, sir, but we ran out of it. Im terribly sorry, madam.

Ill bring you another one immediately. Fill in the blanks and practice the following dialogues by using the responses above: You have not given me a drink. That is unacceptable. Match the two columns. Would you like some ice? Would you care for a drink, madam? Can I have some peanuts, please? Here we are. I would like some vodka. Should I pay for it now? Would you like some sliced lemon in your drink? AN is used in front of nouns that begin with a vowel sound.

Can I have a fork, please? May I have an extra slice of cheese? Dinner will be served in an hour, sir. Fill in the blanks using A or AN. Duty-free announcement Ladies and gentlemen, We will now commence with the sale of duty free items. Please, pay attention to the details of our selection of cigarettes, which are on special on todays flight.

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We also have perfumes, small gifts, toysYou will find all of these items and many more in the in-flight duty-free magazine, which may be found in the pocket of the seat in front of you. On todays flight we can accept the following currencies: US dollars and euro. We also accept travelers checks and major credit cards. Thank you for your attention. Now, replace the boldfaced words above with the words below and practice the duty-free announcement again.

Answer the questions using one of the following examples, and then practice them with a friend. I am sorry, madam, but theres none left. Im sorry, sir, but we are sold out. I am sorry, but we do not carry that brand. I am sorry, but we do not accept that currency on this flight. Im sorry, sir, but we only carry small ones. Im sorry, madam, but we only have that one in red. Do you have Rothmans cigarettes? Do you accept US dollar? Is there another size? I like this one here. Do you have it in blue? I would like a Chanel number 5. Ill take a CK perfume. Passengers flying on economy class usually look for duty free items that are not too expensive.

They like to compare brands and prices before purchasing. Most passengers end up buying some duty free item for personal use, or to give as a gift to someone. Some duty free items sell very quickly while others will not sell at all. Passengers only buy duty free items for personal use. Economy class passengers like to compare brands and prices before purchasing an item. Perfumes are the most sold items, followed by cigarettes and drinks. Economy class passengers like to purchase duty-free items that are not too expensive.

Practice the following conversations. FA Would you like to light one or? PAX No, Ill take the regular one, please. How much is it? FA Yes, sir. I think I do. Here is your change, sir. Anything else? PAX No, thanks. That will do. FA Thank you very much, sir. Conversation 2 FA What would you like today, madam? PAX I am looking for an eau de cologne. FA Let me see. We have two brands.

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PAX Can I see both brands, please? FA You certainly can, madam. PAX Uh! I like both of them, but I think Ill take this one, please. FA That was a very good choice. PAX Thank you. FA Thank you, madam. How much is that cigarette lighter shes holding over there? Its How much is it? Its How much are these small gifts? How much are those cigars? Theyre How much are they? Which ones, madam? The ones the lady is holding over there. How much is that after shave? Spain peseta Ptas centimos ESP euro Sweden kr or Sk ren SEK m.

Movies announcement Ladies and gentlemen, We will shortly begin our feature film. Our crew will now distribute the headsets. The Portuguese sound track of todays film is on channel 7, and the English sound track is on channel 2. We also have music channels available. Thank you These are some types of movies available for viewing during in-flight entertainment: Action Adventure Drama Documentary in general Comedy Thriller Todays aircrafts are equipped with a passenger armrest control unit.

This type of service unit also has the air conditioning outlet nozzle. Pair up and practice the following dialogues. FA Can I offer you something to read, madam? PAX Yes, please. Do you have the Financial Times? FA Yes, I do. FA Would you care for a magazine, sir? FA Would you care for a newspaper, sir? FA Yes, I do, sir. FA Would you like something to read, madam? PAX Do you have anything in Portuguese? FA No, Im sorry. All our magazines and newspapers are in English. Thank you, anyway. You just have to press this button, sir. Where does she turn the volume down?

Use the third button from the left. What button do I press to turn the light on? This one, madam. Do you? Does she work at the airport? Try channel 3, sir. Just press the second button from the left. You press the first button from the left. This is a pneumatic headset. So you have to plug it in the second socket from the right.

Just press the first top button from the left. You just need to press the fourth top button from the right. This is an electrical headset. So you have to plug it in the first socket from the right. There are a great number of passengers who do not feel comfortable when it comes to flying. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the flight, many passengers worry about noises they hear and parts of the airplane they see moving from one position to another.

Although the noise and moving parts are perfectly normal, passengers do need to be reassured during the flight that everything is perfectly normal. As a flight attendant, it is important to always remember that passengers will feel much better if you talk to them and explain that everything is under control. Here are some of the usual questions asked by worried passengers.

Write down possible responses to the following sentences: Departure Why is the airplane making so much noise? Fill in the blanks using the words listed below. Practice the following dialogues. Yes, madam. Oh yes! Time Zone Changes Some flights will take you to countries where the time zone is different from where you departed. Thus, it is necessary to be informed about these changes so youll be able to promptly inform passengers of the time at their destination. What is the local time in New York? New York is 3 hours ahead, so its am, madam. What is the local time in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is 2 hours ahead, so put your watch forward 2 hours.