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More specifically, the following incidents arise:.

my, her, the other, the same, etc. side of the ˈfence

In such cases, the DSP is responsible for catching such offensive ad markups at ingestion time. While both the publisher and the SSPs try to safeguard their interest, DSPs are obligated to vet the quality of the demand they serve. This can happen through the following best practices:. It is crucial for DSPs across the ecosystem to have an ad quality stack deployed against each creative.

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Each ad entering the system should go through a validation layer. What is the content of the creative?

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Is there any illegal content? What is the ad domain associated to the creative? Does it match?

Is auto-redirect or auto-popup triggered? There are several players that have built their own businesses around parsing ad markups and returning feedback. Available at different pricing tiers, DSPs should use them at a sampling basis. Top spending creatives should be submitted a few times with different targeting combinations.

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It bewitched your correspondent with a desire to see greener grass and set foot on fresher fields. The [Klondyke gold] mines are wonderful, but probably not so wonderful as represented.

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Grass is always greener, you know, further away. The fact that the above example is a metaphorical usage, that is, one in which the subject is minefields rather than grass, suggests that the expression was already in widespread use by and may be much earlier in origin.

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