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It has always escaped me why dying should automatically supply someone with wisdom. I think there are probably as many plonkers floating about up there as down here. They may be of immense value to you if that is a path you choose. You must make up your own mind, but remember you cannot abdicate responsibility for yourself by passing it onto any form of guide. There is more about this theme in my booklet 'Wrapped in Angel's Wings.

We certainly all have much more wisdom than we give ourselves credit for. The human brain consists of two sides: the left side which is the logical side, the one that thinks it does all the work, and the right side which is the intuitive, creative side. The right side of the brain supplies the answers in great leaps so you may not be quite sure how you reached your conclusion. If you prefer, call it the 'Eureka' side. I suspect this relates to the consious use rather than subconscious and there is an interesting article by my friend Lorelei Cohen you might enjoy. It is possible that it is the right side of the brain that we access once we decide we want to hear the messages, that we want help along the way.

Here too, the messages arrive in symbols since the right side of the brain cannot communicate in clear language. Ultimately, it is conceivable that the right side of your brain can answer any question you have, you simply have to access it. I have mentioned before that I do not believe there is such a thing as coincidence but I do believe in synchronicity.

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Everything comes to you for a reason and at a time when it is appropriate. Synchronicity is that wonderful state when everything comes together and you can clearly see the pattern, when answers emerge without any conscious effort.

Examples are everywhere. Or the day I was despairing of where my future lay and I met Chris who introduced me to crystals and that started the whole thing off. Synchronicity is when you are trying to decide whether to move house or not and an advert for an estate agent appears on your doorstep: synchronicity is where a book falls off the shelf in front of you at the bookstore; synchronicity is where someone tells you about a course she has done that you have been thinking of.

Another example might be when you are trying to decide between two options and a conversation you have picks up on one of them. Or you think of someone you haven't seen for ages and she phones you. Does this mean you call her to you, or do you 'pick up' on the vibrational energy of her intention? It can be either or both at work and is called extended awareness. It definitely seems that once you make the decision to live with this form of awareness, the synchronicities and the messages come thick and fast.

You can always ask directly for something then wait for the message.

Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity

The universe will send you something or someone to guide you. You must remember though it is you who is in control of your life so all and every decision should be yours. Be open to any possibility. In my time I have had answers from - two separate car crashes, 8 people sending me the same poem and adverts on passing vans to name only a few.

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Every time I see a hawk or a fox I pay attention and I seem to be constantly surrounded by crows who remind me 'to walk my talk' not just preach about it. If you open yourself to the magic of living positively by watching for the signs, everything takes on a brighter hue, you really do add an element of magic into your life. Interpreting the signs and symbols tree from Pixabay. What a tree means to me may be very different to what it means to you.

In a five-minute meditation I saw a huge tree with wide spreading branches, huge leaves and massive roots deep in the earth. Energy seemed to pour through the leaves, branches and trunk into the earth where it was dissipated by the roots, changing into something completely different as it did so. In the meditation the energy seemed to pass through the earth and became purified before it passed into a lake which in turn evaporated into the air to fall as rain on the leaves of my tree, refreshing and nurturing.

For me it was a reassurance that everything negative can be replaced by something positive, and that ALL was part of the circle. However, it is what it means to you that is the most important factor. After all it is your life we are talking about here. There are lots of places to look for help in interpreting the signs.

You can see what I mean with the simple set of animal magic cards here. Remember these are just an introduction. Especially powerful is anything you work out for yourself. Practice getting in touch with your inner self to see what anything means for you. Still not sure what am I talking about? Just look around you. What crossed your path today? Did you get stuck behind a line of slow moving traffic? The important thing in interpreting this sign is how you felt.

If you were frustrated or angry, perhaps something is holding you back in your life and you need to take time, slow down and really look at the problem and what is blocking your path. Benefiting from synchronicity requires both learning how to see the big steps in your life path expansively while using facts and a sense of reason to refine your smaller next steps ahead. There are infinite possibilities for how synchronicity will come to you. It may come in the form of a song over the radio that helps you shift frustration into courage and motion.

Signs And Symbols Real Life Examples

A synchronicity may be a cool breeze that catches your attention and reminds you to smile. Personal Story about Signs and Synchronicity. While shamanic cultures have included synchronicity as a part of how they navigate life, Carl Jung found a gap in western society when it came to these non-repeatable hence unscientific experiences. Below are some tips for recognizing and integrating signs and synchronicity into your life.

Numbers and Symbolism

Most of the time, in the modern world, we are following our fate, being ping-ponged around by family, culture, materialism and all sorts of outside influences. We are following distractions, expectations, and obligations rather than signs and synchronicity connected to our higher self. Through one-on-one sessions, we help you first increase awareness of the signs showing up in your life. Then, we teach you to listen from a connected body, heart, and mind, so that you can not only be aware of the sign, but also any connections to other signs and deeper personal meaning.

We can have sign after sign hitting us in the face; however, if we are not aware and listening, the signs will continue to go unnoticed, unable to help us live a more graceful life. Through destiny coaching , more and more, you are able and willing to notice the new signs before you, listen for meaningful coincidences and follow the energy of your destiny as it continues to evolve and unfold.

When you are on the path of your destiny and follow synchronicity, you let the magic in and allow your brilliance to shine! Buy on Amazon. Join our Community for Additional Teachings. Back To Shamanism Library. Aloha Bryce: In Shamanism, we have helping compassionate spirits or spirit guides. We usually avoid these people and spirits. A sign is usually something we randomly notice, like a bird flying in the sky.

Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols

I experience synchronicities everyday. I have precog dreams. I see flashes of light, also images and the future with my eyes closed though I never know what is what until it happens. Sometimes liquids form shapes about the future. I also feel tingling sensations and ringing in my hears. I synchronize a lot with tv and movies charecters once in that I remember and a lot for the past 3 years. I recommend meditation to help you connect your body to your heart and mind.

You may notice a sign from tv or a dream, but a meaningful coincidence with two signs will directly relate to your life. I did not see it coming. He left me unexpectedly. Then he was in and out of my life for 8 years until I consciously decided I had to move on and put him behind me once and for all.

I cried for many years over this man. It is 26 years later, and I still see references to the year all the time. Sometimes 5 references to it in one day. Day after day. Any insight? It drives me crazy. Thanks for sharing an example of how a sign keeps showing up in your life, even decades after the experience it reminds you of!

How does your intuition communicate through signs and symbols?

Every pregnancy I have named it Lucy. Never have I seen chameleon printed stuff before. Aloha Sophia: Thank you for sharing your experience with signs and synchronicity. From my outside perspective, you notice the signs with curiosity, like stepping stones and follow the energy of what feels right.

From a shamanic perspective, the chameleon is what we call a power animal , there to provide power, protection and support. I really need some help. I am going through a really tough time right now, both in love and career. Anyway, a few days ago I was just watching an YouTube video by a tarot reader I like and this happened: I am a Sagittarius cross watching for Cancer. The Ten of Pentacles showed up in the same position for both Sagittarius and Cancer — outcome. Is it a coincidence that the Ten of Pentacles showed up in the same position? This means that two or more of the cards are like signs that are being drawn randomly from a deck are connected by meaning not cause in your life.

If two of the cards are connected by meaning, then ask yourself how you feel about the connection, what thoughts arise messages and are there any actions the connection inspires? This would be a synchronicity! Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of what you said about causal relationships vs meaningful coincidences. I have a situation that lasted for a decade and i am still confused to what it means. When i met him,i felt my heart was beating so fast and immediately i felt butterflies. We starred at each other for a minute. Our relationship was short due to circumstances.

After him i never loved again. Few years later,we reconnected back in We started talking on and off for years without meeting each other. In the past i hurt him. We kept in touch for many years. Aloha cristina: Thank you for sharing your story of synchronicity! Sounds like you followed the signs into your current work and life in the Netherlands!

If yes, this is another synchronicity! It depends when i think of him maybe ,but not always. I know we have unresolved issues,but after 10 years,it a long time. And he is from the Netherlands. I would really like to know what his name would mean,because is been 3 years these signs are following me. Aloha cristina: Ask yourself how you feel when you hear his name? Is there a message or reminder? Just send us an email to schedule. When i see his name it reminds me of our relationship. Each of us expects to do something,and none of us is taking a step to do it.

Yes,we do not have a closure in our relationship. But every time we wanted to meet there was something in between to not meet. Aloha cristina: Yes, release expectations and follow the signs. Let us know what actions you decide to take and how it turns out! Hi I dated a guy for only about 2wks with a month break and then 2wks more of dates. The meaning depends on the timing, thoughts, feelings and actions you take. So, for example when you heard the song you took action and contacted him. This is a synchronicity!

Continue to follow the signs and listen to your feelings and thoughts to determine the meaning! I was sitting in a convenience store at a slot machine as we always seemed to do. It was my then-boyfriend, my bestie, and myself. Across 4 years I thought of that every time I looked in a mirror. What is Synchronicity Synchronicity is a term that came into popular use by Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung.

Shamanic Introduction. Synchronicity is when a coincidence shifts the motion of your life. Coincidence in action is synchronicity. Synchronicity as Meaningful Signs Synchronicity offers us an opportunity to test our choices and find out whether they are good for us.

Synchronicity helps us know if we are on the right track or not. Following the Signs The signs that show up in life can lead us down different paths. Different signs, over time, tell us different things. The trap of synchronicity is to create connections that are misleading.