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Kennedy, was shot in Dallas.

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Only once was it postponed because of rain, but only for one day. The contestants laid their packed suitcases ten yards in front of the starting line with their rolled umbrellas on top. The Headmaster then opened all the cases and threw their contents in all directions.

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The race began and each competitor had to find his or her own socks, shoes, coat, scarf and hat, and then run fully dressed, with umbrella up and empty case, to the finishing line. Great fun!

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As we lived so close to the river Forth, it was decided that all pupils would be given the opportunity to learn to swim. This was after I saw so many of the pupils happily but aimlessly splashing about at Shell Bay, which was less than a mile away. We had no heated indoor pool in the county then.

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With the help of three, sometimes four, parents we transported 12 to 15 excited youngsters by car to the heated indoor pool at Portobello every Wednesday after school. Mrs King, the swimming instructress, soon had them earning 25 metre, 50 metre and metre badges.

Some Reminiscences by Joseph Conrad

Once, a new non-swimmer misunderstood her instructions when the class was divided up — swimmers to the deep end, non-swimmers to the shallow end. Instructions completed, the pupils had to dive, jump or fall in and paddle once across the pool. Toggle navigation. Home Browse.

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