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You can obscure any private information as needed. Nahush Pawar. You are misunderstanding how sharing works.

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Sharing is implemented so that the person owning the data, in this case you, can share access to it with other people. When you share anything from your cloud to other user's, you are sharing access to that data. You are not giving them a copy of the data. When you share to someone else's shared folder, you are just placing a link back to your data in that shared folder. You may be misunderstanding how sharing works. When you say you uploaded the data to someone else's shared folder, how exactly did you do that?

The reason why it works this way is to enable the ability to collaborate on the creation and modification of data by multiple users. Thus when any is "shared" what actually happens is that a link is given to the people receiving the share, and they then use that link to access the actual data in the cloud of the person doing the sharing. Therefore there is only 1 copy of the data and everyone works on that same data. Thus the storage used is only on the account of the person doing the sharing. This also means that ownership of the data being shared remains with the person sharing that data.

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Above, the something the speaker has is nothing and the something the speaker doesn't have is anything. A spiritual master could say, "Enlightenment has taught me no thing is Dharma.

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I have Dharma. Thus, I have nothing. On the other hand some insecure teen might complain to her friends, "Boys like you because You've got big hair. You can dunk a basketball. You can sing. You're a science nerd. But me, I don't have anything.

I Have Nothing

All the friends "have a thing" and the speaker emphasizes she "doesn't have a thing". If that thought finishes with, "I have nothing", then her friends each "have a thing" and so does she, even though the "thing" she has is "nothing". It's up to the writer or the speaker themselves to decide what the speaker wants to emphasize, positively possessive or negatively possessive, I have or I don't have. Am I going down a rabbit hole here?

Generally, any pair of "opposite words" will substitute for "nothing" and "anything" above, and the same "I have" versus "I don't have" pseudo-rule applies.

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Those two sentences only equate if there is no middle ground between love and hate, if in the absence of hate there is only love, if in the absence of anything there is only nothing. And you can get into juicy ontological discussions about the nature of reality like "if 'there is nothing', then nothing 'is' a thing and so in the absence of anything, nothing itself would also be absent. No thing survives the absence of anything.

So, what do you call what's left when there is nothing left?

says storage is full but I have nothing on my drive and trash is empty. - Google Drive Help

It implies an absence. It begins with an affirmative "I have" and then proceeds to the absolute "nothing". Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the difference in meaning between the following sentences? I have nothing. I don't have anything. Elberich Schneider Elberich Schneider 2 2 gold badges 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. There is no difference in meaning.