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Your 1 year old girl will love stacking these squeezable blocks into high towers. This set includes 10 colorful blocks that are not only great for tactile development but perfect for stacking as well. Does he love building things? He can use his Mega Bloks in addition to the 20 blocks included to create anything he can imagine. From a play world to train and more, the creative possibilities are endless. Does he love building with blocks? The Shape Sorting Wagon is perfect for storing and transporting your 2 year olds blocks around the room.

In addition to that, it also teaches shape sorting with 6 special shape blocks. Kids can build directly onto the wagon so they can let their imaginations soar sky high. The Match and Build blocks set is fun and soft for babies. The blocks feature matching activities and will help build sensory, motor, logical, and creative skills. Does your child love building? These large wood-like blocks are perfect for encouraging creative, imaginative play. The pieces look just like real wood but they are much lighter, softer foam blocks.

These building blocks build motor skills, logic, reasoning, eye-hand coordination, socialization, and visual sensory development. The blocks can be stacked to build different designs. Designed for little hands, this easy to build train set from Mega Bloks not only helps your 1 year old work on her fine motor skills but teaches the alphabet at the same time. The colorful blocks have the letters of the alphabet printed on them. She will love repeating the letters when she is building the train. Press the smokestack and the little engine plays catchy tunes and sound effects.

Choo Choo! Push and pull toys are great for 1 year old girls who are ready to take their first step. Not only are they a lot of fun, but there are great for flexing those large motor skills and building a sense of stability. This little playful pup is ready for adventure. In addition to following you around, it offers sound and music effects to entertain your child. Kids will learn numbers, colors, body parts and more and have fun adventures with their new friendly companion.

fruits complete set toddlers vocabulary booster book 1 Manual

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is awesome for little ones learning to walk. In addition to being a great walker, it is jam-packed with several fun activities for baby. Baby can also sing along to over 70 songs, music, and phrases. So much fun all packed in one toy! Babies get to control the steering wheel like mommy and daddy. It has tons of cool features, including shifting gears, a mirror, blinkers, and car sound effects. As kids push him along, they will hear fun phrases and music that delight and provide auditory stimulation.

Several fun activities from a light-up piano to spinner and more engage your child. Lights, songs, and sounds help create an immersive experience. Kiddos can engage in fun pretend play by pretending to mow the lawn. The gas can is removable and allows for creative play.

It can be either used as a walker wagon on pulled by the handle. Little ones will enjoy bringing their toys along on their adventures. It can hold about 35 pounds worth of toys. Toddler girls looking for a baby stroller need not look any further! We love that this toy grows with your child. She can sit, stand or walk with it and there are fun sounds and music. This is absolutely wonderful for pretend play.

She can take her baby doll on a stroll. Kids can take this walk-a-long puppy on a stroll with the pull string. The wood is made from sustainable materials and it is safe for children. The Pull and Learn Car Carrier is a fun educational toy for babies. Kids can use the CB radio to learn about colors, numbers, and music.

They will also be able to learn about animals. Toy Cars for 1 Year Old Girls. These cars, trucks, and airplanes make great presents for 1 year old girls. Let her imagination shift into overdrive. This is a fun push or pull dump truck, featuring plenty of activities to keep girls engaged.

Kids will learn numbers and hear music. The toy will develop motor skills. Little girls can go on great big dump truck adventures with this fantastic dump truck. This vehicle set is full of fun with various cute characters. The vehicles come in all bright colors to captivate baby.

Vehicles are soft and lightweight. Perfect for developing sensory, motor, problem-solving, and language skills. We have a 4 alarm fire at the corner of the neighborhood. We need a fire truck on the double.

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The Green Toys Fire Truck races onto the scene to help fight the fire. It raises its roof ladder to reach the fire at the top of the building. Great set for girls who love fire fighting. VTech Go! Gear up for fun adventures with Mickey in Go! Smart Wheels Mickey Choo-Choo. Pass over 5 Smart Point locations on the track to activate over 40 fun phrases, songs, and sounds. Press Mickey to hear fun phrases. Kids will love revealing the fun peek-a-boo scene. Kids can combine this set with other Go! Smart Wheels sets to expand the fun. Green Toys Airplane Ages Does she love airplanes?

Made with recycled non toxic plastic, Green Toys is known for their high quality vehicle toys. This airplane is no different. She is going to love flying it around the room. With a beautiful design, this 8 inch airplane is designed to last through all the twists, turns, and corkscrews. Thomas fans will enjoy this realistic model of Thomas the Train from the show. Young girls can push Thomas along and take it on incredible railway adventures. The set is brightly colored and includes a cargo car.

The Spiral Skyway delivers 3-feet of fun with an exciting winding race track and interactive sounds. Smart Wheels Train Ages The Go! Smart Wheels Choo-Choo Train playset is an entertaining playset for kiddos. First, kids will build the track and then move their train on the track. The track features a lift-up gate and switching system for added fun! For extra fun, you can connect this set with the Train Station playset. They have bright colors to promote visual development. They also illustrate cause and effect.

The Kid O Go Car is ideal for little ones. Green Toys Elephant-on-Wheels Ages 6m Elephant on Wheels is a simple push toy for babies. It features a cute baby elephant on wheels that can easily be pushed around with the built-in handle. Get ready for exciting adventures with Peppa Pig and family! Not only does it feature working headlights, but it also plays fun tunes and phrases inspired by the hit show. Watch it bobble to fun Peppa tunes. Press the trunk button and watch it race away into adventure with its headlights turned on.

Ready to rev up the fun? Meet the new Revved Up Raceway, the newest member of the Go! Smart Wheels family! Packed with insane stunts like a degree loop and jump ramp, Revved Up Raceway delivers amazing thrills like never before.

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Like other Go! Smart Wheels sets, it features SmartPoint technology — responding with fun sounds, phrases, and songs to enhance your play experience. Connect it to the Revved Up Stunt Spiral set for a whole new level of excitement. There is something thrilling about riding on top of a toy. Here are cool riding toys for 12 month old girls.

Hop onto your friendly giraffe and get ready for exciting adventures ahead. Little kiddos will love riding around with their cute friend. Kids will build their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. Where will her adventures lead her? This is the perfect trike for a 1 year old. Experience the joy of riding a trike while your parent guides you along. The harness system and high back seat make it safe for your child. The trike offers a quiet ride and features a foot brake and foot rest.

Supporting riders up to 49 lbs, it provides a smooth ride. Plus, it has convenient storage in the rear for all your belongings. Discover the toy that has spanned generations and continues to deliver amazing play value! This is the car that paved the way for ride-on toys. It still continues to thrill and delight to this day, making it an all-time classic! It feels so soft and gentle to the touch.

You just want to give it a hug to show your love and appreciation. It also converts from a rocker into a roller. It offers a sleek stylish design and a smooth ride. Two cup holders are integrated into the design as is a storage compartment under the engine hood. A seat belt and honking horn add that extra bit of fun! Little People Music Parade Ages The vibrant colors will appeal to little girls. The colorful 5-key piano allows kids to compose their own tunes. They can play 5 different marching tunes. Additionally, it plays fun instruments like the trumpet, drums, sax, and tuba.

Get ready to take flight with Mickey! This Mickey Mouse ride-on features songs, music and realistic sounds to bring the experience to life. Mickey even dances to the beat. The propellers spin for a magical experience. Is your little pilot ready for takeoff?! Gallop and Rock Pony Ages This is a fun learning pony for children. It can convert from a rocking horse into a ride-on as your child grows. Kids will learn colors, animals, and more!

There are over 60 songs, sounds, and phrases to enjoy and the horse plays realistic horse sounds and phrases to make for a brilliant experience. The train can be used on the floor, as a baby walker, and a pull wagon. There are over songs, sounds, and phrases to experience. This has to be the coolest Thomas the Train toy for 2 year olds. It cruises along at 2 MPH, thrilling little fans. All little ones have to do is push a button and they are off on their own Thomas adventure.

Where will his adventures lead him? In addition, kids can learn shape sorting, ABCs, numbers, colors, and more. With a moving head, flapping ears, and light-up nose, it makes for a real delight. Ever dreamt of riding a lady bug? Now children can hop onto their favorite animals including a lady bug and ride them like never before!

They move in all directions and develop gross motor skills and balance. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The Smart Stages Scooter is the perfect first scooter for kids. The learning content adapts as your baby grows and plays as your child scoots around. The scooter teaches numbers, colors, shapes, and more! Little girls will love riding this stylish Barbie themed quad ride-on vehicle. It features a low-profile so little ones can easily hop on or off on their own.

The battery and charger are included. The Learn and Zoom Motor Bike grows with your child. It can transform from a tricycle to a two-wheeler ride-on. Kids will learn colors, shapes, objects, and more! The bike features cool motorcycle sounds and music to keep kids entertained. Experience over 70 songs, sounds, and phrases. Giddy up for exciting adventures with the Bounce and Spin Puppy. As baby bounces or spins, this ride-on puppy delivers songs, sounds, and educational phrases while developing gross motor skills. In addition to encouraging active play, it promotes alphabet, numbers, colors, and more.

Interactive buttons and colored lights bring the puppy to life. When your block play is over, cleanup is a breeze. What fun creations will you build? Featuring a durable body with quiet, sturdy tires, this convertible balance bike delivers a safe, comfortable riding experience with easy steering. Younger kids will love pushing themselves along, while older kids can practice mastering balance and speed. The bike is designed to grow with your child with conversion from three to two wheels.

Choose from six available color schemes. Look for toys with dials, knobs, and buttons to manipulate. The Rhyme and Discover book features six classic nursery rhymes. Children can enjoy the colorful illustrations while singing to their favorite nursery rhymes. Kids will learn about animals through classic stories. The music is fun and cute and it encourages development through rhymes and music. Sometimes the simplest toys are all that are needed.

With attractive colors, Dimpl is a sensory toy that encourages open ended play. These dimples can be pushed in and out, offering endless hours of fun. She will love doing it again and again. In addition to dancing along with kids, it teaches everything from shapes and language to numbers, gross motor skills and more. Are you ready to Rockit?! Designed to work on fine motor skills, Spike is a fun colorful pal that helps 1 year olds count and learn about color. It has 12 colorful quills on its back that can be removed and put back. When you are done, the quills can be stored inside his shell.

Songs, animals sounds, and phrases bring the set to life for little ones. The set includes Farmer Jed and his four farm animals to bring your farm adventures to life. The paw print teaches kids about different animals. Since the headset doubles as a handle, kids can take their buddy with them. The Learning Friends Words Book is a valuable and interactive tool for your toddler.

Simply touch any of the word and image pairs and it sounds it out for your child. Kids will have fun while building their vocabulary. Every time they push the plunger, they will be treated to fun ocean sounds as the fish inside spin around and the sea weed comes to life. The plunger is incredibly easy to push. There are also 3 buttons on the outside of the aquarium that teach introductory counting and colors. Little kids can get a smart home of their own.

As babies crawl though the door, they enter a world of learning. There are so many different activities for baby to explore. Not only can they play pretend kitchen, but babies will learn numbers, shapes, weather, and more. The pretend fridge is actually a cleverly designed shape sorter. The set includes 10 colorful coins that also serve to teach animals and numbers. Kids will enjoy singing to over 40 songs, tunes, and phrases. The learning content grows with your child with two stages of play. Meet My Pal Violet. Engage in over 15 learning activities and enjoy over 40 songs.

Kids will learn numbers, music, and language skills. The instruments and buttons activate all sorts of fun sounds, music, and phrases. In addition to entertainment, kids will learn everything from numbers and letters to shapes, colors, and more. We love that it gets kids up and about and is packed with tons of fun activities from shape sorting to imaginative play and more.

Race into fun! Does she love playing with buckles? If there was ever a toy that was designed for long road trips, it is Buster. Buster is a buckle toy that has various clasps on him for keeping tiny hands busy. Your little one will love buckling and unbuckling the different buckles. Each buckle helps her work on different hand skills. Your long trip will feel so much shorter. Even little ones have can their own magical unicorn pet. It features a light-up horn, interactive necklace, flapping wings, and more to bring it to life.

We love that it teaches colors, words, foreign language and entertains little ones with music and sing-along songs. Kids can choose to learn in either English or Spanish. Make her dreams a reality with this magical interactive pet from VTech. Meet Beat Bow Wow. Bow Wow is always happy to see your child and wags its tail back and forth! Beat Bow Wow dances and moves to the music. It features over 25 songs, tunes, and phrases. Are you ready to have a ball?

It features swirling ball drop fun and over 60 songs and activities to engage kids. Little ones will have fun learning colors, letters, opposites, languages, shapes, motor skills and more. This Fisher Price play set a ton of buttons to push and explore. When your little one passes the blocks over the reader, it activates various learning activities. He will love repeating the words. With 3 levels of learning, it will continue to grow with him.

A dancing robot? This little robot knows how to boogie, teaching little ones ABCs, count, and even how to dance. Not only does the little robot sing a couple of songs, but he can also record your voice and play it back in a fun beat. LeapFrog AlphaPup Ages Alphapup is a sweet learning toy for children. It teaches the alphabet with the letter sounds for early child development. Kids can even take their pup for a walk and sing along to 3 learning songs.

Great toy for teaching phonics and vocabulary and building motor skills. It teaches kids body parts, letters, colors, counting and more! When baby touches the activation areas, the paws, tummy, ears, and heart respond. The pup will even grow with your child, offering three play levels. With so many different possibilities, what will you make your dino do? Access learning content, music, games, and phrases with buttons on its feet.

To encourage baby to get up and active, it plays music, moves its head, and claps it hands. Its soft arms enable tactile learning for baby. Combine with other Linkimals toys to create a synchronized light show to dazzle baby and help them learn better. Musical Toys for 1 Year Old Girls. You might think that it is just noise, but your 1 year old girl will take delight in all that shaking, pressing, and banging with these musical toys.

A giant piano that you can play with your feet? You could roll around on it, use your arms, or dance on it. It comes with 4 preprogrammed songs but jamming on it is the most fun. While it measures 6 feet long, it is soft and pliable so it can be folded away. The only problem? She is not going to want to put it away so the volume control will come in handy. The toy features a cheerful caterpillar which acts as the grip. A volume switch allows for volume control. On each song baby will be stimulated with colorful dancing lights. With these award winning instruments, your 1 year old girl can join the baby band.

The set comes with 4 instruments including a rattle, maraca, bell, and shaker. She will love rocking and shaking them to create music as she builds gross motor skills. You can join the band too. If you want to introduce your child to drums this is the perfect set. It measures inches and features a beautiful and artistic fabric rain forest design. Kids can play with their hands or the included mallets. Not all music toys are annoying.

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Playing 8 different Mozart tunes, this magic cube from Munchkin is designed to turn your 1 year old girl into Mozart. The cube has various instruments on each side of it, which allows your little one to easily add and subtract five different instruments from a piano to a violin. With a xylophone, wave drum, rattle roller, and other fun instruments, the entire family can join the toddler band. Everyone will want to play the xylophone. The seahorse is so soft and cuddly. It has a comforting glow that naturally attracts baby. It features music, lullabies, and ocean sounds to entertain baby.

Hohner makes great musical toys. This is no ordinary music toy. Compared to other musical toys, this Xylophone is perfectly tuned with an excellent pitch. Including a full octave, the 8 colored bars can be hit with the included mallet or even a rattle to create colorful baby music. Neptune Ocean Orchestra Ages 6m Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestral Musical toy is an adorable music toy for kids. The toy features 8 melodies and 5 different instruments.

Colorful dancing lights help to engage babies. Get ready for hours of fun! Shaped like a zebra, this light up piano is the perfect first piano. You can easily slide between various instruments to change the sound of the keys from a piano to a saxophone. Baby Shark Fingerlings Ages What do you get when you cross Baby Shark with the Fingerlings? A Baby Shark Fingerlings, of course! The first thought that comes to mind: How adorable?! Get swept up in a wave of fun! Love the Baby Shark song? Alternatively, slowing the mouth movement slows down the song.

Bring the Baby Shark fun wherever your adventures lead you. Your 1 year old will soon be ready to use a crayon to scribble, which will help with her perfect her pincer grasp. Your 1 year old girl will love getting crafty with these gifts. Even your 1 year old can become an artist. With these finger paints, she can use her hands to create all sorts of fun art.

The kit includes everything you need to get started including the paper. While very expensive, these chunky crayons are perfect for beginning scribblers. Their larger size makes them easier to grip than normal crayons. Each page has a fun drawing to scribble over. Shaped like eggs, these easy to grip crayons from Crayola are designed to fit in little hands. They are the perfect first set of crayons. Your 1 year old will love scribbling with them. This set includes 9 non-toxic colors for her to get crafty with. Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Old Girls.

Toys that keep your child active are a great way for your 1 year old girl to burn up all that extra energy. When they are using their body to throw, catch, or run, they are using major muscle groups in their body that will help with their physical development. This is not your ordinary ball. In addition it also features a gentle rattle to stimulate children up to 2 years of age. We only recommend hand washing this toy. This is one of the most popular basketball sets for kids. It features an oversized rim and junior basketball specifically designed for babies and toddlers.

The hoop can be adjusted from 2 — 4 feet, with six height adjustments. The Smart Shots Sports Center features a basketball hoop and soccer net with a small basketball and soccer ball. Kids will love this sports center because it is so much fun! The LED scoreboard adds up the score and plays fun animations.

In addition to being able to play sports, kids will learn shapes, numbers, and sounds. The set is great for building motor skills. Little ones can explore Home, Market, Farm and Zoo while hearing over songs, tunes and phrases. The set teaches letters, counting, colors, opposites, and early Spanish words. Do you remember your first memories of riding a swing?

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Ah, childhood memories are lasting. Your child will have lasting memories with this beautiful swing set from Little Tikes. The shoulder straps and T-bar safely secure baby while she rides. As your child grows, the T-bar and straps can be removed. All five sides feature something different for baby to interact with. Kids will learn numbers, colors, and music with the piano. There are nursery rhymes, spinners, over 75 songs, sounds, and phrases and so much more to discover!

Are you looking for a toy that will distract you 1 year old while you do something quick? This bead maze is the perfect solution. Simply use the suction cups to stick it on a high chair and your 1 year old with be drawn to the colorful beads. Moving the beads around not only builds fine motor skills, but also builds imagination too. Keep baby engaged with the Busy Learners Activity Cube. This is a colorful activity cube with five sides of activities.

Kids will learn animal names and sounds as well as shapes. There are 14 interactive features in all! The learning cube plays 25 songs to delight babies. And the toy is BPA free for child safety. Active babies will enjoy the Grow to Pro Junior Basketball set. With the Sure Score rim, it makes it easier for babies and toddlers to score baskets. The basketball hoop can be adjusted up to inches.

There are four different height positions so it can grow with you baby. The Sure Score rim can be removed as your child becomes more confident and skilled.

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Little Tikes scores a hole in one with this toy golf set. The set includes 2 clubs and three plastic golf balls that are designed for toddlers. The clubs can be used by both lefties and righties. It comes will a golf cart that holds everything and can be wheeled around easily.

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It is literally a huge hit. The Cozy Coupe Swing is a great first swing for children. It easily attaches to a swing set. Supports riders up to 50 pounds. Baby will be filled with fun and laughter with the Country Critters Wooden Activity play cube. Kids will love the various animals and the fact that thhe entire cube is full of interactive activities.

This stylish Junior Picnic Table is perfect for young children. It is easy to assemble with no tools required. It seats up to 4 children for great social gatherings with friends. The built-in umbrella provides UV protection. The set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Get ready for some splish-splash fun in the sun! Paw Patrol fans will love this water table featuring their favorite characters from the show. Keep an eye on the area from the lookout tower. This set is jam-packed with fun play features like a water blaster, whirlwind, water launcher and more!

Toys and Games to learn and develop new skills

Kids will have endless fun creating their own water-themed adventures. There is something about building stuff out of sand that is timeless.

Learn The Alphabet With Blippi - ABC Letter Boxes

Made out of sturdy thick plastic, this sand pail is designed to last for years. It also includes a spade and fork. All you need is sand and maybe a little sun. Get ready for some fun in the sun! It features one side that holds water while the other side holds sand. Kids can play with the sand and water in one fun playset. An umbrella provides shade from the sun. Pretend Toys. There is nothing more that 1 year olds love than to role play. With these toys, your 1 year old can mimic mommy and daddy. Now your 1 year old can act out the entire Christmas story with this fun play set that recreates the birth of Jesus Christ.

All of the Little People characters are bulky which makes it easy for your one year old to grab and play with. The teaset lights up and plays 7 songs. It teaches kids colors, counting, vocabulary, matching, manners, and more! Babies can host their very own tea party. Get her her own kiddie remote. Kids will learn numbers, counting, first words, shapes, and more!

Kids will also develop fine motor skills. Make believe is highly encouraged! The entire house can be opened to access the various rooms. Plenty of interactive features keep kids engaged. There are also over 50 songs, sounds, and phrases to enhance the play experience. Now she can nurture and take care of her own pup. Feed it, comb its hair, and take it for walks. Kids will learn letters, colors, shapes, pet care, and more! Fulfilled by Amazon items can be identified with an badge.

Orders containing items Fulfilled by Amazon worth Rs. If you are a seller, Fulfilment by Amazon can help you grow your business. Learn more about the programme. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. How to play? Choose a puzzle from the Puzzle book 56 puzzles.

Arrange the 7 magnetic shapes on the magnetic board to match the puzzle. Check for the solution in the solution book. You can play Brain Booster puzzles in two player mode. Pick a puzzle for the opponent to solve and vice versa. Keep a time limit. After the time is up, check the solution. The player will get 10 points for every shape in the correct position. After 3 rounds, the player with the highest score wins. Each Brain Booster set includes 56 challenging puzzles.

The puzzles are not meant for one time use. Once you have finished solving all the puzzles, you can go back to Brain Booster after a few days and try to solve the puzzles. You will find the puzzles equally challenging. You can also time yourself while solving a puzzle. The goal is to get faster each time. You can play Brain Booster in two player mode as well. You can challenge your friends and see who solves the puzzles, the fastest. Brain Booster puzzles are not just meant for kids.

Even teenagers and adults will find Brain Booster puzzles very challenging and engaging. The whole family can play together and even compete with each other to see who can solve these puzzles the fastest. Brain Booster puzzles are a fun brain exercise for everyone. Brain Booster puzzles exercise the brain. They help to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills, perceptual reasoning nonverbal thinking skills and visual-spatial awareness. A regular use of these puzzles will keep your brain sharp and supercharged. Brain Booster puzzles teach a child, how to use their own mind to solve problems and think in a logical way.

For example, a child will need to recall the size and shape of various pieces as he or she works through the puzzle. As the child starts solving a puzzle, he or she will often develop a strategy to solve the puzzle faster and more efficiently. He or she may do all the corner pieces first, for instance, or start arranging the center pieces. This helps the kids learn, how to solve a large problem by breaking it into smaller parts.

Fun brain exercise. We all have enjoyed solving brain teaser puzzles during our childhood. We identified that there was nothing new in the market in this category. We wanted to make a game that really makes you think and at the same time keeps you engaged. We started brain storming with educators in our network and a few weeks later Brain Booster was born.

We did a lot of research before finalizing the materials for this product. The double sided magnetic shapes included with the product, greatly enhance the experience of solving these challenging puzzles. It is reasonably priced and promises hours of fun to the entire family. We are a young team of designers, architects, educators, researchers and technologists. There is so much energy and enthusiasm in this multi disciplinary environment that its a joy to work.

Everyday is a great learning experience. When the parents and kids give good feedback about the product, its an in-describable feeling. Skip to main content. Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Quantity: 1. Add to Cart. Buy Now. Gift-wrap available. Other Sellers on Amazon.

Sold by: Play Panda. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. Amazon Delivered. Amazon directly manages delivery for this product. Order delivery tracking to your doorstep is available.

In stock. Sold by Cloudtail India 4. Style Name: Brain Booster Type 1 - 56 puzzles. Brain Booster Type 1 - 56 puzzles. Solve 56 puzzles designed to challenge the brain. Both, kids and parents will find Brain Booster very engaging. The whole family can come together to solve the puzzles and see who can solve the puzzles the fastest Brain Booster puzzles supercharge the brain.