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Those in the bunker became part of Wonkru. During the six-year time skip between season 4 and 5, almost a third of Wonkru members died, some of whom were Sky People. By the end of the fifth season, Wonkru is reduced to from the original 1,, thus averaging to less than 25 people for each of the twelve member clans. Though the exact number of Sky People is unknown, there is ten named Sky People remaining.

However, in the episode called " Sanctum ", Niylah reveals that there is not many Sky People left, implying that there is only more than a few dozen Sky People left, as seen in the episode called " Red Sun Rising ". After the Ark's resources began dwindling faster than projected, delinquents were sent to Earth to see if it was survivable. Chancellor Jaha mentioned in Contents Under Pressure that there were people on The Ark , but they only have enough Exodus ships for to get to Earth. In Unity Day , Diana Sydney's dropship escape costs the lives of hundreds of Arkers as well as everyone on board her dropship.

It is estimated in The Calm that there were no more than 1, survivors and at least 1, dead as a result. Project Exodus took place and the Ark was brought to the ground. An estimate of how many survivors of the Ark made it to the ground in We Are Grounders Part 2 is unknown since there are still several missing stations as of the Season Two finale. Farm Station was discovered to have landed in Azgeda territory, but is united with the rest of the Sky People in Season Three where a Farm Station survivor named Pike becomes Chancellor, until his death in the third season finale.

Life on the Ark was not easy, as every resource was valuable and wasting resources was a Crime unto itself. Medical supplies were carefully tracked, food and water was rationed, and even the oxygen breathed was closely monitored. There was a small, but noticeable stratification within the social hierarchy on the Ark, with workers at the bottom tier and scientists, council members and guards at the higher tiers.

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It was almost impossible to move up in the social hierarchy unless you were chosen to train as a guard, and that selection process was very stringent. Sky People are able to metabolize high amounts of radiation as a result of advanced genetic engineering and exposure to solar radiation from living in space. However, the largest amounts and the biggest level of radiation from the Second Nuclear Apocalypse will kill them. The people of the Ark believed that they are just a transitional generation who will live and die on the Ark, with the understanding that in another hundred years their descendants will be able to go down and live on the planet once the radiation levels have decreased.

During that time they adapted many rules and regulations to survive on the limited resources of the Ark. There was never enough food, water, air, medicine etc supplies these were rationed and regulated. Everyone on the Ark was engineered to be a universal donor. To control population, a single child policy was enacted. Women on the Ark received birth control implants when they hit puberty. Births were planned by removing birth control implants to allow conception and then re-implanting the birth control after the baby was born.

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The Sky People celebrate the holiday called Unity Day in which they give thanks to the people of the 12 space stations that were still active during and after the nuclear apocalypse. These 12 stations came together in the year , two years after the nuclear apocalypse because they "realized life would be better together. Religion on the Ark shifted to being more Earth -centric, about "going home. The ground was viewed as Heaven, [8] and after death, citizens symbolically "returned to Earth. The Last Tree was the symbol of their beliefs, representing life on Earth.

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Believers cultivated and cared for the tree, donating some of their rationed water in order to keep it alive. Gatherings were held in a large room, but the tree was small enough to be moved. After the Culling , the Last Tree was part of the memorial display. Wells damaged the Last Tree to get himself arrested, [11] but the tree remained intact. Before her death, Vera Kane , a spiritual leader on the Ark, asked her son, Marcus Kane , to return the tree to the ground.

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Marcus fulfilled his mother's request and replanted the tree in the forest outside of Arkadia. All crimes on The Ark were treated as capital crimes, breaking one of the many laws led to swift execution. With the exception of minors, they are were sent to the "SkyBox", a holding detention center where they await turning One hundred of these delinquents were sent to Earth to see if it was habitable enough for humans to survive and were promised that their crimes would be pardoned.

The Council is the governing institution that made executive decisions for The Ark , and formerly Arkadia. It was headed by the Chancellor. They also created the Exodus Charter, which contains the new laws for governing once the Sky People returned to the ground, although those laws were quickly abolished. An Officer is a high rank in the bureaucracy of the Ark. Above the general officers is the Ark's governing Council which is led by the current Chancellor. The Ark's officers have information not accessible to most of the Ark's residents.

Certain key knowledge is further restricted to just the Council itself. The Guard was a group that was employed to maintained security on the Ark and later at Arkadia once they arrived on Earth. On the Ark, the Guard was in charge of surprise inspections of the Sky People's living quarters and were commonly seen working in law enforcement and providing protection. They also performed the duties of executioner when pushing the button to float Sky People charged with capital crimes. During Council meetings, Ark Guards stand watch and await orders by Council members.

Guard Cadets are responsible for chaperoning public gatherings such as dances.

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On the Ground, the Guard goes out on scouting missions and accompanies Sky People outside the safety of Arkadia. Once the alliance between the Grounders and Sky People was established, the Guard worked alongside the Grounder Warriors, providing technology they lacked such as medicine, firearms, and tone generators. The delinquents were a group of Sky People. This is a brand-new translation of a very old work, first published in the 17th century and considered a classic of Korean fiction.

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Romantic high fantasy about an unlikely pair of exalted heroes—an apprentice knight longing for a stable future, and a former street thief having trouble grappling with her newfound fame—who realize the quest they thought had ended is actually far from over. Acclaimed author and translator Ken Liu Invisible Planets presents his second anthology of very recent speculative fiction from China, with short stories, novellas, and essays from a wide range of authors—including established names like Hugo winners Liu Cixin and Hao Jingfang and some who are being published in English for the first time.

When a lowly squire discovers the weapon is a fake, with a conspiracy surrounding the truth, a desperate quest to prevent all-out war begins. In a magical island kingdom, the fates of three characters are intertwined: a sorcerer with world domination on the brain, a young royal on the run after being denied her birthright and slaying her husband-to-be , and the local prince who finds himself somewhat reluctantly drawn into the fray.

In Europe, a half-demon, half-angel must track down a stolen violin and face up to a tragedy in his distant past—only then can he summon a band of musical angels to end a looming supernatural battle that could destroy all of humankind. In a kingdom that was, until very recently, ruled by four queens, a teenage thief and one of her marks accidentally become caught up in a dangerous and deadly royal conspiracy. The Strangely Beautiful series continues with this standalone adventure, as the title character—a psychic who can communicate with ghosts—attempts to use her gifts to help amid the chaos of World War I.

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The Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke-winning author leaps into a new fantasy realm with this tale of a kingdom protected by the Raven, a god whose fading powers have brought new vulnerability to the land. A warrior steps up to help, but he soon discovers a dark secret that could end everything.

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The popular annual science fiction anthology celebrates 35 years of stories by collecting, as the title suggests, the very best of the best works from its robust history. The A. Filed to: Bookshelf injection Filed to: Bookshelf injection Bookshelf injection charlie jane anders N.

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