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Finlay also slammed Undertaker's head into a pod, breaking it and causing Undertaker to start bleeding. The sixth entrant, MVP, was attacked by Undertaker when his pod was opened. MVP used a steel chain as a weapon on the other three competitors, until he climbed to the top of a pod.

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Later, Hornswoggle passed a shillelagh to Finlay from under the ring, which he used on both Batista and Undertaker. He was soon eliminated by Undertaker who pinned him after a Chokeslam onto the chamber floor. The final two men were Batista and Undertaker. Batista gained advantage after delivering a Batista Bomb , but Undertaker kicked out, which led to Batista tossing Undertaker into the chamber wall. Undertaker however, retaliated and countered a powerslam attempt on the outside, bringing both men in, and delivered a Tombstone piledriver and pinned Batista, winning the match and earning a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV.

The third match was a "Career threatening" match between Ric Flair and Mr. In this match, had Flair lost, he would have had to retire from professional wrestling. Throughout the match Kennedy worked on Flair's injured leg, but in the end, Flair was able to trip Kennedy into a Figure four leglock , forcing Kennedy to submit. Thus, Flair won the match and avoided retirement. Throughout the match, Edge worked on Mysterio's injured biceps, affecting Mysterio's offense.

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Later in the match, Mysterio executed a on Edge, but couldn't capitalize due to his biceps. He then attempted a Springboard Splash, but Edge speared Mysterio in mid-air, and pinned him, retaining the title. As Big Show threatened to chokeslam Mysterio, Mayweather jumped over the security wall and entered the ring to confront Big Show.

Show then got on his knees to allow Mayweather to punch him, which Mayweather did with a combination of punches, bloodying The Big Show from the nose and mouth. Mayweather and his crew fled the ring, and then through the crowd, where Shane McMahon stopped The Big Show from chasing them.

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The match started slow, with the men trading dominance. After a submission attempt by Cena, Orton feigned an injury outside the ring and ordered the referee Mike Chioda to count him out. Orton got back in the ring and the referee started to count Cena out. Cena got back into the ring on a nine-count, but Orton purposely slapped the referee in the face and got himself disqualified. In result, Orton lost the match but retained the title.

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The first two superstars to start the match were Jericho and Michaels. They fought each other until Umaga entered, and dominated. The next superstar to enter the match was JBL, who dominated the other three competitors for some time until he got eliminated by Jericho after a Codebreaker. After his elimination, JBL brought two steel chairs into the chamber to attack Jericho, Michaels and Umaga before leaving. Triple H entered the match next.

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Soon, every superstar delivered their finishing moves on Umaga, with Jericho delivering the Codebreaker, Michaels performing the Sweet Chin Music , Triple H executing the Pedigree , and finally Hardy delivering the Swanton Bomb from the top of a pod. Jericho took advantage and pinned Umaga to eliminate him. The final two men were Triple H and Hardy. They battled for about five minutes until Triple H delivered a Pedigree on Hardy, but failed to score the pinfall. Triple H tried to use a steel chair but Hardy retaliated, and attempted to deliver a Twist of Fate.

Triple H countered the attempt by pushing Hardy into the steel chair. Triple H was assigned to be the guest referee. The feud between Rey Mysterio and Edge ended when, on the February 22 episode of SmackDown , Mysterio said that he needed surgery, and would be out of action for seven weeks. Edge then entered a feud with The Undertaker , the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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Edge and Undertaker met in a World title match at WrestleMania, in which Undertaker defeated Edge to capture the World title, and to keep his undefeated streak intact. McMahon the next match Flair loses would result in a forced retirement for Flair. Punk went on to win the match. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Promotional poster featuring Jeff Hardy and the Elimination Chamber structure. Retrieved November 28, Pro Wrestling History. Retrieved September 26, In Demand. Retrieved January 20, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on February 25, World Wrestling Entertainment. May 6, Archived from the original PDF on July 24, Retrieved August 6, Retrieved April 28, What's more, Spidey director Jon Watts instructed his cast of young actors, including star Tom Holland, to watch the aforementioned Hughes films, with the addition of "Pretty in Pink.

Warning: Spoilers ensue!

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Remember that desperate race home by Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick that involved backyard fences and momentary home invasions? Well it gets a modern update in "Homecoming," as Spidey traverses a quiet neighborhood during a hunt for baddies.

Vengeance Valley (1951) BURT LANCASTER

She's so cool, in fact, she reminds us of another non-parent parental figure who appeared in "Pretty in Pink": The punker-turned-yacht rocker Iona, played by Annie Potts. Both mother figures use a hip approach to help guide Spidey and Andie Molly Ringwald , respectively, in the right direction.

At one point Aunt Mae recalls some teenage memories in a heart-to-heart with Spidey -- and something tells us it totally happened in the '80s. It wouldn't be prom if someone's date didn't ditch them -- as happens in both "Pretty in Pink" and "Homecoming.

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Incidentally, there's some great high school hallway hide-and-seek in both "Homecoming" and "The Breakfast Club.