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From the above paragraph it should be clear that what makes Christian ministry distinctly Christian is not the activity in and of itself. With some ministries, that could be the case, but again, not all. What should make a ministry clearly Christian is the role that truth plays in the equation. All truly Christian ministry is truth-oriented. This is why all believers are called to ministry, because all believers are called to speak truth. To be a Christian is to be a truth-telling person.

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Putting these exhortations into practice is actually participating in Christian ministry. All that we are to do should be geared toward truth. So, what makes a Christian soup kitchen a Christian ministry, as opposed to a secular soup kitchen, is the role that truth plays in the ministry.

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At a Christian soup kitchen, speaking truth in love plays a major role in the ministry. Christian ministry is Christian because of the truth that is being proclaimed. Since the nature of Christian ministry is truth oriented, then ministry happens in any number of settings, not just in formal church programs. Leaving ministry entrapped in the programs of the church enables believers to miss out on the joy of ministry. It also denies both believers and unbelievers the benefits of receiving the truth in a variety of settings.

I would argue that the greatest advances in ministry happen outside the church walls. Ministry occurs at the dinner table, across a coffee shop booth, in the car on the way to Walmart, in the back of the church at the end of the worship service, at the hospitable bedside, on the playing field, over the fence in the backyard.

Our posture as Christians should always be geared to Christian ministry, whether involved in a formal ministry at church or one outside the confines of the church. The Nature of Christian Ministry. April 22, by Dave Trepanier Category: Uncategorized. Formal vs. Every person, in each position, makes a lasting contribution.

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We maintain professional attitudes and attention to detail are what allows us to achieve our mission. We value our employees, encourage them to make productive suggestions and want them to succeed at their jobs. In our work culture, we believe that every staff member is endowed by our Creator with gifts and abilities that will contribute invaluably to the successes and profitability of our organization.

Therefore, we strive to:. In addition to its restoration and supportive service programs, Christ-Centered Ministries CCM seeks to provide continuous emergency services. Though the U. You can make a real difference in the lives of the men, women, and community we serve.

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With your help, 20 men or women will sleep in their own beds, become well-nourished, improve their hygiene, put on new clothing, be provided services and support to get their lives back on track and be better off than the day before they came to the Restoration Reentry Residence. What we need now, is you.

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CCM provides bed facilities , that cover room and board, amenities for daily self-care, clothing from head to toe and a home environment that feels like modern living. CCM serves three great meals, daily to our clients.

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Our clients indulge in exciting recipes prepared by our food services team and are encouraged to help with meal process from food preparation to setting the table and finally clean up so that these skills follow them when they are able to live on their own. The meals are well balanced and considers those that are in need of special diets, like diabetics and vegans. Almost every client at CCM is homeless. They must start with the means to live and function all over again.

Our team of case managers and benefits specialists help get them back on track.

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Our personal experiences, ensure that we identify with the cause and seek opportunities that require our help. Email Address. Christ-Centered Ministries! Our supportive programs encompass the following: Recovery : step biblical supportive groups have been established within community churches to offer continued support to individuals dealing with various addictions. Health Care : Referral service will be provided to various health care facilities and physicians willing to give care to our clients on a volunteer basis. Education : A computerized learning lab offering everything from basic literacy training to preparing for high school proficiency exams.

Re-unification : Some men and women who complete their recovery programs have children and they desire to be reunited with when they leave the recovery treatment programs. Sincerely, Troy F. Christ-Centered Ministries CCM believes all lives are worthy of restoration, and to this end, we offer integrated-health services, housing, and supportive services related to family reintegration where appropriate. CCM is committed to quality work and superior client service in all aspects of our business.