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Men and Masculinities in Southeast Asia. Visa fler. Bloggat om boken. From Migrant to Worker Michele Ford kr.

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Social Activism in Southeast Asia kr. Men and Masculinities in Southeast Asia kr. Baby Daze , poems about early motherhood, by Sarah David. Walking, Falling , poems by Kelwyn Sole. Sharps Cabaret , poems by Katy Giebenhain. Egg Island Almanac , poems by Brendan Galvin.

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A5 size paperback book with a 4-colour cover and 46 pages. This book does exactly what it says on the tin. These are simple, sweet poems about the experience of having an adored baby and everything going to plan. Nothing unexpected happens, Nature does not pull off any tricks and neither does Davis. And get stuff off our chest. And reassure each other. We can only do our best. To save him from getting wet.

Not just from the bath water. But from your inbuilt directional jet! There is nothing obscure or challenging about it, nothing modern, but if you would enjoy a timeless, sunny picture of a mother and child, this is for you. Review by: Eve Kimber. A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and pages. Published by Deep South, P. Walking, Falling is a finely-stitched tapestry of South Africa life.

It bursts with vigorous imagery, at once sensuous, satirical and uncompromising. Sole is a master of synaesthetic evocation, leading his readers deep into how it feels to be in a particular place, at a particular time. The vultures dress in suits. Review by: Will Daunt. Slightly larger than A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and 70 pages. I think the first things I noticed were the titles. The poems themselves were usually as thought-provoking as the titles. Why would she not have jellybeans sewn into her bra strap, and elastic candy wristlets?

Diabetes is mentioned surprisingly often in this book.

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Collections like this that are a reminder of why I wanted to review poetry. Review by: Andrew Barber. Slightly larger than A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and 65 pages. Published by Southern Illinois University Press. Before reading this collection for review, I had not come across the poet or his work, so I have enjoyed delving into the observations, feelings and thoughts of Brendan Galvin.

As a writer and poet myself I love using nature and the natural world for inspiration and exploration. The poems chronicle the waxing and waning of the seasons from one winter to the next in the area around Egg Island, the dunes near a small seacoast town on the outermost reaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Always present beneath the surface is the question of where humans fit into this wild, ever-changing landscape of the coast.

Scientific name. English name. I scrolled through several references indicating that last term as a word used in scrabble, but the actual definition was tucked in at the end of one entry. Naming—the significance of names, the mutability of names, the sounds of names, the choice of names—all part of the pleasure in writing, and certainly in reading the poems.

One of the pleasures of these poems is learning the colloquial terms for the many plants, trees, and birds, the assorted flora and fauna he has absorbed over the years of living in his part of the country. There is beauty and wisdom and humour in these poems. The new collection takes up where the previous one left off.

Always in Galvin the natural world is a paradise at risk. His reverence for wild animals, birds, even some insects, many animals now endangered, and for landscapes continuously encroached upon by builders and defiled by careless tourists, sometimes even by residents of the area themselves, is in full play again. There are clearly no signs of human responsibility increasing. Fish crows: usually one or two will be traveling with their larger cousins, who keep above it all, out of range, or loiter in the breakdown lane. But here for the first time in my three quarters of a century is a whole flock of fish crows celebrating a new beginning.

Hard to imagine them unwrapping grief like a gift on a morning like this, corporeal subdividers like their relatives, while the lilacs prepare to announce the bluebacks are beginning to thread their way up the herring runs. Edition 36 88 September Selected Poems by Michael James Cook. Spokes of an Uneven Wheel , poems by Colin Dodds.

Plainsong , poems by Stephen Bone. Selected Poems , take your pick, by Michael James Cook. A slightly larger than A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and pages. For Take Your Pick, Cook has operated a voting system, where friends, family and professional contacts have picked their favourites. There are several pages of praise for the poetry, some of which is from the s, when Outposts published three collections in quick succession.

Seahouses, grey and so damp did seem.

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And dark were the islands of Farne. The waves lay calm but the seagulls screamed. And still was the air with alarm. Familiar forms and occasionally archaic syntax are supported by some approaches to rhyme and metre that are traditional — and some which are more variable. Grieve not for me when I am gone.

But fill your heart and mind with song. Mope not nor hang your head for long. But gird your loins and journey on. Such verse provokes conflicting responses: on the one hand, censure from those who think they know far more about poetry; on the other, the appreciation of people who like their poetry to speak clearly, first time around. Take your pick. UK B format paperback book with a full colour cover and 55 pages.

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This is a collection of poems solely on the subject of love and sex. There is a lively spontaneity to these poems that is very engaging. I mean that as a compliment. I loved the free expression of the 60s. Personally, I think that should be applauded. Published during by Main Street Rag Publishing. The advance review copy did not include an ISBN number or price information.

The world of these poems is a vividly and inventively dark dystopia, rich in cynicism and anger. The images reference America, the boardrooms, the mirror glass buildings, the parks and thrift-stores, but it could be anywhere: corruption and disappointment in modern life:. This is intelligent writing, the images are often startling and usually thought-provoking.

A slightly larger than A5 size stapled booklet with a full colour cover and 23 pages. Published during by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd,. I found the title of this work to be interesting and realised there are a few other publications with the same title;. I like the definition-. Throughout the pamphlet the poet uses sumptuous images of beauty and wonder with unnerving processes, both visceral and surgical. Bone explores this latent horror in fascinating ways, and ultimately, it illustrates the text with a morbid but human energy. Not out of the woods yet.

Left with this, I watch ….. Some of the content leaves a lot open to interpretation, and readers will probably draw their own entirely different reflections from the sequence. In light of the title, some of the religious images particularly resonated with me. Regardless of which reading carries more credence, this versatility and openness should be celebrated. The poems in which the poet highlights animal and plant life are nice to read out loud. I enjoyed the processes and perspectives. Cold Sauvignon. The cheap red. The moth-eaten Black Watch rough beneath our backs; a tub of soft scoop — forgotten about — melting in the humming heat.

These days you unfold a formality of table and chairs, favour starched napkins, cutlery. Your hamper empties baguettes, poached salmon, Spanish hams. From the icebox a too cold Sauvignon. I enjoyed, this publication and look forward to reading more from this poet in the future. Review by: Neil Brooks. Galaxies , poems by Cathryn Hankla. Rosary of Ghosts , poems by Grant Tarbard.

A5 size paperback book with a full-colour cover and 51 pages. Published by Live Canon during There are several strands to this remarkable first collection. At its heart are 36 pages of lyrical, captivating poetry that imagine the life of Roisin, an illustrator constrained by failing sight in the Devon town of Dawlish. She lives with a chaotic bunch of free spirits who have exploited her good nature, restricting her to little more than domestic slavery.

Next time, more verse and less background, please.

'Seize The Day" (Carpe Diem) - Dead Poet's Society. RIP Robin Williams

Slightly larger than a A5 size paperback book, with a full-colour cover and 83 pages. Cover design by Rachel Ross. There are lots of musical references in this book. Even Willie Nelson makes an appearance. And some of the poems not specifically about music or musicians reference musicians. I liked this book a lot. Even the names of the poems are a delight. It was hard to highlight specific parts of the book without doing a disservice to the whole, because anything I mentioned would have neglected something else that was probably just as good.

Slightly larger than a A5 size paperback book, with a full-colour cover and 66 pages. Its scent a stain of blood. Hankla is open to sensation of the moment, aware of history, resonant echoes, finding singing metaphors. There are poems that appear to lose their way, but they are far outweighed by the sensitive and insightful, and overall this is a thought-provoking collection that will challenge and inspire the reader.

An A5 paperback book with a full-colour cover and 35 pages. Cover design by Ronnie Goodyer. Rosary of Ghosts by Grant Tarbard is a brave collection, mostly dealing with the trauma of a stroke suffered by the poet. The poems explore the impact of life changing illnesses with flashes of sudden jolts through life, pain and love, a fight for sanity when your mind and body are not functioning and the sudden change of perception, because his world has changed in a moment.

I like the way the poet dealt with broken memories. The images are there in your mind. I enjoyed this collection and may well read more from this author. Rosary of ghosts in the bony shin. My heart is a feather, a bundled pin. Spindrift pale night suspended like my sin,. My skeleton is a ramshackle tin,.

Edition 34 86 March Technorage , poems by William Olsen. Cry Baby , poems by Gareth Writer-Davies. Local Colour , poems by Sam Smith. Techorage — poems by William Olsen. Slightly larger than A5 paperback book with a full colour cover and 96 pages. Cover design: Marianne Jankowski. For example, the pivotal couplet of the title poem is nine lines in:. I was driving down a ribbon of road.

Like the sleeve notes for a symphony, an opening poem precedes the four parts of the collection. Slightly larger than A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and 35 pages. I enjoyed this book enormously. Writer-Davies is telling a story. This is a primarily a story of fear - fear of the father, fear for the mother, fear for the child, fear for the future. The character of the father throws a long, dark shadow over most of the poems here.

Slightly larger than A5 size paperback booklet with a full colour cover and 35 pages. Published during year by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd. ISBN: This is some of the finest poetry I have read for some time, spare, sinewy and precise, each image created with deft touches of smell, sound or colour to draw the reader in. I could not doubt the essential honesty of his observations.


However, I have a difficulty with many of these poems. In some of these poems he uses positively Victorian terms for people living with disabilities —. Smith is concerned with human character and behaviour in extremes and under pressure, whether from old age, relationships turned sour, or mental illness. I liked the wit of a prose poem about Bhodhidharma teaching the shoppers from a supermarket trolley. Smith has a strong, original voice. An A5 size paperback book with a full colour cover and pages. Published on 28 th November by Matador. I enjoyed this collection and knew I would, because the author has a very definitive writing style.

Containing a wide range of themes, the book offers everything from hope to despair in an exploration of the darker side of life. Using a colloquial style, Thomas has written a succinct collection with poems about happiness, depression and the monotony of everyday life. This work explores more serious subject matter, including bringing light to deeper issues such as anxiety and suicide. Themes also range from love and lust to happiness, heartache and depression.

Thomas punctuates his poetry with references to biblical and historical figures to help illustrate his writing. The book will appeal to fans of poetry, especially those who enjoy mature and honest Bukowskiesqe literature. I have nothing to smile for. What are you smiling for? Using a colloquial style, Thomas writes a succinct collection with poems about happiness, depression and the monotony of everyday life. This work explores more serious subject matter, including bringing light to deeper issues such as anxiety and heartbreak.

Edition 33 85 December The Siege of Monrovia a poem by Mark Huband. Drying Naked , poems by Theophanis Kleanthous. Carpe Amorem in Poetry , poems by Michele Ford. A slightly larger that A5 size hardback book with a full colour cover and 67 pages. Published during by Livecanon. I saw men killing. The gap of years allows Huband to align what happened with how he felt, providing a particular aesthetic integrity. Terza rima is an inspired choice of form, which supports this traumatic narrative. Like discrete stitching, it holds together the sense of a story being told, while guiding both reader and writer through the terror with a calm dignity.

Published on 28 th July by Matador. I do like poetry books with lofty ambitions. Alas, after reading it, my levels of self-awareness and related phenomena are pretty much the way they were when I started, but this might say something about my existing understanding of the meaning of my life. The author has a distinctive style, which is usually a good thing. There are some great descriptions. Some of the rhymes feel forced, e.

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