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That is never okay, and I always respond swiftly having them taken down by instagram — their copyright infringement form is really good at having things like that taken down. There are certainly big drawbacks to sharing your work online! Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or creative business people? Photographing your work, well. The number of people I see that have spent hours making a beautiful piece of art, and just take a terrible picture on their phone, under artificial light, from a bad angle.

Take your time to set up shots from multiple angles to see which works best at the end, use little props to make your pictures more visually appealing. And where you can, try to always take pictures in natural light, they ALWAYS look so much better than under a lamp, or with a flash on. Finally, I all too often see, particularly textiles artists, undersell their work.


Your skills are valuable, and they should not be given for free. My partner is an illustrator fawnlorn , we share a studio in our flat — and some other artists to check out are; royalghostmarch , ohnonatalie , rbessaaa , vonnart. Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery. Info Email. The project was added to your Craft Projects. Recycle Crafts for Kids 50 Recycle Crafts for Kids: Teach kids about the importance of recycling with these adorable crafts for kids.

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One of the things that Marcus Aurelius talks about a lot is understanding the people who drive you crazy. He even talks a lot about when someone does something to you, think about when you have done that to other people. Your book talks about empathy through similar exercises. Why is that so important?

What does it help you do? If I had to say what the primary law of human nature is, the primary law of human nature is to deny that we have human nature, to deny that we are subject to these forces. The truth is we all evolved from the same source, from the same small number of people. Our brains are basically the same. We are wired in a similar way. We experienced the world, emotionally, the same way that hunter-gatherers experienced the world.

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Very little has changed in that sense. So if we all come from the same source, why would it be that only a small number of people are aggressive or are irrational? We are all the same. The Stoics talk about that. This is the logos of human nature. The exercise is to see that in other people.

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We separate ourselves from others. A few weeks ago you had a surprise, what could have very easily been a fatal stroke. And right on the cusp of you putting out this new book. How have you dealt with what must have been frustration and disappointment and fear? The impatience and the frustration are intense. Why did it happen to me? When it first happened, I was in the hospital, I had a pretty good attitude, I was reacting in a good way.

In all my books, the last chapter is the most important. It infects everything that we are. It creates a fear of life. The latent, chronic anxiety is a function of our inability to confront our mortality.

Angels Speak: The Art and Work of Crafting Consciousness: Volume One

We live in a culture that is death denial at the extreme. But the way primitive people dealt with it was to create a religion. And in the past, death was all around you. You saw all of your family members die. You saw death in the streets. You had an awareness of it. We live in extreme denial and when you deny death, you are denying life because the two go together.

Your fear of death keeps us from going beyond it. I compare it to standing at the shore of some vast ocean and the fear of that dark ocean makes you kind of turn away and turn your back and retreat and I want you to get into your little boat and I want you to go into that ocean and explore it. And I talk about how you explore it.

You look at your own mortality.

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You feel a visceral relationship to death. And so you can literally feel your own death and your own mortality in your body. You can feel it in moments when you fall asleep and you lose consciousness for a moment. You have moments like this. I want you to not be so afraid and to look it square in the eye and to explore that ocean.

And I give exercises to it. So pushing yourself past this one elemental fear can have incredible power and therapy because our fear of death is something that has bedeviled humanity for thousands of years. The other thing is, death should be the ultimate engine for creating empathy. I have this exercise.

I did it when I was in New York, and it was extremely powerful. What do you think of the sort of Silicon Valley obsession now with either indefinitely prolonging death or ending death?