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From Aristotle to Zola, the classics market is huge. This year, publishers have been ghoulishly marking the anniversaries of authors who died in , especially HG Wells August 13 and Damon Runyon December And classics publishers can make a lot from TV or film adaptations: the bestselling classic this year is War and Peace , with 54, copies sold by 10 publishing houses, compared with 12, last year. The competition between houses is, consequently, intense, and many bold initiatives of marketing and packaging are being tried this year.

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The blurb for each book is a single sentence. An enormous audience for curated literature has suddenly been conjured up out of nothing. He asked art director Jim Stoddart to apply the same stripped-back treatment to 20 books from the Classics list. Ten more were published in August. The old-style Classics will still be available. But will the new design eventually be rolled out across the whole range? These are more friendly towards that kind of reader. To treat the books as dry academic pieces of literature is just wrong. Penguin is using the considerable power of its brand name as the main marketing thrust.

After that, we have to have an attractive package, to look good on bookshelves. And some general readers will still want the critical apparatus that we provide.

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Untrustworthy, charming Fussy Joe spins tall tales and breaks hearts in this rollicking story set in the 'sensational city' of s Lagos. Soaring, freewheeling snapshots of life on the road across America, from the Beat writer who inspired a generation.

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Darkly funny, streetwise tales of low-lifes, grifters and ordinary people trying to make ends meet in pre-War Germany. This mesmerizing profile of an insecure, vulnerable young Marlon Brando, brooding in a Kyoto hotel during a break from filming, is a peerless piece of journalism. A stubborn, hard-drinking elderly woman living in a desert town finds herself faced with an impossible choice, in this caustically funny, precisely observed tale from an American prose master. A passionate, unfulfilled woman considers her life and her marriage in this moving novella by one of America's finest short story writers.

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Drawing on Baldwin's own experiences of prejudice in an America violently divided by race, these searing essays blend the intensely personal with the political to envisage a better world. Georges Simenon's stark, confessional letter to his dead mother explores the complexity of parent-child relationships and the bitterness of things unsaid. Filled with bright, unforgettable images, the deceptively simple work of William Carlos Williams revolutionized American verse, and made him one of the greatest twentieth-century poets.

The pioneering Betty Friedan gave voice to countless American housewives - who, despite being sold a dream of the perfect home and family, silently wondered 'Is this all? A dazzling selection of the beautiful, brutal and darkly brilliant work of Spain's greatest twentieth-century poet, from his beloved Gypsy Ballads to pieces appearing in English for the first time. Two luminous, tender stories from one of Japan's greatest twentieth-century writers, showing how childhood memories, dreams and fleeting encounters shape our lives.

Five sparkling, irreverent brief portraits of famous literary figures including libertines, eccentrics and rogues from Spain's greatest living writer. These moving stories by one of the great masters of Southern gothic portray love, sorrow and our search for happiness and understanding. Fantastical tales of mazes, puzzles, lost labyrinths and bookish mysteries, from the unique imagination of a literary magician. The legendary pop artist Andy Warhol's hilarious, gossipy vignettes and aphorisms on the topics of love, fame and beauty.

From the writer who bore witness to the twentieth century's darkest days, these verses of beauty and horror include the poem that inspired the title of his memoir, If This Is a Man.

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These three dazzling stories of obsession, mania and an extra-terrestrial nightmare feature all the wit, dexterity and inventiveness that are the hallmarks of Nabokov's genius. The great American poet, novelist and farmer argues for a life lived slowly, and the value of home.

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