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Hannibal opened his mouth to speak, but Will continued in that same forcibly nonchalant tone. After I see you two settled comfortably, I can go back to my wife. His fists tightened until the skin was stretched taut and white over his knuckles. I can start planning something extra special. What do you think?

His neck was bared to Hannibal, the fluttering of his pulse faintly exposed. Hannibal loomed, maintaining a position of power over the other man. Maybe even better. That she could make you feel the way I make you feel? If that intelligent, insightful, cultured woman was really so perfect for you, go back to her.

I left the caring, kind wife I loved to come with you. I made my choice. Will tossed his head in the direction of the door as if telling Hannibal to take the out.

The Woman Who Left Jealousy is a force to be reckoned with...

She never was. Bedelia followed you out of curiosity and survival and when one was satisfied and the other ensured, she left as fast as those designer heels could carry her. She made herself famous by cashing in on your name and telling just enough of your secrets to shore up her lies.

Pushing Hannibal aside with one more pointed look, Will made to turn his back and walk away. Will tensed in anticipation of a fight, his mouth pressed thin. But then Hannibal crushed their lips together in a bruising kiss. Buttons snapped off, falling to the floor and rolling under the furnishings.

The flavor of their shared blood coated their tongues and Hannibal ached with want. As Hannibal bucked his hips in a quest for more contact and stared up at Will, he felt a series of clashing, contrary, overwhelming emotions - he felt insignificant and powerful, blessed and damned, sated and hungry.

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How could he look up at that beautiful, dangerous, impossible man and not feel like a worshiper laid bare before an avenging god? How could he not want him mind, body, and soul? Will was right and Hannibal knew. He knew it for years, practically from the moment he looked at Will and saw what he was and what he could become. Hannibal, washing Will's hair: Back in Florence, I- Will, eyes closed and smiling gently: If your next words have anything to do with Bedelia, I will drown you in this tub.

I see. Will: I'm serious. You'll be fucking dead. But if it makes you feel better, I'll cry over your body. Hannibal: It does, actually. More filters. Sort order. When I was in my 20's I enjoyed lighter reads and Josephine Cox was one of my go-to light fiction authors. You know the kind of read - nothing too heavy, with fairly predictable characters and a plot that I could easily jump in and out of between my interpreting gigs. I've had this book on my shelves for many years and finally got around to reading it in my feeble attempt to 'read what I own'. While I admit that the Light Historical Fiction genre is no longer my 'cuppa tea', The Woman Who Left still falls considerably short for me in terms of plot and character development.

There's light fiction and then there's weak fiction and this book, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. While I appreciated how tertiary characters introduced certain scenes and gave the book a small town feel, the characters were cliched, one-dimensional and behaved exactly as you'd expect. When you add in the plot that didn't have a lot of meat to it and the overabundance of banal dialogue sprinkled throughout, it's not surprising that I wasn't a fan of this book.

Preferences change over time and I can't say that I continue to be a big reader of the Light Historical Fiction genre. That said, this book was weak in too many ways making my lack of enthusiasm for the book more than just a genre issue. Feb 27, Shirley Revill rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , fiction , thought-provoking , made-me-cry , old-books-are-sometimes-the-best. A really enjoyable and thought provoking story that I really enjoyed. Apr 01, Tracey rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this read.

It is the story of Ben and Louise and the hurdles they face after Ben's father dies. They are forced to sell the family farm after being deceived by Ben's brother and quintessential villain Jacob. Ben isn't equipped to town-living so life isn't so rosy for them. There is a colourful cast of characters in this story including Louise's sister, Susan. Susan is headstrong, somewhat naive and selfish but there are glimpses of a softer side to her nature.

Sal is Ben and Ja I really enjoyed this read. Sal is Ben and Jacob's mother, a practical realist who sees both her sons characters very clearly. A lovely read and I look forward to finding a copy of the sequel "Jinnie". Disappointing This book was ok until the latter part when it became too far fetched and predictable.

Made reading the beginning a waste of time,. Jun 03, Ellen rated it it was ok. Started but couldn't finish. A quarter of the way in I'd read that Jacob was a devil one too many times and the rest of the characters were just irritating me. Not my kind of read at all. Apr 02, Charmaine Saliba rated it it was amazing Shelves: popsugar , favorites.

So far this is my favourite by Josephine Cox, through the years she has become one of my favourite authors. Her novels are heart-warming and leave you to feel sorry that you finished the book because it is like saying goodbye to dear friends. The Woman Who left is no exception, it has everything you look in a family Drama, love, betrayal, friendship and courage, and this time also a murder. It is a fast-paced novel that was hard to put down, looking forward to reading the sequel Jinnie.

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Ben and L So far this is my favourite by Josephine Cox, through the years she has become one of my favourite authors. It will Jacob success in his plan? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jan 09, Linda rated it it was amazing. I always like to come back to these great authors, easy reading and so much going on.

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This one I enjoyed as it kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I just wished that authors would make you aware when there is a follow up story. As it happens I read this before "Jinny", which is the follow up to this book, I would have been mad had I read "Jinny" first. View 1 comment. Aug 27, Sharon Reeves rated it liked it. I always like to read a Josephine Cox book, when I want an easy to read, safe, story, that I know I will get into quickly, and I don't have to think much.

This was a good read, one of her better stories. I enjoyed it. I did not realise until reading other reviews that there is a book that follows on from this called 'Jinny'. I will look out for it, as I would like the story to continue. May 07, Carobe rated it really liked it. Dec 23, Margaret added it. Very good as always.

Mar 14, Lisa rated it liked it. Easy read. Perfect for a rainy day read. Aug 29, Janet Randon rated it it was amazing. Fantastic read and looking forward to reading the sequel next Jinnie. May 18, Ria rated it it was amazing. Absolutely brilliant book.