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Also gave us Haunted Castle. Eliza Parsons Better known for her novel The Castle Of Wolfenbach William Beckford Author of Vathek and started the subgenre of Orientalist Gothic, frightening because set beyond "civilised" Europe altogether. Ann Radcliffe Notably replaced real supernatural events with the "Scooby-Doo" Hoax. Regina Maria Roche But she is best remembered for the moodier Clermont Carl Friedrich Kahlert , alias Ludwig Flammenberg.

The work was written in German and translated into English. The translator Peter Teuthold considerably revised the text and even added a chapter of his own. The Teuthold version is still the best known form of the work. Carl Grosse alias Marquis de Grosse. Eleanor Sleath Married name of Eleanor Carter.

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Better known for her novel The Orphan of the Rhine Francis Lathom His better known work in the genre was The Midnight Bell Matthew Gregory Lewis Pre-Victorian Nineteenth Century. The eponymous Sinner supposedly makes a Deal with the Devil , but it is never clear if this is true or all in his head.

Also makes chilling use of Psychological Horror and "Rashomon"-Style. Hoffmann The most important German author of Gothic fiction. His novel The Devils Elixirs is a classic of the genre. His best known work, however, is the short story The Nutcracker Charles Robert Maturin Author of Melmoth the Wanderer , a notable use of the Nested Story style to tell a complex tale. Washington Irving : Author of numerous classic tales of terror.

Eaton Stannard Barrett Wrote The Heroine , a notable parody of the genre. Particularly of the Changeling Fantasy plots which had been used by several gothic novels. Barrett's "heroine", Cherry Wilkinson, is a farmer's daughter and an avid reader of gothic novels. She convinces herself that she is heiress Cherubina de Willoughby and embarks on a series of quixotic misadventures. Lord Byron His Byronic Hero was a major contribution to Gothic fiction. The type was introduced in the narrative poem Childe Harolds Pilgrimage His poem The Giaour is one of the earliest depictions of vampires in fiction.

The satiric poem Don Juan is not part of the genre, however. John William Polidori He wrote the first vampire novel, The Vampyre Mary Shelley Her novel Frankenstein gave us Frankenstein's Monster. She is also considered the first Science Fiction writer. Nikolai Gogol He had an actual interest in the occult and the paranormal. He incorporated elements of his study in various tales, most notably Zanoni His most enduring work is probably The Coming Race , combining elements of occultism, gothic horror, and science fiction.

Marie Corelli had this in some of her novels, notably Wormwood and Vendetta. Edgar Allan Poe One of the most important writers of Gothic fiction; wrote the first Great Detective Mystery. He revisited classic gothic themes in the short stories " The Fall of the House of Usher " , and " The Pit and the Pendulum " , among many other classics of the genre.

His best known Gothic poem is probably The Raven Charles Dickens He gave us Victorian London or at least the Hollywood version of it. He tended to use old Gothic tropes in new ways. Such as secret heirs to prominent families " Oliver Twist ", , and wicked uncles plotting or performing murder The Mystery of Edwin Drood , All in an urban environment and graphically depicting the life of the low classes. Sheridan Le Fanu Better known as the author of Carmilla Gave us the Occult Detective and Lesbian Vampires.

George W. Reynolds He wrote the serial novels The Mysteries Of London c. He was a pioneer of the " urban mysteries " style of gothic horror. Tales changing the story setting from the haunted castles of the past to the great metropolis of the Industrial Revolution. London: Frederick Warne. New York: Edwin Mellen Press. Gothic and the Comic Turn. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Lillia Melani. Retrieved May 3, MLA International Bibliography. Accessed 16 Oct.

by George Orwell

The Monk. London: Penguin Books. Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies. Derek Offord: Karamzin's Gothic Tale, p.

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Non-literary works of (and inspired by) Gothic horror

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The Mysterious Hand; Or, Subterranean Horrours!

Shakespeare, William The Riverside Shakespeare: Second Edition. Simpson, Mark S.

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New York: Meridian. Stevens, David The Gothic Tradition. The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural. Summers, Montague The Gothic Quest. Townshend, Dale The Orders of Gothic. Varma, Devendra The Gothic Flame. Wisker, Gina Horror Fiction: An Introduction. Continuum: New York. At first the police suspect a mob hit: the fist -- with the thumb stuck between the first two fingers -- is making the Italian sign of the evil eye, and the flint knife suggests a ritualistic murder.

Dyson, however -- aware of the existence of the "little people" -- suspects a connection to the Welsh hill country. Valdemar" -- the story of a man hypnotized at the moment of his death, whose soul dwells for months in a dead body. Tremendously Lovecraftian both Poe and Machen lent their services to Lovecraft's similarly themed "Cool Air" , it also takes a nod from J. Le Fanu's "Green Tea," wherein a parson's regular consumption of green tea often cut with opium, cocaine, and carcinogens at the time unwittingly opens up his third eye and drives him to suicide.

In this instance, the victim is a workaholic law student who is prescribed a draught for exhaustion by an incompetent apothecary who accidentally gives him -- well, you'll have to read it to find out, but let's just say it involves high pagan rites and the Witches' Sabbath. One of Machen's absolutely best tales. Lovecraft, and was famously the inspiration for the similarly themed "Whisperer in the Darkness" and "The Dunwich Horror. Taking with him his female research assistant an orphan whom he had saved from starvation, educated, and treated as his own daughter , he leaves London and travels to Wales where he tries to decode the significance of a black seal viz.

Taking in a mentally challenged local boy as a helper knowing full well that he is the part-troglodyte hybrid resultant from a rape , he sinks further into his obsession until he finally disappears. His assistant's discovery of his final statement along with an account of the hybrid's boy's monstrous ability to morph into a tentacled horror helps solve some of the mystery, while leaving other parts appropriately darkened forever.

This one isn't for everybody: it has many detractors and is notoriously hard to read having over a dozen pages without a paragraph break , but hard work will pay off, and listening to recordings of it can help smooth out the formatting issues.