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I thus attempt to sketch the image of a grotesque textual body Bachtin , which is emphasised by the focus on Menippean satire recently Musgrave II My attempt to track the history of the genre must, given the above, pay particular attention to a strand within that which remains elusive in terms of precise definition: Menippean satire, named after its Cynic founder Menippus of Gadara. In those satires, both elements — the heterogeny and hypertrophy etymologically embedded in satura, as well as the paradoxical gesture of inversion which my speculative reading of Juvenal has sketched — together become programmatic.

The classification in antiquity of this recalcitrant generic type is reached by way of the criterion mixed, it being a mixture of prose and verse prosimetrum. Quintilian attributes the invention of the mixtum compositum to the Roman polyhistor Varro. Grotesque deformation and intertextual gluttony are the foremost characteristics of Menippean satire see Frye , Bachtin , Kirk , Riikonen Harmon , That opens up a potentially vast range, because on the one hand the Menippean texts thus radicalise their rudimentary make-up into a formless mass of literary gobbets and thereby expose the textual materia, and on the other they incrementally augment the parodistic mirroring of genres to the highest degree of reflectivity.

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Particularly the encyclopaedic Menippea of the early Christian period, for example Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii, reveal intensive metapoetic reflectivity when they introduce a personification of the literary text Satura which proceeds to distance itself, in some case with polemic force, from its author Relihan , Over the course of my project, I shall also be examining the often underestimated relevance of the work just mentioned and its representation of the Seven Liberal Arts, one dismissed by many as unreadable, for the grotesque-encyclopaedic literature of the modern period.

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