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We Romped until the pans Slid from the kitchen shelf; My mother's countenance Could not unfrown itself. When citing two or more paragraphs, use block quotation format, even if the passage from the paragraphs is less than four lines. Writing has been an issue in American secondary and higher education since papers and examinations came into wide use in the s, eventually driving out formal recitation and oral examination. From its birth in the late nineteenth century, progressive education has wrestled with the conflict within industrial society between pressure to increase specialization of knowledge and of professional work upholding disciplinary standards and pressure to integrate more fully an ever-widerning number of citizens into intellectually meaningful activity within mass society promoting social equity.

If you add a word or words in a quotation, you should put brackets around the words to indicate that they are not part of the original text.

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If you omit a word or words from a quotation, you should indicate the deleted word or words by using ellipsis marks, which are three periods. For example:. Please note that brackets are not needed around ellipses unless adding brackets would clarify your use of ellipses.

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When omitting words from poetry quotations, use a standard three-period ellipses; however, when omitting one or more full lines of poetry, space several periods to about the length of a complete line in the poem:. According to some, dreams express "profound aspects of personality" Foulkes , though others disagree.

According to Foulkes's study, dreams may express "profound aspects of personality" Is it possible that dreams may express "profound aspects of personality" Foulkes ? Jan Harold Brunvand, in an essay on urban legends, states, "some individuals [who retell urban legends] make a point of learning every rumor or tale" First off, all writing is personal.

All writing comes from the same place. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction and every single hybrid genre in between I strongly believe that poetry and memoir rely on one another. When combining such close proximity of a true story, and the expected cadence and dense imagery of poetry, the reader experience is heightened. This is what I found when compiling Dear Current Occupant. This also became very evident to me the more I started working closely as a mentor for other writers. People quite often ask me: How would you say your writing is different from other writers? Reader experience is everything, in my opinion.

When working on combining the personal and the poetry into one cohesive manuscript, the writer should be asking themselves a series of questions:.

Grammar Girl #685. How to Find Work as a Freelance Writer. Adventure.

Question one : What is the absolute core of my manuscript? Write this at the top of every page during revisions. Question two : How do I want my reader to experience my book? Do I want these back and forth quick jolts? Do I want them to be able to predict what will be on the next page? Consider these questions when looking at ordering your poems. Question three : How much do you want to give away? One thing I love about combining poetry with other forms, is that you get to decide how much you want to hand your readers and how much you want them to sort on their own.

This creates questions in the readers mind, but in a way where they read ahead because they are picking up pieces to this puzzle that they may not ever actually finish. Think of sailing on a river. You are moving and as you move your eyes see mountains, you smell the water and grass, you then smell smoke in the air. All of these things are collaborators. You pick them up along the way. You experience them.

Question four : Are there enough emotional beats to make the reader connect? If not, where can you amp these up? Look over a poem from your manuscript that you consider flat or just plain unpolished. Ask yourself these four questions, and then attempt a revision.

Compare both the original and the revised, and see if you were able to add layers of emotion, zero in on the core of the piece, and create some reader push and pull. An email subscriber list is important. It may take time to build, but all businesses especially entrepreneurs will want to have a list of folks who want to hear from them. Have a Strong call to action. Things are getting real personal, hehe. You can skip the exposition and foreshadowing. Keep updating your best content. Bring an actual piece of paper where you can collect names and email addresses. Or you can even have an ipad or other digital device ready so folks can sign up.

People actually want to hear more from me? We are all human, we like free stuff. Ask people what they want, and then deliver. I know all about the fear, the competition, but if you trust in your unique business and the systems you are building, then rip open those blinds! Ask your subscribers what their number one problem is.

Then solve it. Not only should you be creating quality content, but ask yourself how you can use your own expertise to help others. Create quick and dirties, one page cheat-sheets and then give them away to your VIPs! Share the love. Share the knowledge.

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Guest posting where your clients shows up and link back to your site. Google pays attention to this. Want to get on page one of Google Search? Ok then. Video promote your opt in offer on social media. This is the fun tip! Show us your face, promote what you do. People will listen. I am working on a few videos myself, so get ready for that!

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What it means to write authentically. Any time I come across an Audre Lorde quote I feel like she is still here and that she is speaking directly to me. When I think about writing authentically, I think about saying the things I want to say, the important things, the necessary things, and sometimes the painful things. This is what I love about Audre Lorde: her poems read as a narrative, her prose read like a personal conversation, where she in turn nudges you to do the work and speak the truths that make up your authentic story.

Memory especially traumatic memory can be blurry, fragmented, mixed, and even non-existent. This blurriness needs to be recognized, addressed, and included in your work for the story to be authentic. Often, writers assume they should only include what can easily be transcribed, but if writing is supposed to be easy … everyone would be doing it! Think of some examples of books that you love memoirs especially that SHOW and embrace the blur. Note this and ask yourself why it works, why the story resonates with you, why the brokenness is also part of the completeness.

What can writing authentically do for your readers? The above post is from one of my Advanced Memoir Workshop lectures. What would you say makes an authentic piece of creative non-fiction? Authenticity is such a tricky concept, but I would say this: A piece of creative non-fiction works for me when you think, no one else could have written this. If someone randomly read you a paragraph and you were blindfolded, you would know the writer immediately.

I am a firm believer that stories can take on various forms or identities. The story will tell you whether it craves the poetic form, essay, short story or a combination of many. What do you say to those who challenge hybridity? Have you read any fabulous hybrid works? Your own book Dear Current Occupant is the answer to that question!

It was one of my absolute favourite recent books, and it so strikingly blended poetry and memoir and visuals you are not allowed to take this sentence out! How could you be against it? I grew up on Classics Illustrated, the gateway drug of high-low mishmashes. Later, I loved books that experimented with form. What was the hardest thing you've had to write and why? What changed if anything after you wrote it? Journalists of my generation are told to be leery about writing about themselves.

I mined my own life for my collection of essays, which proved difficult but also really valuable. The hardest essay to write was the one called The Story of My Mother, because it is indeed about my relationship with my mother. What ethical debt do writers owe the people caught in our webs? I learned that skill from her. The weird thing was that although that essay was painful, it was also weirdly easy in the sense that it almost wrote itself. Once I turned on the tap, it flowed.

What would you say to new writers out there? Let's keep it real. Warn them about something. What advice would I give writers? The bottom has fallen out of the freelance market. Pretty much every writer I know has a side hustle. The other important thing is NOT to get caught up on how other writers do it. Some write every day. Some leave their work for weeks. Some write at night, some in the morning, some aim for a particular word count, some use lucky pens. There is no right way.

There is only your way. One minute of fame: promote anything you'd like to promote. Elizabeth Renzetti is the author of Shrewed , a collection of essays, and the novel based on a True Story. She is a columnist and feature writer with the Globe and Mail. How do you approach visual arts compared to how you approach writing? For the most part, my work lives in the overlap between visual art and writing, so I approach them the same—as a sculpture. Both involve manipulating black material into a form against a white background.

Sometimes the material is black thread against a white page, sometimes the material is black text against a white page. Both are doing poetic and esthetic work. In addition to being an artist, you are also a teacher. Often times, teachers end up learning from students. What's one of the biggest things you have learned from a student? To listen. I have so many opinions. Sometimes they just need to talk through an idea and hear their thinking out loud, so they can find their own solutions. Being a woman of colour in the arts can be tough for many different reasons especially in today's topsy turvy CanLit climate.

I try to share my work, words and ideas with community-building organizations, libraries and arts centers. I also think the poems are useful tools for engaging readers in conversations about race, gender and national identity. Your book is many things. Poetry, art, history book Poetry, art, history, academics, pop culture—How She Read reflects how the same signs, myths, tropes and stereotypes about Black womanhood and Canadian national identity float across different disciplines and discourses, how they are woven tight into our culture.

My book is an exercise in untangling it! West coast—come hear me read at Growing Room on March 10th! Chantal Gibson is an artist-educator interested in the cultural production of knowledge. Her work explores the overlap between literary and visual art, challenging imperialist notions quietly embedded in everyday thing. Recently, she had exhibitions bookending the country—in BC and Nova Scotia.

How She Read is an extension of her artistic practice. Sculpting black text against a white page, her poems forge new spaces that bend and twist English grammar rules while confronting historic representations of Black womanhood and Otherness in the Canadian cultural imagination. It sparks an inquiry and packs a wallop in every line and on every page. So you receive a request to do a reading. No worries, I am here to help. Have a mission statement or guiding principle that you use to decide what organizations to support, what offers to accept, what relationships to build and of course, which events to participate in.

Not all organizations have the same resources at their disposal. For example, maybe they offered you a smaller than normal honorarium. Is the organization a non-profit or a for profit? Chances are, non-profits may not have the funds to pay you the same as a private organization would, but if the person or organization doing the big ask is one that you believe in, then maybe consider that when making your decision. This will also help me decide when I need to say no. No time, no venue, no description of the event or what my involvement would be.

There was no transparency around accessibility, honorariums … nothing. I replied back with bullet points laying out all of the info I would require before even considering their request. We are still looking for a venue, investigating honorariums, and will have all the info you need by [insert date].

The fear of the temporary opportunity is real. I get it. Do not say yes to everything just because you think no one will ask you again. Now what? How to alleviate this? It shows that you are a professional and that you care. Here are some questions you can ask that will help paint a picture for what the event will look like and to help you situate yourself:.

Know who to expect and plan accordingly. I always ask for an event jpg or poster pdf so that I can do a little promoting myself.

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You want to get the word out. Also been there, done that. Time your reading include story set up or context in your timing. Know your time limit, and stay within it! She often gives talks about home, belonging and belief, inclusivity, and community building through authentic storytelling. You are driving this bus! Q1: What do you and why did you decide to work for yourself?

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I have worked with balloon decor for over 14 years. For 12 of those years I was employed at a local party store with 2 wonderful women who owned the business. With the store closing its doors and our youngest leaving home for a great school opportunity, I decided to start my own a small business with balloons.

Q2: Being an entrepreneur is one thing, but being a woman of colour entrepreneur navigating a predominantly male-dominated terrain can bring forth some "interesting" obstacles. How do you break these barriers down? To start, for the past 32 years I have been navigating a predominately male-dominated terrain in my household. Lol I feel this has been preparing me and has been quite beneficial for me and my business. I have met a few challenges, but on a smaller scale.

What he did was put the fear of God into them. More precisely, the fear of Crowley. In addition to which, every couple of months Crowley would pick out a plant that was growing too slowly, or succumbing to leaf-wilt or browning, or just didn't look quite as good as the others, and he would carry it around to all the other plants.

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