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Year - Details Faculty: Sydney Law School. Intensive August 23 Jul Study Mode: Block mode. Census Date: 31 Aug Unit of study level: Postgraduate. Though a common-law system is present in the United Kingdom, the country still has a strong attachment to the idea of legislative supremacy; consequently, judges in the United Kingdom do not have the power to strike down primary legislation. However, since the United Kingdom became a member of the European Union there has been tension between its tendency toward legislative supremacy and the EU's legal system, which specifically gives the Court of Justice of the European Union the power of judicial review.

Most modern legal systems allow the courts to review administrative acts individual decisions of a public body, such as a decision to grant a subsidy or to withdraw a residence permit.

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In most systems, this also includes review of secondary legislation legally enforceable rules of general applicability adopted by administrative bodies. Some countries notably France and Germany have implemented a system of administrative courts which are charged with resolving disputes between members of the public and the administration. In other countries including the United States and United Kingdom , judicial review is carried out by regular civil courts although it may be delegated to specialized panels within these courts such as the Administrative Court within the High Court of England and Wales.

The United States employs a mixed system in which some administrative decisions are reviewed by the United States district courts which are the general trial courts , some are reviewed directly by the United States courts of appeals and others are reviewed by specialized tribunals such as the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims which, despite its name, is not technically part of the federal judicial branch.


It is quite common that before a request for judicial review of an administrative act is filed with a court, certain preliminary conditions such as a complaint to the authority itself must be fulfilled. In most countries, the courts apply special procedures in administrative cases.

There are three broad approaches to judicial review of the constitutionality of primary legislation —that is, laws passed directly by an elected legislature. Some countries do not permit a review of the validity of primary legislation.

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  6. In the United Kingdom, statutes cannot be set aside under the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. Another example is the Netherlands, where the constitution expressly forbids the courts to rule on the question of constitutionality of primary legislation.

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    In the United States, federal and state courts at all levels, both appellate and trial are able to review and declare the " constitutionality ", or agreement with the Constitution or lack thereof of legislation by a process of judicial interpretation that is relevant to any case properly within their jurisdiction. In American legal language, "judicial review" refers primarily to the adjudication of constitutionality of statutes, especially by the Supreme Court of the United States.

    This is commonly held to have been established in the case of Marbury v.


    Madison , which was argued before the Supreme Court in A similar system was also adopted in Australia. In , Czechoslovakia adopted a system of judicial review by a specialized court, the Constitutional Court as written by Hans Kelsen , a leading jurist of the time. This system was later adopted by Austria and became known as the Austrian System , also under the primary authorship of Hans Kelsen, being emulated by a number of other countries. In these systems, other courts are not competent to question the constitutionality of primary legislation; they often may, however, initiate the process of review by the Constitutional Court.

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    Russia adopts a mixed model since as in the US courts at all levels, both federal and state, are empowered to review primary legislation and declare its constitutionality; as in the Czech Republic, there is a constitutional court in charge of reviewing the constitutionality of primary legislation. The difference is that in the first case, the decision about the law's adequacy to the Russian Constitution only binds the parties to the lawsuit; in the second, the Court's decision must be followed by judges and government officials at all levels.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Law review. This article is about court power over non-judicial branches. For court power over lower courts, see Appellate review. Further information: Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. European Model. Mixed Model.

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