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James's Joy

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James's Joy by Cara McCormack

Bulk Discounts for James's Joy. But a dark secret eats away at his conscience, giving him little hope for a bright future. Alcohol is his only escape. Dreifus, E. The Henry James Review, 25 1 , Edel, L. Henry James: A Life. New York: Harper and Row. Flaherty, M.

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Nineteenth-Century Literature, 69 3 , Gargano, J. Grigg, Q. Hutchison, H. Nineteenth-Century Literature, 58 2 , The Henry James Review, 26 1 , James, H.

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The Ambassadors. New York: Anchor Book.

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  3. James's Joy by Loree Lough.
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  5. Transatlantic Sketches. USA: Houghton, Mifflin. The American. Osgood and Company. Jochum, K.

    James's joy

    Henry James's Ambassadors in Paris. Kohan, K. Nineteenth-Century Literature, 54 3 , Hungarian Journal ofEnglish and American Studies, 17 2 , Menton, A. The Henry James Review, 15 3 , Onofrei, P. Studies in the Novel, 44 1 , Taghizadeh, A. PhD Diss. Engendering Culture in The American Scene. The Henry James Review, 17 1 , Tintner, R.

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    Henry James and the Lust of the Eyes.