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I wonder if the Hons will read this and take action on their own doorstep? This is the nub of the problem.

Did early attempts at computer translation of human languages produce humorous results?

How does civil society communicate with its own government? That they are not involved in budgetary business. And this often may be true, but why?

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And does it matter to government? As usual there are 10 sides to the argument but it has to be said that some NGOs are run as private sources of personal wealth, that those funded by overseas money fall under suspicion and that local funding is scarce, especially to those who fall outside the elite. There are of course those who do brilliant jobs, especially in the social and health sectors; these are often long standing groups who have established credibility over many years.

Here lies the lesson. Governments are besieged by financial demands and are aware that many applications are flawed and credibility is missing.

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Equally, government must be realising by now that their own credibility is being challenged more openly for not listening to civil society and that their fine speeches and promises are having less and less impact! There has to be a meeting of minds over differing opinions to progress, and then action. Both have to establish their credibility! So as a member of civil society let me issue a challenge!

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How serious are we about Corporate Governance or do we just talk? Internal Audit's function is systemic analysis of procedures to avoid mismanagement and misspending. Over to you. Or push it out of sight and will be out of mind - the Invisible Idiot rides again!!!!

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Chasing the dots Invisible Idiot! Front Page Suspected drug mule shot at Taxi driver kidnaps, rapes Geingob hits back at Lubowski Family seeks justice for Guilty or Not, Dignity is Lost The band regrouped and recorded their one and only cd while Margaret Explosion was performing with a new line up.

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  2. ISBN 13: 9781478196525.
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  4. Super Slinky. Four songs from February 16, are available here for download.

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    In a blind-hearing test how's that for an oxymoron? Invisible Idiot is the first cousin of the Margaret Explosion, an otherworldly lounge band that, from October through June , played an esoteric weekly Friday night happy hour at the Bug Jar. The ethereal soundtrack they provided cast an often eerie, slow-motion effect on the just-out-of-work crowd's revelries. The group's improvised minor-key melodies bathed the room in a melancholy glow, suggesting old eight-millimeter home movies, and blurring the line between experience and reminiscence.

    The music on Outta Sight, Outta Mind was made by many of the same musicians. Mostly recorded in six sessions during March and April , in Paul Dodd and Peggi Fournier's living room, the pieces collected on Outta Sight capture much of the same mood as their Margaret counterparts.