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Tony Lane, Michael Burke. Jeff Gross. Have you heard any word of young mills Who ruptured himself at the end of a chukka And had to be sent to the hills? They say that young lees Had a go of 'd. According to stubbs, who's a bit of a louse, The silly young blighter went out on a 'souse', And took two old tarts into government house. Whatever became of old keeling? I hear that he got back from france And frightened three nuns in a train in darjeeling By stripping and waving his lance! D'you remember munroe, In the p. He was tallish and mentally dim. The talk of heredity can't be quite true, He was dropped on his head by his ayah at two, I presume that by now he'll have reached g.

I'm sure that's what happened to him! Whatever became of old archie?


I hear he departed this life After rounding up ten sacred cows in karachi To welcome the governor's wife. D'you remember young phipps Who had very large hips And whose waist was excessively slim? Well, it seems that some doctor in grosvenor square Gave him hormone injections for growing his hair And he grew something here, and he grew something there.

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I wonder what happened to her-him? Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

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Verse 1 The india that one read about And may have been misled about In one respect has kept itself intact. Though eastern sounds may fascinate your ear When west meets west you're always sure to hear- Refrain 1 Whatever became of old bagot? Refrain 2 Whatever became of old shelley? Though worlds may change and nations disappear Above the shrieking chaos you will hear- Refrain 3 Whatever became of old tucker?

Refrain 4 Whatever became of old keeling? Refrain 5 Whatever became of old archie? Recomendar Twitter.

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