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You just need to be savvy about the process. Here are a few tips. Issue a Form for all independent contractors. This is a must, as every auditor will first ask to see your s. You can set deadlines, but avoid setting specific hours for when they need to work. When possible, avoid giving your contractors such tight deadlines that they have to work full-time for you. Hire contractors who have incorporated their business, rather than ones who operate as sole proprietors.

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While this is one of the most effective ways to avoid auditing trouble, not every great contractor is going to be incorporated so just be sure to follow the other tips. Hire contractors who have different clients.

Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce

But verify that they are actively marketing or advertising their services. Make sure that all contractors issue invoices for their work. Never pay them bi-weekly, weekly or monthly like you would pay an employee. By being smart and knowing the rules, you can use independent talent for your business.

Talk to your tax professional or an attorney familiar with employment law if you have any questions about how to classify a worker. Do you use independent contractors at your business? Tell us how you avoid legal issues in the comments. We're using cookies to improve your experience. This is what every freelancer needs, especially in the beginning, because it is going to show you who is really paying you your actual worth.

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This is great for finding clients design and graphic art work. Freelancers can browse through and post bids on to win contracts. Creating a project proposal is a very important part of freelance life. But it can be a real pain if you spend hours working on a proposal for no money and then have it rejected. BidSketch provides you with a template which will half your time. Similar to the idea of BidSketch, this goes hand in hand with showing clients what you can do, but in a more organized and less laborious fashion. This is a rapid wireframing tool that you can use to produce mockups and UI concepts.

You can work with product managers, developers, designers and clients in real time. How do you get your work out there? By sending an email marketing newsletter of course.

I’ve got your back. Today I am going to share my knowledge.

Keep your clients updated about a new post or product with this simple template platform. It offers a free plan which is a major bonus for those just starting out. It looks a little like a Pinterest board. It enables designers to share their products and promote them as well serve as a source of inspiration.

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Mozy offers Cloud backup solutions for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your seemingly impossible to-d0 list and Wunderlist provides you with the ultimate to-do list. It syncs across all different platforms.

Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Plus, you can assign tasks to other people! Nothing better than that! Track communications with customers, suppliers, leads and others. Keep your contacts in one place and shared, create to do lists for multiple users. Remember The Milk reminds you to take care of important tasks! Google Calendar. Keep that inbox under control with Sanbox. As we all know, your inbox is actually the hub of your business. It brings you joy, it brings you sadness and it brings you sadness. Keep it together with this organization app. Do you always forget to follow up after meeting a client?

Then this is the app for you. This automatically does it for you. This is email nirvana! One of the best ways for a freelancer to learn about how to run your business is just hearing stories and tips from others.

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  5. These blogs have some of the most informative and helpful articles for freelancers. One Woman Shop. This is the perfect site for someone who very much wanted to be their own boss. You prefer to decide your own self worth rather than allow an employer to put a price tag on your work. You light up from the thrill of deciding when to shift gears, challenge yourself, and kick it up a notch. You are a solopreneur. The site provides you with a community of freelancers and businesswomen who are taking risks and changing their lives everyday.

    This site is exactly like it sounds. Looking for productivity advice? Lifehacker is your new best friend. A mecca for freelance web designers. And everyone will pick up handy web design and user experience tips! For a little bit of entrepreneurship inspiration, this is the go-to source. With articles written by business leaders and professors, as well as top entrepreneurs, Fast Company covers the gammut from how to get more done to advice on writing business plans. For those of you who are not blogging experts, but need them for your business this is a great resource.