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Mi mirra aroma todo. El es la luz del dia. La blanca flor tiene sus pies en lodo y en el placer hay la melancolia! Traigo el oro. Aseguro que existe Dios. El es el grande y fuerte. Todo lo se por el lucero puro que brilla en la diadema de la Muerte.

Triunfa el amor y a su fiesta os convida. Cristo resurge, hace la luz del caos y tiene la corona de la Vida! I the incense bear. The glamour of the Star has made me wise.

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I say that love is vaster than the skies. And God exists. And Life is pure and fair. And my myrrh scents all. There is a God. He is the light of morn. The fairest blossoms from the dust are born, And joy is shadowed by a threatful pall. I bring a wreath Of Orient gold, my gift. I come to say That God exists. I know all by the ray Of starry light upon the crown of Death.

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Love triumphs and has bid you to his feast. Radiance has filled the void, the night has ceased: Wearing Life's crown, Christ comes to work His Will! Un soplo milenario trae amagos de peste. Se asesinan los hombres en el extremo Este. Se han sabido presagios y prodigies se ban visto y parece inminente el retorno de Cristo. La tierra esta preiiada de dolor tan profundo que el sonador imperial, meditabundo, sufre con las angustias del corazon del mundo. Verdugos de ideales afligieron la tierra; en un pozo de sombra la humanidad se encierra con los rudos molosos del odio y de la guerra.

Surge de pronto y vierte la esencia de la vida sobre tanta alma loca, triste o empedernida que, amante de tinieblas, tu dulce aurora olvida. Has Antichrist arisen whom John at Patmos saw? Portents are seen and marvels that fill the world with awe, And Christ's return seems pressing, come to fulfil the Law. The ancient Earth is pregnant with so profound a smart, The royal dreamer, musing, silent and sad apart. Grieves with the heavy anguish that rends the world's great heart. Slaughterers of ideals with the violence of fate Have cast man in the darkness of labyrinths intricate To be the prey and carnage of hounds of war and hate.

Lord Christ! And spread on high Thy banners and lave the world with light?

Boles d'olor

Swiftly arise and pour Life's essence lavishly On souls that crazed with hunger, or sad, or maddened be, Who tread the paths of blindness forgetting the dawn and Thee. Ven con temblor de estrellas y horror de cataclismo, ven a traer amor y paz sobre el abismo. Y tu caballo bianco, que miro el visionario, pase. Y suene el divino clarin extraordinario. Mi corazon sera brasa de tu incensario. With trembling stars around Thee and cataclysmal woe, And bring Thy gifts of justice and peace and love below!

Let the dread horse John visioned devouring stars, pass by: And angels sound the clarion of Judgment from on high. My heart shall be an ember and in thy censer lie. Versos escritos en el ejemplar de Prosas prof anas enviado al poeta Juan R. Pararrayos celestes, que resistis las duras tempestades, como crestas escuetas, como picos agrestes, rompeolas de las eternidades! La magica Esperanza anuncia el dia en que sobre la roca de armonia expirara la perfida sirena.

Esperad, esperemos todavia! Esperad todavia. EI bestial elemento se solaza en el odio a la sacra poesia, y se arroja taldon de raza a raza. La insurreccion de abajo tiende a los Excelentes. El canibal codicia su tasajo con roja encia y afilados dientes. Torres, poned al pabellon sonrisa. Poned ante ese mal y ese recelo, una soberbia insinuacion de brisa y una tranquilidad de mar y cielo. Towers of God Made to resist the fury of the storms Like cliffs beside the ocean Or clouded, savage peaks!

Masters of lightning! Breakwaters of eternity! Hope, magic-voiced, foretells the day When on the rock of harmony The Siren traitorous shall die and pass away. And there shall only be The full, frank-billowed music of the sea. Be hopeful still, Though bestial elements yet turn From Song with rancorous ill-will And blinded races one another spurn! Perversity debased Among the high her rebel cry has raised.

The cannibal still lusts after the raw, Knife-toothed and gory-faced. Towers, your laughing banners now unfold. Against all hatreds and all envious lies Upraise the protest of the breeze, half-told, And the proud quietness of sea and skies. Pero Cervantes es buen amigo. Endulza mis instantes asperos, y reposa mi cabeza. El es la vida y la naturaleza; regala un yelmo de oro y de diamantes a mis suefios errantes. Es para mi : suspira, rie y reza. Cristiano y amoroso caballero parla como un arroyo cristalino. I 30 A Sonnet on Cervantes IN all my days of troubled loneliness And fretted grief Cervantes is to me A faithful friend, and none so true as he, That brings me precious gifts of quietness.

All nature his, and life. He is, for me: sigh, prayer, joyousness. He speaks as runs a brook, so amorous And very gentle is this Christian knight. Ever undaunted. And I love him thus. Reaps, from his deathless sorrow, rich delight, And laughter from a madness so divine! Su manto de poeta reconocieron los ilustres lises, y el laurel y la espina entremezclados sobre la frente triste. A lo lejos alzabanse los muros de la ciudad teologica en que vive la sempiterna Paz.

La negra barca llego a la ansiada costa, y el sublime espiritu gozo la suma gracia; y vio la cruz erguirse, y hallo al pie de la sacra Vencedora el helado cadaver de la Esfinge. The poet's robe was his, Embroidered with illustrious fleurs-de-lys; And laurel leaf and thorn His sad prefigured forehead did adorn. Afar God's City rose, Where everlasting Peace her throne has reared Above the poppy-meadows of repose; And as the coast of his desire he neared.

La Suma de los Dias (Spanish Edition)

He proved divine delight, knew grace untold, Beheld the Cross uplifted and, before That sacred Conqueror, The fallen Sphinx, a corpse already cold. Su mirada era tan profunda que apenas se podia ver. Cuando hablaba tenia un dejo de timidez y de altivez, y la luz de sus pensamientos casi siempre se vela arder. Era luminoso y profundo como hombre de buena fe. Fuera pastor de mil leones y de corderos a la vez.

Conduciria tempestades o traeria un panal de miel. Las maravillas de la vida y del amor y del placer cantaba en versos profundos cuyo secreto era de el. Montado en un raro Pegaso un dia al imposible fue. Ruego por Antonio a mis dioses. Ellos le salven siempre. From such depth his glances came One could hardly see them flame.

When he spoke his accent would express Timidity and haughtiness, And nearly always one could see His thoughts shining radiantly. His faith was rooted on firm ground; He used to be luminous and profound. In the same flock shepherded Lambs and lions he might have led; He could have driven rabbling gales, Or brought honeycombs of tales. The wonders of love and life and pleasure Were his to sing in a magic measure, — In verses whose meaning was hidden deep, Whose secret lay in his soul's keep.

He mounted a rare wing'd horse one day And to the Impossible soared away. I pray to my gods for Antonio: May they keep him from all woe. Dices de amor, y dices despues de un amargor como el de la mar. Es el tiempo. Haremos danzar al fino verso de ritmicos pies. Ya nos lo dijo el Eclesiastes: tiempo hay de todo; hay tiempo de amar; tiempo de ganar, tiempo de perder, tiempo de plantar, tiempo de coger, tiempo de llorar, tiempo de reir, tiempo de rasgar, tiempo de coser, tiempo de esparcir y de recoger, tiempo de nacer, tiempo de morir.

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You first sing of gladness and then sing of pain As deep and as bitter as the billowed main. As glad as the rain My verses shall trip ye a jig or a fling. Ecclesiastes said it again and again, All things have their season, O bagpipes of Spain! Cuando quiero llorar, no lloro, y a veces lloro sin querer.

Plural ha sido la celeste historia de mi corazon. Era una dulce nina, en este mundo de duelo y afllccion. Miraba como el alba pura; sonreia como una flor. Era su cabellera obscura hecha de noche y de dolor. Yo era timido como un nino. Ella, naturalmente, fue, para mi amor hecho de armmo, Herodias y Salome. Juventud, divino tesoro, ya te vas para no volver. I cannot, when I wish to, weep, And often cry I know not how. My heart's celestial histories. So countless were, could not be told. She seemed a dawn of pure delight; She smiled as the flow'rs after rain; Her tresses were like to the night Fashioned of darknesses and pain.

I was timid and childlike shy. It could not but have been this way: She, to my love chaste as the sky. Was Herodias and Salome. Youth, treasure only gods may keep. Fleeting from me forever now! I cannot, when I wish to, weep. And often cry I know not how. Pues a su continua ternura una pasion violenta unia. En un peplo de gasa pura una bacante se envolvia. En sus brazos tomo mi ensueno y lo arrullo como a un bebe. Juventud, divino tesoro, te fulste para no volver!

Cuando quiero Uorar, no lloro, y a veces lloro sin querer. Otra juzgo que era mi boca el estuche de su pasion ; y que me roeria, loca, con sus dientes el corazon poniendo en un amor de exceso la mira de su voluntad, mientras eran abrazo y beso sintesis de la eternidad; The other was more sensitive, More quieting and loving-kind, With greater will to love and live Than I ever had hoped to find. For with her grace of tenderness A violence of love she had : In a peplos of loveliness Was hid a Maenad passion mad. To her bosom she took my dream, Fondled it there, and gave it death.

My dream a suckling child did seem. Dead lacking light, dead lacking faith. Youth, treasure only gods may keep, Wilted in me forever now! Another fancied my lips were A casket wrought to hold her love; And wildly with the teeth of her To gnaw my very heart she strove.

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She willed all passionate excess; She was a flame of love for me; She made each ardorous caress Synthesis of eternity. Juventud, divino tesoro, ya te vas para no volver! Y las demas! En vano busque a la princesa que estaba triste de esperar. La vida es dura. Amarga y pesa. Ya no hay princesa que cantar! Mas a pesar del tiempo terco, mi sed de amor no tiene fin; con el cabello gris me acerco a los resales del jardin.

Mas es mia el Alba de oro! And the others! In so many lands, ever were Merely the pretextjpr my.. Or heart-born fantasies of her. I sought for the princess in vain, She that awaited sorrowing. But life is hard.

Asalto Al Paraíso by Marcos Aguinis

Bitter with pain. There is no princess now to sing! And yet despite the season drear. My thirst of love no slaking knows; Gray-haired am I, yet still draw near The roses of the garden-close. Ah, but the golden Dawn is mine! In prose he published, besides Azul.

Boles d'olor Essences - "Brumas de Ambiente"

As a prose writer, Dario is also important, for he was one of the forces which brought about the new forms of prose style in Spanish. An edition of his Selected Works was published in Madrid in 19 10 under the title of Obras escogidas, in three volumes: the first contained a long Estudio pre- liminar by Andres Gonzalez Blanco; the second, the selected poems; the third, the selected prose. A new edition of his poems began to appear in Madrid in In it the poems are given a new ar- rangement, by subjects under titles taken from lines of the Portico of Cantos de vida y esperanza: Y muy siglo diez y ocho.

New York,