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For Instructors Request Inspection Copy. Given the frequent movement of commercial plants outside their native location, the consistent and standard use of plant names for proper identification and communication has become increasingly important. This second edition of World Economic Plants: A Standard Reference is a key tool in the maintenance of standards for the basic science underlying the quest for security of food and other economic plant resources.

Containing a substantial increase in content from the previous edition, this comprehensive and accessible work now documents more than 12, economically important vascular plants. This volume covers plants and plant products that are traded, regulated, or otherwise important to international commerce. The plant names and uses have been meticulously checked against the literature and by external peer reviewers, and names are up to date in their taxonomic classification and nomenclaturally correct according to international rules.

Each entry includes the accepted scientific Latin name, synonyms, economic importance, common names in a variety of languages, and the geographical distribution of the species. The information on each plant can be accessed through either its scientific or common name, providing a global perspective on its native, introduced, or cultivated geographical distribution, and its economic usage or impacts.

This reference covers all major groups of economic plants, including those used for human or animal food, materials, medicines, environmental purposes, gene sources for breeding, social purposes, as well as ones with negative impacts such as poisonous or disease-harboring plants or weeds. This compilation provides scientists, professionals, and students from various backgrounds with a global standard for communication regarding economically important plants. As collaboration across plant science increases, comprehensive standardized references such as this one are indispensible for addressing the global issues involved with agriculture and other human uses of plant diversity.

John H. Wiersema, Ph. Through this work, Dr. Wiersema has gained global standing as a specialist in plant nomenclature, and now has direct editorial involvement with both the botanical and cultivated plant codes of international nomenclature and the international nomenclature journal Taxon. Wiersema is also well known as a specialist on the taxonomy of the water-lily family, and is responsible for the discovery and description of several new species and over 30 scientific publications on the group.

Blanca Leon, Ph. She worked with John H. She is currently involved in developing with Dr. Wiersema a detailed overview of crop relatives. These experiences are manifested in her work both for projects like this book and also for her undertaking of the evaluation of the conservation status of endemism in a tropical country. Her research also deals with fern taxonomy, mainly of Neotropical Polypodiaceae, and with the biogeography of fern taxa. She has over 60 publications in different botanical journals.

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As a reference intended for experts, it has a place in agronomy, agriculture, botany, and specialized economic libraries. It is hard to find a comparable work because of the focus and extent of this volume and the number of entries. The amount of information in this reference, however, supersedes all previous attempts. It is a monumental achievement, and I am sure that it will be heavily used for many years to come. I admire the consistency of the formatting so you know where to find the info you seek.

Moreover, Wiersema and Le? We provide complimentary e-inspection copies of primary textbooks to instructors considering our books for course adoption. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features. Where the content of the eBook requires a specific layout, or contains maths or other special characters, the eBook will be available in PDF PBK format, which cannot be reflowed.

For both formats the functionality available will depend on how you access the ebook via Bookshelf Online in your browser or via the Bookshelf app on your PC or mobile device. This path-breaking book provides sound and effective introduction, arguments, directions, and specific solutions not only for the fast diffusion of renewable energies but for a whole revolution widening their exponential dynamics and advantages to all sectors, so to demonstrate that yes, "we can renew our world, despite many of the grim developments of the last few centuries". Easily accessible for a large public, it's perfect for policy-makers and teams working on sustainability plans and projects at global and local scale.

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It provides a wealth of up-dated reference to best practices that can be multiplied, thus reaching a global critical mass. The whole book for free. Authors' homepage.

We are seriously concerned with global climate change, the higher frequency of extreme weather conditions, the rise of sea level, the acidification of the oceans, the salinisation of sweet water in small islands, the dramatic reduction in biodiversity, and ubiquitous pollution. But we are optimist that mitigation is still possible if the world reacts with extreme energy and cohesion.

This book provides a large array of proposals by 30 economists from developing and developed countries. High and senior level policymakers and their staff will find fundamental outlines and insights for negotiating and laying down NAMAs Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions and Climate Action Plans at national, sub-national, city and sectoral levels. Students and engaged citizens - who want their country make the difference and seize all development opportunities opened up by green jobs, new business niches, higher quality of life - will find accessible guidelines.

Presented at a COP15 side-event, the book is inspiring top-level and grassroot actions worldwide. Free outline and synthesis. Book : Principle of personalist economics. A humanistic constructive criticism of neoclassical economics. PDF Book : Apocalipse now?

Health Economics in Dentistry, Second Edition

Climate, environment, catastrophes. We can save the world. The latest book by Luca Lombroso. Book : Crash - why it happened and what to do about it. Galbraith,Paul Davidson, George Soros about the financial and the housing bubble and crisis and ways out.


Kenneth L. Simons explains in pages all what you need to know about the evolution of new industries, the turnover of corporate leadership, the shakeouts and the industry dynamics linked to concentration, innovation sources, product differentiation. Firm size growth, regional agglomerations of firms, the city dynamics are mapped together with industry evolutionary patterns and evidence about the false myth of the U-Shaped long-run firm cost curve.

Author's homepage. Book : International Economics textbook The reasons for companies and countries to import , export , invest abroad and operate on currency exchange markets are easily explained, with plenty of real data.

Economics (2nd edition): Making sense of the Modern Economy by Simon Cox

A free business game summarizes this part. The main ingredients of the new theories of international economics, such as imperfect competition , economies of scale and product differentiation , are widely discussed. The standard view about comparative advantages is finally compared with a dynamic perspective based on new technologies, core competences, learning and path-dependence. For policy purposes, the hierarchical structure of world trade is presented, both statically and dynamically. In this perspective, bilateral import promotion and special trade relationships with neighbours are suggested.

More on world trade Book : An Artificial Market Model of a Foreign Exchange Market - by Kiyoshi Izumi In this study, the author proposes a new approach to foreign exchange forex market studies: the artificial market approach - by integrating fieldwork studies and multiagent computer models in order to explain the micro and macro relation in markets.

Free full-text Author's homepage. Book : Econometrics textbook This free textbook about econometrics analysis, methods, and algebra covers themes like regression, ordinary least squares estimation, multicollinearity, omitted variables, generalized least squares, heteroskedasticity , generalized method of moments, bootstrap techniques, time series analysis, vector auto-regressive analysi VAR , cointegration, non-parametric methods. Free full-text Author's homepage Large databases for econometric analyses.

Book : The econometrics of macroeconomic growth This book describes the stylized facts of GDP dynamics over the long term, with growth miracles and disasters, widely presenting the empirical methods used to identify them. Book : Spatial econometrics This book describes the econometric methods useful to analyse regions and other geographical entities. This pages-long book presents not only the legacy of Kalecki a brilliant economist, whose only fault was to publish in Polish language; he independently discovered many of the key concepts of what is now identified as Keynesian theory , but also a possible reading of Michal Kalecki as a behavioural economist and the implications for modern evolutionary economic analysis.

This pages-long book is an extremely innovative analysis of how biotechnology firms really work and grow with far-reaching lessons for technology policy-makers. Book : How macroeconomics is changing thanks to computer - by Valentino Piana Macroeconomics is deeply changing thanks to computer. It becomes easier and more realistic, while the process of integration between macroeconomics and other economic disciplines is given a decisive acceleration. From econometrics to formal models, passing through the revolution in teaching and learning techniques, this book offers an up-to-date overview of what is happening.

The Economics of Contracts, Second Edition

Book : Changing Structure of Global Food Consumption and Trade Shifts in food consumption have led to increased trade and changes in the composition of world agricultural trade. Given different diets, food expenditure and food budget responses to income and price changes vary between developing and developed countries. In developing countries, higher income results in increased demand for meat products, often leading to increased import of live-stock feed. Book : The politics of trade and industrial policy in Africa : forced consensus? Book [17 MB]. Book : UK Innovation Strategy.

Using two unique longitudinal databases, Junfu Zhang investigates firm formation, growth, mortality, and migration in Silicon Valley during the s and explain how the region evolved. After extraordinary economic and innovation success in the late s, Silicon Valley entered a deep recession in This study seeks to answer tough policy-relevant and empirical questions of interest everywhere in the world.