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They were among some of the first dancers in Colorado to have been honored with this certification. After 4 years of simultaneously performing professionally with Desert Rain and overseeing and occasionally performing with her own student troupes, she decided to take a break from Desert Rain and devote herself full time to Tribe Nawaar. Lisa Goodrich continues to direct Desert Rain and offers her own series of classes in Boulder. Jennifer currently directs and works full time for Tribe Nawaar. Rosie has always been obsessed with dance and would attend any and every school dance as a young girl growing up outside the Detroit area.

She tried a variety of dance activities before getting involved with middle eastern dance in thru Pennsic War events. During that time she learned everything she could thru Pennsic dance and drum classes and performed at every opportunity.

Fast forward to , Rosie moves to Boulder to attend Naropa University. After graduating and settling in to her new school free Boulder life she decides to look up one of her first dance loves.. Her keen sense of poise, technique, musicality, improvisational phrasing along with her compassionate and grounded personality make her a favorite among students, fellow dancers and audience members! Steph was fascinated by Belly Dance since she was 12 years old. She tried to teach herself, following VHS tapes that used to be a thing that her mom bought her.

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In college, Belly Dance was offered as a credit, so, she signed up immediately. The teacher would bring in videos every few weeks, showing the different styles of Belly Dance. She looked for the closest teacher and found Jennifer Secrist Goran who was offering classes in Golden at the time.

After building coordination, she took a hour Yoga teacher training in Steph is now a hour Licensed Massage Therapist. She is also working on completing the 8 Elements with Rachel Brice and has completed the first two phases and will finish the last two in the very near future. Lori has always loved dance of many forms. In after beating cancer, she visited a friend in Utah.

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While there, they went to an outside fair where, she watched a group of beautiful women perform. It was love at first sight! And Kristin, being a very good friend, went with her in a show of solidarity. After several classes of feeling like fools, they both decided they really liked it and should probably stick with it.

Thus began her love of belly dance.