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Send out a blast on Facebook. Figure out creative ways to support people in your network. You will build a reputation as a standout, reliable industry professional who makes things happen. Follow up! Once you meet and connect with someone, be in touch regularly—not just when you need something. Be on the pulse of industry publications, and know when people in your network have been promoted, have released a film, or have received any kind of award or accolade.

Reach out to congratulate people on their wins!

8 Tips for Where to Begin Your Acting Career

Schedule coffee meetings, hikes, movie screening dates, and karaoke nights out just for the sole purpose of connecting and getting to know people. You can even set up notifications on your calendar to remind you to reach out to certain individuals on a regular basis. Be consistent. Again, following up just once is not enough. Stay in touch with your network. At the very, very least, you should be contacting everyone in your network at least once a year.

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But I say every four to six months. You can set yourself reminders on your Google calendar so that you are reaching out to people on a regular basis. Reach out for the sake of saying hello and checking in! You can always have a photo or graphic attached to the footer of your email that markets any recent career wins. No need to announce them in every single networking email. Have fun creating and expanding your network!

Enjoy the process of meeting and getting to know new people. It truly does take a village to move someone up the ranks of this industry. Have fun building yours! It has since been updated. The views expressed in this article are solely that of the individual s providing them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Backstage or its staff.

Backstage Experts. By Mae Ross May. Her leadership has garnered consistent recognition as Hollywood's premier on-camera acting school for kids, teens, and adults. She has launched hundreds of successful acting careers with her expert on-camera coaching and professional guidance. Every day is a blank slate. Come into the newsroom.

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Take deep breath. They are the offensive lineman of the newsroom, vital to the success of every broadcast but get little notoriety unless they mess up.

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Include them in your coffee run and teriyaki drive-bys. These guys are the key to late-breaking news and insure all of the best content is available in time for your show. Most of the content falls into one of three categories:.

Film industry

Feature packages are things like feel-good stories, analyst segments or investigative reports. I always found a good spot for the features and then filled in around them with other content. Some guy told me once to put all of your big rocks in place first, then sprinkle the pebbles in around them.

That guy got fired a month later, but it kind of works. If you run out of ideas, turn on ESPN and copy what they are doing.

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Sort of. Teases are the pieces of video just before a commercial break that describe what is coming up next. Well written, compelling teases make an audience return to see more. Make your anchors look good by giving them the stories they are most comfortable with. Exchange the Beer taps for computers and this is kind of what it feels like in a sports newsroom. Bring it on! Every night is a day at the sports bar, sans alcohol. Sometimes you get some work done.

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They are usually super energetic and want to prove themselves.