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Inside of Christ, I become all of His completeness. As He is, so are we in this world 1 John Not striving to be or struggling to attain, but resting inside of the Beloved.

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Accepted, holy, without blame, loved, victorious, triumphant, glorious. The truth of Christ for me is a kingdom to explore, an inheritance to see, and oh, such beauty that I am undone over and over again. No wonder the elders who sit before the throne have so little time to sit. They are continually seeing more of Christ. Beholding and experiencing Jesus is truly one of the richest aspects of our inheritance we could ever enjoy.

Jesus stands up…we fall down. Oh such joy, such rest, such peace. Jesus, our sufficient all in all. If you would like to be given a nation to pray for by lot, simply reply to this email and ask for a nation. Our staff will pull out a nation by lot and you will receive an email back from Rosie Bates with your nation to pray for in Calendar GoogleCal. Love is not the absence of difficulties, but the overcoming of all difficulties—because love drives out fear and torment, gives rest and authority, and builds our identities and purpose.

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This will be honest sharing of real struggles in learning to be loved, learning to live in love, and learning to give love that will come from real men who have discovered that Jesus is the lover of their souls. We will have the first day broken down into approximately 30 min time slots, with a snack break at am. This will be the happiest room , full of smiley faces and a setting of relaxation.

I believe the Lord is setting this room apart for encounters with the Holy Spirit and a place to impart the joy of the Lord. We will have time here to listen, journal, draw and, I imagine, smile a lot as the Holy Spirit comes. It will be very colorful and the perfect environment to be free to create. Each day will be a new project, painting, or perhaps even some tie-dying fun! And why not add a little graffiti? Godly graffiti, that is! We hope to inspire them that no matter the road they are on, God is there, and He is good.

They carry His hope, and they can change the world with Him! Now, of course, we always give room for the Lord to add details anywhere He sees fit, so some activities are subject to Holy-Ghost change! Parent volunteers are welcome to assist in the rooms, with sign-ins and snack breaks. A conference for all marrieds, singles, divorced, widowed…and anyone in between!

What to Do With an Inheritance: Before You Start

We will find Christ and enjoy Him fully in all our current relationships. Hear transparently from those going through life, as they share their struggles as well as their discoveries of Jesus in the journey.

Marrieds, singles, divorced, widowed, young and old will all honestly share their discoveries of Jesus in their relationships, focusing on how He became all sufficient for them. We will have lunch together, along with healing worship and times of ministry. No matter where you are in your relationships or lack, Jesus is ready to unlock the river of love He carries in us. He does not solve problems, because He is the answer. His grace is sufficient for all of us, and His power is being perfected in our weakness.

A Good Inheritance

Our valley of trouble is His door of hope, and from there He changes our names and moves us from slaves to sons, from servants to married ones. Then other things can happen or not, but regardless, we can live in the feast of fulfillment in the midst of incompleteness. Jesus is genius! Bring your friends, your spouse, or simply yourself.

Jubilee Ladies Night Out! Friday, August 23, at 7pm Come and enjoy a night full of fun, food, fellowship and laughter. A happy end to the Summer of Love. An evening just for us gals to enjoy good fellowship and special fun. There will be prizes.

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