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I believe that the best thing you can do if you love someone is to tell them up front; beating around the bush is for pansies. That was a pun. I believe in good music. Not music that just makes you happy but music that makes you think and feel and breathe a little bit differently for a long time after you first listen. I believe in champagne for no reason and that being weak in the knees is a good thing.

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Unless you are a runner, in which case I believe you need more calcium in your diet and maybe some physical therapy. I believe in macaroni and cheese on Christmas and I believe that those that disagree must be distantly related to Satan. I believe in skinny-dipping at night though never alone and that the best cure for a hangover is an old fashioned coca cola.

I believe that pickles are some kind of evil joke God is trying to play on us and that cream cheese should be considered the eighth deadly sin. I believe in men that refuse to wear white athletic socks with any other shoe besides a sneaker and who enjoy a nice pair of pleated pants.

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I believe that Band-Aids on anything other than an open wound i. If we are doomed to become a generation that communicates solely through e-mails and text messages we may as well make them witty and worth our while. Click here for pricing information. Request a preview link. In this award winning documentary featured on PBS, a religiously diverse group of teens reveal their inner struggles and personal beliefs about faith, morality, suffering, death, prayer, the purpose of life and the divine.

My Answer To "What Do You Believe?"

Without a hint of dogma they candidly discuss everything from hormones to heaven, deflating misperceptions and stereotypes and making a strong case for a more tolerant America. Official Selection. The religious lives of American teenagers. Read review. Watch the trailer. Director Sarah Feinbloom.

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Education itself is nothing much. Just the ability to pass tests, form relationships, and know how to find the right moment to share what you know. The best way to learn something is to be passionate about it, to want to understand it, to do it without being told, to know your why and to invest time in that daily.

The books you choose to read at home are more powerful than what your professor talks about at university. Otherwise, nothing unique and useful will come out of it.

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Be extraordinary by dedicating your time and energy to what you enjoy doing and believe in. Describe passion , see what your skills and talents are and follow your dreams.

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These are the people who choose just a few things to focus their time on, find faster and better ways to do more in less time, learn and grow on the go, and achieve some kind of greatness and leave a legacy. Such people have the qualities to become rich, get fit, change their habits, save time, do business, form relationships, communicate easily, sell products, be super productive, and basically hack every area of life they want to.

Use body language, certain confidence hacks and techniques that will help you appear confident.